[intelligent items]

Lute of Discord

Ultimate Equipment
Price: 37,900 gp
Aura: Moderate enchantment
Caster Level: 12th
Weight: 3 lbs.
Abilities: Intelligence 14 Wisdom 14 Charisma 18 Ego 14
Alignment: Chaotic neutral Senses 120 ft., darkvision
Language: Telepathy (Common and four other languages)

This lute is a masterwork instrument constructed of polished ebony, with mother of pearl embellishments and gold frets. It grants any creature playing it a +2 competence bonus on Perform (string instruments) checks as it gently telepathically whispers ways the creature can improve is current performance.

It also grants those who can play the lute the following abilities.

Cost to Create: 18,950 gp
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, distracting cacophony, echolocation, murderous command