Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Walking Sleight Skill Use Sleight of Hand as a move action or during a move Deft Hands, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks
Wall of Flesh Racial, Teamwork You swarm with your allies, becoming a wall of creatures. Small size or smaller.
Wand Dancer Story When using a spell trigger item, you can move both before and after triggering the item. Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Perform (dance) 5 ranks.
War Blessing General Your fervent call to your deity imbues you with a temporary blessing. Mystery or domain class feature.
War Singer Bardic, Racial Your songs inspire those around you to new heights of violence and savagery. Cha 13, bardic performance class feature, half-orc or orc.
Warning Shot Combat An intentional near-miss demonstrates your frightening skill at range. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus, proficiency with the selected weapon
Warren Digger Monster You gain a burrow speed of 10 feet through earth, sand, or soil. Ghoul
Warleader's Rage Racial Your rages are so inspiring to your allies that they don't have to remain adjacent to you to stay raging. Cha 13, half-orc or orc, non-lawful.
Warmonger Monster Gain Bluff and Diplomacy as class skills, +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy to convince someone to fight. Cha 13, hobgoblin.
Warped Mind Story Anyone attempting to contact your mind is dazed for 1d4 rounds. Wis 15, Worldwound affinity.
Warren Digger General You can burrow through soil and dirt. Ghoul, Strength 17.
Warrior Priest Spell Your religion is both a shield and a weapon in battle. Ability to cast divine spells, domain or mystery class feature.
Warrior Priest, Mythic Mythic Your faith speeds you in battle and further strengthens your mind and confidence. Warrior Priest.
Wary Smuggler Skill +5 Sleight of Hand to conceal non-weapon objects, take 10 on Perception, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth. Perception 5 ranks, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Stealth 5 ranks.
Wasp Familiar Story The goddess of lust, revenge, and trickery has granted you a living sting to show her favor in you. Chaotic neutral alignment, worshiper of Calistria.
Water Skinned Racial Your touch extinguishes small flames. Undine.
Waterway Caster Spell You have learned to cast spells while sailing on or swimming in even the most turbulent waters.
Wave Master Story Gozreh has seen fit to bless you as an uncommonly skilled swimmer. Worshiper of Gozreh.
Wave Strike Combat You present a serene facade until you unsheathe your weapon and strike in one fluid motion. Weapon expertise class feature or Quick Draw, Bluff 1 rank.
Wayang Soothsayer Racial You gain the shadow speaker racial trait or increase uses by 1, increase the insight bonus granted by 1. Wayang.
Weapon Adept Combat Treat weapons with chosen modification as being their normal category (simple, martial, or exotic).
Weapon Bearer General

You can attract only a 1st-level cohort with levels in only cavalier, fighter, or gunslinger.

Character level 4th, proficient with all martial weapons.
Weapon Evoker Mastery Item Mastery Increase weapon's magic energy damage by 1d4. Use Magic Device 2 ranks, base Fortitude saving throw bonus +3.
Weapon Finesse Combat You are trained in using your agility in melee combat, as opposed to brute strength.
Weapon Finesse, Mythic Mythic You're an expert with weapons that rely on your agility. Weapon Finesse.
Weapon Focus Combat You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon. Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Weapon Focus, Mythic Mythic You're a master of one type of weapon. Weapon Focus.
Weapon of the Chosen Combat, Story The influence of your deity guides your favored weapon. Weapon Focus with deity's favored weapon, must worship and receive spells from a deity.
Weapon Material Mastery Weapon Mastery You can perform impressive deeds with weapons made from peculiar materials. Base attack bonus +7, weapon training class feature with a melee weapon.
Weapon Specialization Combat You gain a +2 bonus on all damage rolls you make using the selected weapon. Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, fighter level 4th.
Weapon Specialization, Mythic Mythic The damage you deal with your chosen weapon is truly awesome to behold. Weapon Specialization.
Weapon Style Mastery Style, Weapon Mastery You can combine multiple fighting styles together. Any two style feats from different styles, base attack bonus +6, weapon training class feature with a melee weapon.
Weapon Swap Combat Swap your primary weapon to your off hand and make secondary attacks using that weapon in your off hand. Dex 17, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.
Weapon Trick Combat Gain additional tricks with chosen weapon type. Base attack bonus +1.
Weapon Versatility Combat You can use your favored weapons in unconventional ways. Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +1.
Weather Eye Story +4 to predict the weather. You gain a +1 bonus on saving throws to avoid the effects of extreme weather. Survival 3 ranks, must worship nature.
Weathered Warrior Combat You have a steady hand in any weather. Endurance
Welcome Pain Story Make a last-ditch effort to shed the dying condition. Iron Will, worshiper of Zon-Kuthon.
Well-Prepared Racial Somehow, you always seem to have the right tools or supplies close at hand. Halfling.
Wheeling Charge Combat, Story Your mount can make one turn of up to 90 degrees as part of a charge. Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Ride 5 ranks, Lastwall affinity.
Whip Mastery Combat Your superior expertise with this weapon does not provoke attacks of opportunity from your enemies. Weapon Focus (whip), base attack bonus +2.
Whip-Shot Deed Grit You can fire your weapon and strike with it at the same time. Grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger feat, pistol-whip deed.
Whip-Slinger Combat You can use your sling as a sap to make attacks of opportunity. Proficient with sling.
Whirlwind Attack Combat You can strike out at every foe within reach. Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +4.
Whispered Knowledge Story You possess secret knowledge that enhances and helps perfect your undead form. Corporeal undead, Whispering Way 15 TPA.
Whispering Way Disciple Story Your research has impressed the Whispering Way, which gives you access to its libraries. Associate (Whispering Way).
Wicked Valor Racial The fiendish blood that courses through your body causes your wounds to heal faster than usual. Con 15, Diehard, Endurance, tiefling.
Widen Spell Metamagic You can cast your spells so that they occupy a larger space.
Wild Flanking Betrayal, Teamwork Deal extra damage at the risk of damaging your flanking ally. Power Attack, base attack bonus +4.
Wild Speaker Racial You can use your speak with animals spell-like ability at will. Bleachling racial trait, gnome.
Wild Speech General You speak with the tongue of men and beasts. Druid level 6th, wild shape class feature.
Will of Giants Monster You gain immunity to enchantment effects that target only humanoids, such as charm person and hold person. Wis 14, Iron Will, giant subtype.
Willing Accomplice Skill Use Bluff to aid ally's Disguise Cha 13, Bluff 3 ranks, Sense Motive 1 rank
Wily Warrior Achievement 1/day, you can use your ranks in Sense Motive in place of your total Will saving throw modifier. Bluff 1 rank, Sense Motive 1 rank, base attack bonus +1, or you must have the Military Strategist background.
Wind Song Bardic Wind carries your performance's origin point somewhere else. Perform (wind instruments) 5 ranks; bardic performance or raging song class feature.
Wind Stance Combat Your erratic movements make it difficult for enemies to pinpoint your location. Dex 15, Dodge, base attack bonus +6.
Wingclipper Combat Your attacks can prevent winged opponents from flying. Base attack bonus +9.
Wingover Monster This creature can make turns with ease while flying. Fly speed.
Wings of Air Racial The winds lift you, carrying you where you want to go. Airy Step, character level 9th, sylph.
Wings of the Androsphinx Combat You can reshape the kinetic energy of foes' charges. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Reposition, base attack bonus +1 or monk level 1st.
Winter's Strike Combat Your attacks afflict your foes with the relentless fatigue of a winter storm. Nature Magic or the ability to cast druid or ranger spells; Vital Strike, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks.
Witch Knife Spell You empower your witch spells by incorporating the use of a special ceremonial knife during your castings. Witch class.
Witch Knife, Mythic Mythic Your witch knife is as much an extension of your body as it is an extension of your power. Witch Knife.
Witchbreaker Combat +2 bonus on saving throws against the hexes, spells, and other abilities of witches and hags. Iron Will.
Witty Feint Combat, Racial Your blending of conversation and martial prowess makes it difficult for opponents to slip past your guard. Bluff 1 rank, weapon training class feature, gnome.
Wolf Savage Combat, Style You can savage vulnerable foes so badly they become supernaturally disfigured. Wis 17, Improved Unarmed Strike, Wolf Style, Wolf Trip, Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks.
Wolf Style Combat, Style You can channel the curse in your blood to hamper foes that turn their backs on you. Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, Knowledge (nature) 3 ranks.
Wolf Trip Combat, Style You have studied wolves' skill at bringing down prey. Wis 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Wolf Style, Knowledge (nature) 6 ranks.
Word of Healing General Using the same divine energy as your lay on hands ability, you can heal others at a distance. Lay on hands class feature.
Worldwound Walker General Your purity always remains a blessing, even when you're surrounded by creatures that despise it. 5 or more Hit Dice, good alignment.
Worst Case Jinx Racial Beneficial variable effects on a jinxed target always result in the minimum possible amount for the effect. Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Halfling Jinx trait.
Wounded Paw Gambit Combat, Teamwork Your enemy sees you as an easy mark, but doesn't notice your allies poised to shoot. Broken Wing Gambit, Bluff 5 ranks.
Wrath of Hell Story You can, as a swift action, summon the hellfire that lurks inside you. Cheliax affinity.
Wrest Charge General You can extract a charge from otherwise depleted technology. Disable Device 5 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks
Wretched Curator Achievement Always purchase potions and scrolls of evil spells at adiscount, gain +4 on Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device checks for evil spells. Illegally purchased a scroll or spellbook containing a spell with the evil descriptor, or must have the Secret Society Inductee or Diabolical Upbringing background.
Wyvaran Spellcasting Racial, Spell Select one draconic spell you can cast. You can cast this spell as a spell-like ability twice per day. Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks, wyvaran.
Wyvern Fury Style Combat, Style Combine sweeping attacks with a whip and quick stabs with a blade, imitating a wyvern's bite and stinger. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Acrobatics 3 ranks, brawler's flurry or flurry of blows class feature.
Wyvern Sting Combat, Style If you hit a foe with a whip or scorpion whip, an ally can leave the foe's area without provoking. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Wyvern Fury Style, Acrobatics 6 ranks, brawler's flurry or flurry of blows.
Wyvern Wing Combat, Style If you use flurry of blows or brawler's flurry and take a 5-foot step, you can take an additional 5-foot step. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Wyvern Fury Style, Wyvern Sting, Acrobatics 10 ranks, brawler's flurry or flurry of blows.