Crown of Ash

Kingmaker 5—Blood for Blood
Aura: Strong divination and transmutation
Caster Level: 12th
Body Slot: Head
Price: 29,900 gp
Weight: 2 lbs.

This crown gives a +4 competence bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with creatures of the fey type. When dealing with creatures associated with fey but not fey themselves, such as gnomes, the wearer gains a +2 competence bonus on these checks. The wearer can speak, read, and understand Sylvan, If the wearer of the crown of ash is not a fey, he gains low-light vision, a +4 bonus on saves against enchantment spells, and DR 5/cold iron.

Some fey style themselves as chieftains or lords over others of their kind, and these, like the kings and queens of other races, require symbols of their status to display to those who may not be initiated in their ways. The crown of ash is just such a piece of regalia. Crafted to impress not merely the fey of a particular court, but all those who might be visiting it, a crown of ash is simple in its physical appearance. Its magic, however, is quite powerful, coercing and nudging witnesses' minds and enhancing the wearer's own natural charisma. The last reported sighting of a crown of ash by a non-fey being appears in the story of Cheirt, an unassuming pixie who had wandered from his home, flitting up and down the countryside speaking to flowers and otherwise keeping himself out of trouble. When he returned home, however, he found that his fellow fey had been cruelly murdered. Following the killer's trail, he at last located the culprit, a greedy human bandit named Enyso. Cheirt discovered that the man's goal had been to claim the fey chieftain's crown of ash, hoping to use it to charm the nymphs and dryads he encountered into acceding to his lecherous demands. Appalled by the very idea, Cheirt attacked, first with sleep arrows, then with charm spells. It was a hard battle, for Enyso was a sorcerer, but in the end Cheirt overcame the murder and exacted the ultimate punishment, slitting the man's throat while he lay defenseless in magical sleep. Enraged by the object that had caused so much strife, Cheirt destroyed the crown of ash, and now travels the woods and fields seeking out any other crowns that remain, urging their wearers to destroy such focuses for mortal greed—and taking matters into his own hands if they refuse.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, comprehend languages, eagle's splendor
Cost to Create: 14,950 gp