[cursed items]

Periapt of Foul Rotting

Core Rulebook
Slot: Neck
Aura: Moderate abjuration
Caster Level: 10th

This engraved gem appears to be of little value. If any character keeps the periapt in her possession for more than 24 hours, she contracts a terrible rotting affliction that permanently drains 1 point of Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma every week. The periapt (and the affliction) can be removed only by application of a calm emotions spell followed by a remove disease and then a heal, miracle, limited wish, or wish spell. The rotting can also be countered by crushing a periapt of health and sprinkling its dust upon the afflicted character (a full-round action), whereupon the periapt of foul rotting likewise crumbles to dust.

Intended Magic Item

periapt of health, periapt of proof against poison, periapt of wound closure