[intelligent items]

Lady Ninahu's Doll

Lost Treasures
Price: 28,500 gp
Body Slot: None
Caster Level: 10th
Weight: 2 lbs.
Aura: Moderate transmutation

Alignment: Neutral
Senses: 60 ft., blindsense
Intelligence: 10 , Wisdom: 16 , Charisma: 12 , Ego: 10
Language: Empathy

This rag doll is threadbare, with frayed yellow yarn-hairs and a patched lace dress. Its bright button eyes gleam with a knowing look.

This well-worn doll is 18 inches tall, and its floppy limbs and fine clothing are patched in several places. Pressing the doll's left button-eye causes it to become preternaturally rigid and affix itself in space, as an immovable rod. While in this state, the doll has hardness 20. The doll can maintain this state for 1 minute before returning to its usual plush composition; pressing the doll's right eye causes it to return to its original state immediately. Pressing either eye is a move action. Lady Ninahu's Doll has the protection of children as its special purpose and particularly prioritizes the protection of its owner if its owner is a child. Lady Ninahu's Doll does not impose a negative level on an owner who is a child, regardless of the child's alignment.

Lady Ninahu's Doll is satisfied to lie inert most of the time, watching its owner's environment carefully for threats (Perception +13). The doll rarely attempts to communicate other than to encourage feelings of calm and safety. If danger presents itself, the doll is able to move up to 10 feet under its own power, become immobile as above, or take the aid another action to grant its owner an AC bonus. Once per day, the doll can act as if it had the In Harms Way feat. Aware that its immobility is temporary, the doll empathically urges its owner to escape while it holds the menace at bay. Lady Ninahu's Doll can move under its own power, but only to block a perceived threat.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, shield other, telekinesis
Cost to Create: 14,250 gp


Ninahu Audrexi was born in 4660 ar, the first child of a Chelish envoy in Isarn. The family's oldest retainer, a halfling witch with cataracts named Gerta, fashioned the rag doll for the baby girl, and it became her favorite toy and closest companion. Gerta certainly infused the doll with a spark of protective magic, but none can say whether the doll gained sentience upon its creation or during the years Ninahu cherished it.

In 4667 ar, helmed by the philosopher Hosetter and the poet Jubannich, the Red Revolution cleansed Galt of the Chelish aristocrats who had ruled the nation for centuries. Although the Revolutionary Council had good intentions, the raging mobs were indiscriminate in their slaughter. The enchanted guillotines known as final blades were erected in town squares throughout Galt, and countless aristocratic lines were severed by their thirsty blades.

The Audrexi family was among the first wave of Chelaxians to be executed. The envoy's entire family was gathered in a crowded public square and executed one at a time beneath the blade of Hungry Maria. Little Ninahu Audrexi was the last of her family to be led to the blade, clutching her rag doll. Just as the blade fell, Lady Ninahu's Doll animated to defend her. Hungry Maria's descending blade cracked, showering the mob with shards of metal. In the resulting confusion, a tanner's son picked up the rag doll, believing it to be a discarded toy and keeping it for himself. Ninahu wriggled to safety and lost herself in the crowd, eventually escaping to Taldor, where she lives today, now in her mid-fifties.


Lady Ninahu's Doll is no mere toy, but a watchful guardian of the young or helpless.

Discarded Treasure: Lady Ninahu's Doll has since passed throughout Galt, protecting children from abuse and kidnapping. Because the doll must remain rigidly in place to allow its charge to escape danger, it's often left behind and thrown away. Despite days or weeks on a trash-heap, the doll is always eventually noticed and picked up by another child. Today, Lady Ninahu's Doll is quite ragged and frayed, closely resembling the refuse in which it sits in a scrap yard outside of Woodsedge. Living in the yard is a shrewd half-elven orphan named Pitch who considers the doll his friend.

Pursued by Tattercoat: The secretive Gray Gardeners, Galt's masked executioners, maintain the final blades and take sabotage of the magical guillotines very seriously. When Lady Ninahu's Doll broke Hungry Maria's blade, few in the mob realized that little Ninahu's doll was to blame. But one of the Gray Gardeners—a hulking man known only as Tattercoat (CN male half-elf fighter 8/rogue 2)— witnessed the doll's sudden animation. Tattercoat was unable to grab the doll due to the chaos of the mob, and he has sought it ever since. Humorous rumors of the huge Gray Gardener tracking a rag doll circulate through Galt, but these tales have a decidedly dark twist: Tattercoat's investigation has left a trail of murdered adults and terrorized children in its wake. Anyone seeking the doll is certain to run afoul of the dangerous Tattercoat.