[intelligent items]

Obsession Ring

Ultimate Equipment
Price: 116,500 gp
Aura: Moderate abjuration
Caster Level: 9th
Abilities: Intelligence 17 Wisdom 10 Charisma 13 Ego 11
Alignment: Varies
Senses: 30 ft.
Language: Telepathy (Common and seven other languages)

These rings of protection +3 are extremely varied in form. They can be of any alignment and each has its own unique personality and proclivities. Each ring has a specific obsession. To determine a particular obsession ring's obsession, roll on Table: Intelligent Item Purpose. When the ring is in pursuit of its purpose, its Ego is 10 points higher than normal.

Gnomes with the obsession racial trait have a unique understanding of the ring's mentality and gain a +5 bonus on Will saving throws to resist the obsession ring's attempts to dominate the wearer.

When an obsession ring is engaged in action directly related to its obsession, it grants its wearer the following powers, but can choose to withhold such powers if it does not believe their uses would further its obsession.

These rings are typically quite emphatic on their desire to fulfill their obsessions, and frequently communicate with their wielder to encourage pursuit of this goal.

Cost to Create: 58,250 gp
Requirements: Forge Ring, shield of faith, creator must be 15th level (or 9th level if the creator is a gnome)