[intelligent items]

Draddeth Edge

Lost Treasures
Price: 58,312 gp
Body Slot: None
Caster Level: 10th
Weight: 5 lbs.
Aura: Moderate conjuration and transmutation

Alignment: Lawful neutral
Senses: 120 ft.
Intelligence: 12, Wisdom: 14, Charisma: 10, Ego: 14
Language: Empathy

This hefty warhammer appears to be carved from gleaming white stone and has metal braces bolted skillfully to its surface.

This +1 defiant transformative warhammer houses the mind of a cunning schemer and brilliant military tactician. The weapon has a deep sense of patriotism for the nation of Molthune, and it seeks to help its owner rise through the ranks of that militant nation. The weapon never willingly reveals its name until it feels its job as a military tutor is nearing completion.

The Draddeth Edge enjoys listening to military strategies, and empathically communicates its feelings on tactics to its owner. It evaluates its owner's underlings and despises incompetent or untrustworthy comrades, generals, and commanders, urging its owner to dismiss them from service. When dealing with a well- meaning but tactically inept owner, The Draddeth Edge attempts to exert its ego during military matters.

The weapon has a +12 bonus on Profession (soldier) checks, and a +7 bonus on Sense Motive checks. It can cast magic aura on itself at will (Will DC 13 disbelieves) and teleport on itself once per day. The Draddeth Edge can read and understand Common and Varisian.

Owners who think too highly of Molthune's rival nations (especially Nirmathas), or who frequently argue with the weapon, find The Draddeth Edge missing at critical moments. The warhammer uses a combination of its transformative, magic aura, and teleport abilities to evade service to these potential owners, and to leave its current owner when it feels its purpose is complete.

Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, magic aura, major creation, summon monster I, teleport, creator must have at least 10 ranks in Profession (soldier) and 5 ranks in Sense Motive
Cost to Create: 25,562 gp


The first historical mention of this weapon is in the memoirs of General Lord Draddeth, who was known for achieving victory over superior forces through tactical advantage. Draddeth attributed many of his successful military campaigns to a magical hammer that he commissioned during the Molthuni Cessation from Cheliax and that he named for the tactical advantage he claimed it gave him in battle. The hammer again offered him counsel during the rebellion in Nirmathas. Draddeth willed the hammer to the Imperial Governor upon the occasion of his death, but the weapon was never recovered from among his possessions.

There is a saying in the region that some people have "The Draddeth Edge," meaning an innate talent for strategy or a hidden advantage. Most of these stories are superstition or excuses for having lost to a supposedly inferior foe, but The Draddeth Edge does in fact assist many young captains rise quickly through the ranks, and turns even lawless bandits into professional soldiers. Owners of this weapon give conflicting descriptions of it but a few details remain consistent: The Draddeth Edge offers tactical advice, promises military power, and then vanishes when its owner's career starts to plateau.

Several bandits and military officers claim to own The Draddeth Edge, using the legend of the weapon to rally support for their cause. And one can usually find a weapons dealer selling fakes to naive and ambitious soldiers in any major Molthuni city.


Those who find glory with The Draddeth Edge do so clandestinely, for once the location of The Draddeth Edge is known, an army of troubles often follows close behind.

Aspiring Owners: With legendary items come legendary troubles, and owning or seeking The Draddeth Edge comes with a host of potential allies or enemies. The station of Imperial Governor of Molthune claims the weapon by right of law, but many corrupt Molthuni officers seek the weapon to gain personal glory for themselves. Nearby nations seek the weapon, hoping to cripple the morale of Molthuni soldiers by destroying the legend of The Draddeth Edge once and for all. Phastomal, a Pathfinder Society agent, also hunts for the legendary item, despite the Society's current standing as enemies of the Molthune.

Lost in Plain Sight: The Draddeth Edge seeks worthy owners while masquerading as any weapon it can conceivably transform into, teleporting from place to place within the borders of Molthune. At any one time, it could just as easily be located in a weapons locker at the local barracks, in the hoard of a forest monster, on the belt of a bandit, or in the stock of a con man who is unknowingly hawking the genuine article. The Draddeth Edge keeps its nature hidden until it judges its owner to be worthy. It reveals itself to different owners in different ways: a wielder could start getting an uncanny feeling about tactics and strategy as the weapon subtly tutors her, discover that her ordinary mace has gained magic properties, or might find just the weapon she needs suddenly lying at her side.