Sensory Deprivation Hood

Occult Adventures
Price: 27,500 gp
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level: 10th
Weight: 5 lbs.
Aura: Moderate divination

This especially heavy leather hoodwink cowl is designed to quiet the wearer's mundane senses, allowing him to focus on his supernatural senses. Donning or removing the hood requires 1 minute, or 5 rounds with assistance.

As with a normal hoodwink cowl, the wearer of a sensory deprivation hood is blinded, deafened, and takes a -10 penalty on all other Perception checks. If the wearer has blindsense, blindsight, tremorsense, or a similar ability, he can take a full-round action to suppress those senses for as long as he wears the hood or until he resumes using them (which requires another full-round action). If the wearer is currently benefitting from one of these senses, he gains no benefits from the hood.

As long as the wearer's senses are suppressed, he gains the ability to perform automatic writing, dowsing, and psychometry even if he doesn't have psychic spellcasting or the Psychic Sensitivity feat. If he does have psychic spellcasting or the Psychic Sensitivity feat, he gains a +5 bonus on skill checks for those skill unlocks.

Additionally, once per day while wearing the sensory deprivation hood, the wearer can open up his mind to passing spiritual phenomena in the hope of gaining greater insight into a specific issue. This functions as contact other plane, allowing the wearer to ask up to 5 questions per use, but rather than contacting an entity on another plane of existence, the wearer contacts a nearby spirit or other psychic entity. Rather than using the information for one of the planes listed in the spell, this effect uses the following information: Avoid Int/Cha Decrease DC 10/24 hours; True Answer 01-34; Don't Know 35-62; Lie 63-83; Random Answer 84-100. Unlike with contact other plane, the wearer can attempt either an Intelligence check or a Charisma check to avoid the Intelligence and Charisma decrease.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, contact other plane
Cost to Create: 13,750 gp