[intelligent items]

Phylactery of Jadis-Vel

Lost Treasures
Price: 135,000 gp
Body Slot: Headband
Caster Level: 11th
Aura: Moderate necromancy [evil]

Alignment: Neutral
Senses: 60 ft.
Intelligence: 16, Wisdom: 14, Charisma: 14, Ego: 19
Language: Speech (Common, Necril, Osiriani)

The shattered remains of this once-magnificent jeweled silver circlet speak in disjointed voices.

This item is a receptacle for a lich's soul. It was broken into five pieces. Individually, each piece can do no more than whisper "Jadis-Vel," the name of the lich whose fragmented soul is trapped within. When the pieces of the phylactery are all gathered within 30 feet of each other, they collectively become an intelligent item with the memories and will of the lich whose soul it contains. The spirit retains only fractured memories of its former existence, but it gains an understanding of how to escape and reclaim those memories.

The combined pieces teach their owner how to find the path to lichdom, a process that is unique to each soul. They have a +13 bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks for this purpose. A prospective lich can choose the Phylactery of Jadis-Vel as her own phylactery, negating the gold cost of crafting a phylactery (though this does not bypass the other construction requirements for creating a phylactery). Once the prospective lich performs the necessary ritual to become a lich, the trickery of the phylactery comes to fruition: the new lich's spirit becomes trapped within the shards of this phylactery, and the soul of Jadis-Vel is released into the new lich's body. The freed lich is without a phylactery and must craft a new one, but is otherwise returned to the world intact, albeit in a different body.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have at least 10 ranks in Knowledge (religion) and a caster level of 11th or higher
Cost to Create: 127,500 gp


Jadis-Vel rose to infamy during the decline of Ancient Osirion. Obsessed with understanding the diseases that crept out of the desert, Jadis-Vel sought out lichdom as a way to continue her macabre research, as well as a way to prevent exposure to the death in which she wallowed. Her journey to becoming a lich took the form of a ghastly ritual in which she purposefully exposed innocents to exotic infections and uncaringly documented all of the stages of the sicknesses until the innocents' deaths. So engrossed was she by her years of experiments that Jadis- Vel transitioned into a lich without initially realizing it, having died to the same contagions she exposed others to and crafted a phylactery almost by chance.

The lich's obsession with diseases became a devotion to spreading pestilence far and wide. She terrorized many remote villages across northern Garund as a harbinger of illness, gaining the title of "The Desert Plague." When the Keleshites of Qadira invaded Osirion, they brought with them new maladies, which occupied Jadis-Vel for a few centuries as she researched these new tools, before returning to her work spreading pandemics.

The Cult of the Dawnflower eventually ended Jadis- Vel's centuries-long blight upon the deserts of northern Garund. The militant Sarenite order slew her and shattered her phylactery, relieving Osirion, Thuvia, and Rahadoum of her villainy. However, traces of her spirit lingered on in the remnants of her sundered circlet. Sometime in the last decade, Jadis-Vel reawoke, her consciousness trapped inside the scattered fragments of her phylactery. Now she seeks to escape by teaching the path to lichdom to another and exchanging her student's soul for her own.


The Phylactery of Jadis-Vel can set a student on the path to immortality through undeath, but the cost of the student's morals is not the only price—or even the highest—that must be paid.

Lichdom: Any who seek the path to lichdom could seek out the Phylactery of Jadis-Vel as a tutor. The road to becoming a lich is different for each soul, though only those who shed their last vestiges of morality can fully complete the process. To this end, the Phylactery of Jadis-Vel is a corrupting force—a disjointed voice that constantly whispers dark secrets, goading others to commit atrocious acts of irredeemable evil in exchange for immortality. Even those who had never considered lichdom might find themselves swayed in that direction by Jadis-Vel's ego, simply as a result of possessing a fragment of her diadem.

The Many Pieces: The Phylactery of Jadis-Vel is broken into five pieces, and all of the pieces must be present for the trapped lich's soul to speak with those nearby. A grand quest could be mounted to bring all of the pieces together to commune with or free the trapped lich. If Jadis-Vel frees herself by trapping a student in her place, she may scatter the pieces of her former phylactery once more to prevent the resurgence of the student she betrayed.

Return of the Desert Plague: Should Jadis-Vel successfully mentor a new lich, her student's sacrifice returns her to Golarion. The ancient diseases Jadis-Vel brings back with her could wreak havoc upon the nation in which she's revived. Yet once Jadis-Vel is free, she could be destroyed once and for all if she's slain before she crafts a new phylactery.