[cursed items]

Ornery Pistol

Ultimate Equipment
Aura: Strong transmutation
Caster Level: 12th
Weight: 4 lbs.

This pistol acts as a normal +2 pistol, but it has a strange aversion to talk of peace. Anytime the wielder or an ally within line of sight that the wielder can hear attempts to improve a creature's initial attitude with the Diplomacy skill, without spending an action, the pistol leaps into the wielder's hand and takes a single shot at the creature the wielder or ally is using Diplomacy against. If the wielder or ally is attempting to affect multiple creatures, the gun shoots a random member of the group. This occurs even if the pistol is unloaded, as the pistol's curse magically loads itself with a normal bullet and black powder when the action is taken.

Intended Magic Item

any pistol