Token of the Eldest

Mythic Adventures
Price: 27,680 gp
Slot: Head
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: Moderate divination

A gift from an enigmatic master of the First World, each token of the Eldest exemplifies the unique and specific relationship between its creator and its first recipient. The Green Mother might bestow a crown of interwoven willow branches, or the Lantern King a tiara spun from moonlight. These tokens have an ethereal and fragile beauty, but prove surprisingly resistant to harm.

Once per day, the wearer of a Token of the Eldest can use commune with nature. In addition to that spell's usual effects, if the area has a powerful natural protector likely to be helpful to the wearer, this protector automatically learns of the wearer and her location as well as a vague impression of her needs.

Once per day, the wearer can expend one use of mythic power to cast charm monster on a creature (DC 16 negates); fey creatures targeted by this effect take a -4 penalty on the saving throw.

Finally, as an immediate action the wearer can expend one use of mythic power to reroll any saving throw against a spell, spelllike ability, or supernatural ability of a fey, receiving a +2 bonus on the new saving throw. This ability must be used after the save but before the results are revealed. The wearer must take the result of the second roll, even if it's worse.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Mythic Crafter, charm monster, commune with nature
Cost to Create: 13,840 gp