[intelligent items]


Magical Marketplace
Price: 104,508 gp
Slot: None
Caster Level: 14th
Weight: 6 lbs.
Aura: Strong abjuration and conjuration

Alignment neutral
Senses 60 ft., darkvision
Intelligence 12 Wisdom 16 Charisma 10 Ego 13
speech (Common, Orc, Skald)

This +2 disruption morningstar's metal head resembles the face of a half-orc. The weapon can cast remove paralysis three times per day. Skullduster rarely speaks, and then usually only to utter grim predictions. The weapon craves the destruction of undead creatures, and it uses death ward at will so long as its owner diligently pursues this goal. If Skullduster's owner ever parleys with an undead creature, the weapon withholds any further aid, grumbles constantly in Orc about treachery, and seeks a new owner.

Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, death ward, heal, remove paralysis
Cost to Create: 52,408 gp