[intelligent items]

Harbinger Rod

Ultimate Equipment
Price: 44,200 gp
Aura: Moderate conjuration
Caster Level: 8th
Weight: 5 lbs.
Abilities: Intelligence 10 Wisdom 13 Charisma 12 Ego 10
Alignment: Lawful good
Senses: 30 ft.
Language: Telepathy (Celestial; truespeech)

This copper rod is made up of constantly grinding gearlike parts. It is believed that these rods may be some alternate or lesser form of harbinger archons. The rod can take may useful forms, and after 24 hours in the possession of a lawful good creature, the wielder can command it to take the form of any tool, including a chime of opening. Very intelligent and witty, these rods communicate with their wielders in truespeech or Celestial. Furthermore, the rod has the following powers.

The rod's purpose is to destroy or foil the plans of chaotic evil creatures.

Cost to Create: 22,100 gp
Requirements: Craft Rod, dimension door, knock, explosive runes, creator must be lawful good