[intelligent items]

Ring of the Weary Sky

Lost Treasures
Price: 14,800 gp
Body Slot: Ring
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate abjuration and enchantment

Alignment: Neutral
Senses: 30 ft.
Intelligence: 12, Wisdom: 10, Charisma: 11, Ego: 7
Language: Empathy

This gem in this heavy silver ring pulses with alternating flashes of red, green, blue, and white light.

This ancient silver ring provides a measure of control over elemental creatures. The spirit of an ancient Jistkan elementalist still echoes within the ring, issuing a sense of smug arrogance. The Ring of the Weary Sky's special purpose is controlling or defeating elementals, and once per day the wearer can attempt to charm a creature with the elemental subtype (as charm monster, Will DC 15 negates).

Once per day, the ring can affect its wearer with resist energy. The ring uses this ability only when the wearer faces a hostile creature with the elemental subtype, making an educated guess about the most applicable energy type against which to ward its wearer. The ring is quick to provide this protection when the wearer tries but fails to charm an elemental creature, exuding a clear impression of patronizing disappointment.

Requirements: Forge Ring, charm monster, resist energy
Cost to Create: 7,400 gp


The Jaizun Citadel was one of several fortresses wherein conjurers and elementalists of the Jistka Imperium bound genies and other elemental creatures to fight in their war against the upstart nation of Osirion. The citadel was inadvertently constructed at a unique planar confluence; the mages there found elementals easy to summon and control, but their frequent use of elemental magic gradually wore through reality in the area. When the planar boundaries there finally gave way, the skies above the fortress opened into a planar rift roiling with unchecked elemental energy, occasionally raining stones and flames onto the citadel. Worse, previously reliable elemental magic became erratic and unpredictable beneath the rift. The Jistkan elementalists relocated to a more stable location, leaving behind a small cabal of elementalists to study the planar rift itself. These scholars renamed Jaizun Citadel the Citadel of the Weary Sky.

The leader of the remaining elementalists was a smug wizard named Mafat Al-Hadeen, whose signature possession was a ring he constructed to charm elemental creatures. As the elementalists prodded at the rift in order to plumb its secrets, they drew the attention of Ahriman, Lord of the Divs—a powerful force of destruction. Ahriman casually widened the planar rift to overwhelm the Citadel of the Weary Sky with elemental might. Acidic storms, fiery hurricanes, and massive hailstorms pounded the citadel. At the citadel's pinnacle, surrounded by the fierce unnatural storm, the arrogant Mafat challenged Ahriman directly. Ahriman met this hubris by blasting the wizard and encasing his corpse in a cocoon of glass. The elemental storm pulverized the citadel down to its foundations before dissipating. Mafat's corpse currently lies among the rubble of the citadel, buried beneath the deep desert sands of modern-day Rahadoum. Although the wizard is long dead, a fragment of his spirit resides within his prized ring.

Mafat's ring was recovered from the Citadel of the Weary Sky in 4712 ar by an Osirian Pathfinder named Djoser Scouring-Sands (N male human barbarian 8). Although the ring contains only a fraction of the prideful wizard's will, that fraction is sufficient to occasionally exert influence over the dimwitted barbarian. Djoser receives flashes of Jistkan history from the ring, as Mafat attempts to guide the barbarian to secret caches of Jistkan magic that might restore the wizard to life.


Whoever claims the Ring of the Weary Sky possesses a powerful tool to bind elemental creatures, making the relic a desirable trinket for many parties.

Dust Daggers: Unknown to Djoser and the Pathfinder Society, a cult of janni assassins called the Dust Daggers pursues the Ring of the Weary Sky. They consider Mafat Al-Hadeen an enemy of their ancestral genie clans, and they have learned of his spirit's kindling within the ring plundered from the Citadel of the Weary Sky. These secretive assassins pursue rumors of the ring's whereabouts, even stalking others (such as the PCs) who seek it. If the Dust Daggers obtain the Ring of the Weary Sky, they may simply destroy it to extinguish the last remnants of their ancient enemy, or they may interrogate Mafat's spirit to learn how to free the powerful, vengeful genies long imprisoned beneath Rahadoum's sands.

On a Pathfinder's Hand: The Pathfinder Society considers Djoser's possession of the Ring of the Weary Sky to be a boon, as they have been able to identify lost Jistkan ruins based on the barbarian's occasional visions. Djoser was last sighted leading a team of Pathfinders toward the headwaters of the Uta River in Rahadoum. Adventurers seeking to recover the ring from Djoser must also contend with his fellow Pathfinders, as well as three berserk flesh golems the Pathfinders inadvertently unearthed during their expedition.