Cap of Darkest Dreams

Inner Sea Races
Price: 90,000 gp
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level: 14th
Aura: Strong illusion and necromancy

This black gossamer cap is woven from ethereal moonbeams and nightmares. Whenever the wearer would experience a nightmare, whether magical or mundane (including the dream haunting ability of a night hag), the cap absorbs it without effect.

Once per day, when a changeling wearer sleeps with her face covered by the cap, she can send a nightmare (DC 17). If the victim fails his saving throw against the nightmare, the wearer can target him with major curse as well, but must describe to the victim a condition under which the curse will be lifted. The victim automatically understands the terms of the curse even if he does not share a language with the wearer. The condition must be possible to the wearer's knowledge given what she knows of the victim's resources, but may be extremely difficult to achieve and may require significant luck or assistance (at the GM's discretion). A cap of darkest dreams can maintain only one curse at a time; if the wearer uses the cap to curse a new victim, any previous curse ends.

Once per day by uttering the command word, a changeling wearer can unleash the vile essence of nightmares upon all creatures around her. She emanates a cloak of dreams as per the spell. Any creature sent to sleep by this aura automatically suffers a nightmare (DC 17) evoking its deepest fears.

Cost to Create: Craft Wondrous Item, cloak of dreams, major curse, nightmare, creator must be a changeling
Requirements: 45,000 gp