Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Tactical Reposition Combat You excel at moving foes right where you want them. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Reposition.
Tag-Team Interrogation Teamwork You and your partner work together to bewilder a target, alternating between fear and kindness. Intimidating Prowess or Persuasive; Diplomacy 1 rank; Intimidate 1 rank.
Tail Maneuvers Monster Gain +2 to your CMD and on any combat maneuver checks you attempt if you don't use your tail attack. Dragon creature type, tail attack.
Tail Terror Combat, Racial You have strengthened your tail enough to make slap attacks with it. Base attack bonus +1, kobold.
Tail Weapon Combat, Monster You can make a tail slap attack with your tail. Base attack bonus +1, serpentfolk
Take a Breather Combat Use lapses in your opponent's guard to recuperate from the wounds you have already sustained. Con 13, Combat Vigor, character level 4th.
Take the Hit Teamwork Choose to absorb up to half of the hit point damage from any attack that strikes adjacent feat ally. Bonded Mind, base attack bonus +6.
Taldan Conscript Story +1 on damage when using farm implements, fighting alongside other conscripts you get a +1 initiative. Taldan serf in service to a lord
Taldan Duelist Story You trained at one of Taldor's elite fighting schools and are skilled at fighting with the falcata and buckler. Dex 13, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (falcata), Shield Proficiency (buckler), Weapon Focus (falcata).
Taldan Knight Story A Taldan noble has knighted you, giving you the rights and privileges of a knight of the realm. Base attack bonus +6, heavy armor proficiency, proficient in a martial weapon
Taldan Squire Story You spent time as a squire to a Taldan knight and understand how to fight alongside him. Base attack bonus +1, proficient in a martial weapon
Talented Magician Spell Roguish magic comes easily to you. Major magic rogue talent, minor magic rogue talent.
Talmandor's Lifting Achievement Cast contingent healing spells that activate if the target is wounded or affected by a condition. Take at least 10d6 falling damage on three different occasions and survive.
Tandem Evasion Combat, Teamwork You and your allies help each other evade deadly attacks. Dex 13, Dodge.
Tandem Trip Combat, Teamwork You know how to work together to trip your foes.  
Tangle Feet Combat, Racial Creatures who cross your path find themselves tripping over their own feet. Dodge, Mobility, Underfoot (Advanced Player's Guide 173), goblin, Small size or smaller.
Tantrum Racial You may use the Bluff skill to feint while raging. Bluff 1 rank, rage class feature, gnome.
Tapestry Traveler Story Your many visits to the Hao Jin Tapestry demiplane have made you an expert in long-distance travel. Character level 5th.
Target of Opportunity Combat, Teamwork You and your allies pelt your enemies with a deadly barrage of missiles. Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +6.
Targeted Blow Weapon Mastery On a successful attack, you affect the target as if you had used the targeting gunslinger deed. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +9, weapon training class feature with a melee weapon.
Tattoo Attunement General You've learned to absorb summoned creatures into temporary spell tattoos. Inscribe Magical Tattoo or Varisian Tattoo; Spellcraft 5 ranks.
Tattoo Conversion General Use tattoos from summoned creatures as an offensive weapon. Inscribe Magical Tattoo or Varisian Tattoo; Tattoo Attunement; Spellcraft 15 ranks; ability to cast control summoned creature.
Tattoo Transformation General Gain that summoned creature's elemental resistance as long as it is in tattoo form. Inscribe Magical Tattoo or Varisian Tattoo; Tattoo Attunement; Spellcraft 9 ranks.
Tatzlwyrm Claw Style Combat, Style Your curled fingers can tear into opponents' flesh and snatch free grappled allies. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Escape Artist 1 rank.
Tatzlwyrm Grappler Combat, Style You can twist and bend in a way that makes you extremely difficult to grab. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Tatzlwyrm Claw Style, Escape Artist 3 ranks.
Tatzlwyrm Rake Combat, Style You can attempt a combat maneuver check to maintain a grapple without using your arms. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Tatzlwyrm Claw Style, Tatzlwyrm Grappler, Escape Artist 8 ranks.
Taskmaster Combat, Racial You intimidate weaker allies into reckless ferocity. Demoralizing Lash, Intimidate 5 ranks, hobgoblin.
Taunt Racial You may be small, but your remarks cut others down to size. Cha 13, Small size or smaller.
Team Pickpocketing Teamwork You distract a mark with friendly conversation while your partner robs the victim blind. Bluff 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 1 rank.
Team Up Combat When you are ganging up against an enemy, you can aid an ally with a quick feint. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gang Up, base attack bonus +6.
Technologist General You are familiar with the basic mechanics of technology.
Technology Adept Combat You utilize high-tech firearms to maximum effect. Dex 13, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), Point-Blank Shot
Technophobe General Smashing technological abominations brings you joy. Improved Sunder
Telekinetic Mastery Item Mastery Cause an item that has a transmutation spell of 4th level or higher to cast telekinesis. Use Magic Device 5 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +7.
Telepathic Distraction Monster You can focus your telepathy on one creature within range to weaken its resistance to mental attacks. Cha 15, serpentfolk
Telepathic Link Familiar You and your familiar can communicate with ach other telepathically at a range of up to 1 mile. Must have a familiar with the speak with master ability.
Telepathy Tap Spell Eavesdrop on telepathic communication thoughts. Sense Motive 10 ranks, ability to cast detect
Teleport Sense Story You have faced so many demons teleporting that you have developed a sort of sixth sense for it. Wis 13, Mendev affinity.
Teleport Tactician Combat You are highly alert for enemies using teleportation to approach you or flee from you. Combat Reflexes, Disruptive, Spellbreaker.
Teleportation Mastery Item Mastery Cause an item that has a conjuration spell of 3rd level or higher to cast dimension door. Use Magic Device 4 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +6.
Tenacious Spell Metamagic Spell is difficult to dispel and remains for 1d4 rounds.
Tenacious Survivor Racial Your spirit lingers long after any other's would have passed on. Con 13, Diehard, Endurance, half-orc or orc.
Tenacious Transmutation Spell Your mastery of the magic of changing makes your transmutations more durable. Spell Focus (transmutation).
Tenebrous Spell Metamagic You blend shadow into your spells, increasing their efficacy at the price of susceptibility to light.
Tengu Raven Form Racial You can shift into the form of a giant black raven. Tengu Wings, character level 7th, tengu.
Tengu Wings Racial You can grow wings that allow you to fly. Character level 5th, tengu.
Terrain Celerity General While in favored terrain, gain +5 ft. to speed, +10 if favored enemy is present. Favored enemy class feature, favored terrain class feature.
Terrifying Assassination General If your assassination attempt doesn't work, the target is shaken for 2d4 rounds. Assassinate ninja master trick, assassinate slayer advanced talent, or death attack.
Terrifying Assault Combat When trying to demoralize an opponent during a surprise round, you might make the target frightened. Frightening Ambush, Intimidate 5 ranks.
Terrifying Mask Racial You can detect decption using Intimidate. Cha 13, Monstrous Mask, tiefling.
Terrifying Strike Monster Your touch spreads fear. Despair special ability, mummy.
Terrorizing Display Combat, Racial Your battle prowess frightens friend and foe alike. Dazzling Display, Demoralizing Lash, Taskmaster, Weapon Focus, Intimidate 10 ranks, hobgoblin, proficiency with selected weapon.
Thanatopic Spell Metamagic Your spells can pierce wards against negative energy and even affect undead targets. Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks, Spell Focus (necromancy).
Theurgy Spell You can blend the power of arcane and divine magic. Wis 13, Int or Cha 13, able to cast 1st-level arcane spells, able to cast 1st-level divine spells.
Thicket Channel Divine, Story Your deity infuses your channeled energy with bounty. Channel energy 7d6, worshiper of Erastil.
Thief of Legend Achievement More than just a burglar, you aspire to commit crimes of legendary stature. Stolen at least 1,000 gp worth of treasure without being caught and kept mementos, or the Greed background.
Third Eye General Use third eye to read auras and see the truth Psychic Sensitivity or ability to cast psychic spells
Thoughtful Discernment General Thinking back, you discover a lie in what you once thought to be words of truth. Discern lies class feature.
Threatening Illusion Metamagic, Racial One 5-foot square within the area of your illusion threatens the target as long as it is adjacent. Spell Focus (illusion), gnome.
Threatening Negotiator Skill Increases Intimidate's duration to 2d6 hours. Nerve-Racking Negotiator, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Intimidate)
Threnodic Spell Metamagic Mind-affecting magic can control undead. Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks, Spell Focus (necromancy).
Thrill of the Kill Racial Killing fuels your rage. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Thrilling Vengeance Combat, Performance Your savage rage thrills the crowd as you turn it upon a foe that has harmed you. Base attack bonus +3, rage class feature.
Throat Pouch Monster You can swell your throat to amplify and broadcast your vocalizations over vast distances. Boggard, terrifying croak.
Throat Slicer Combat Deliver a coup de grace to an unconscious, bound, or pinned target as a standard action. Base attack bonus +1.
Throw Anything Combat You are used to throwing things you have on hand.
Throw Anything, Mythic Mythic You're so skilled at throwing weapons that it hardly matters what you throw. Throw Anything.
Throw Back Arrows Combat When you catch arrows and other ranged ammunition, you can immediately hurl them at your enemies. Dex 17, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snatch Arrows.
Thrune Trusted Agent Story, Teamwork Your bond to other Thrune agents strengthens your resolve and allows you to bolster your allies. Thrune Loyal Agent trait.
Thunder And Fang Combat Fight with increased effectiveness when wielding an earth breaker and klar. Str 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (earth breaker), Weapon Focus (klar)
Thundering Spell Metamagic You can modify a spell to deafen a creature damaged by the spell.
Thuvian Grenadier Teamwork Training with alchemically inclined allies helps you avoid friendly fire. Precise Shot or Throw Anything.
Tiger Claws Combat, Style You can sacrifice multiple attacks to make a single devastating strike. Improved Unarmed Strike, Tiger Style, base attack bonus +6 or monk level 5th.
Tiger Pounce Combat, Style While using the Tiger Style feat, apply the penalty from Power Attack to your AC instead of attack rolls Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Tiger Claws, Tiger Style, base attack bonus +9 or monk level 8th.
Tiger Style Combat, Style Your unarmed fighting style emulates the strength and ferocity of a tiger. Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +3 or monk level 3rd.
Timely Coordination Teamwork +1 bonus on attack rolls and skill checks for readied actions triggered by allies.
Tiring Critical Combat Your critical hits cause opponents to become fatigued. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +13.
Titan Strike Mythic Your fists can fell titanic foes. Improved Unarmed Strike (mythic).
To The Last Combat, Story Your devotion to battle inspires you to fight competently until death claims you. Diehard, Endurance, worshiper of Gorum.
Tomb Raider Story +2 on Perception. If you are aware of a trap, +2 on saves and a +2 to your AC vs the trap. Osirion affinity.
Tool Optimizer Skill You take no penalty for using an improvised tool with a skill in which you have at least 1 rank. Craft (any) 1 rank, Disable Device 1 rank, or Profession (any) 1 rank.
Topple Foe Combat, Teamwork You and your allies can work together to trip larger foes. Combat Expertise, Improved Trip.
Toppling Bash Shield Mastery You can attempt a trip combat maneuver against that creature at a -5 penalty with a shield bash. Improved Shield Bash, Shield Focus, Stumbling Bash, base attack bonus +11 or fighter level 8th.
Toppling Spell Metamagic Your spells with the force descriptor knock the affected creatures prone.
Torchbearer General You acquire a professional torchbearer to accompany you. Character level 5th.
Torch Bearer Combat You can make use of a torch as a deadly, macelike weapon.
Torch Handling General In your grasp, a simple torch becomes a beacon.
Totem Beast General Your animal companion becomes spiritually connected to an animal totem. Wis 13, animal companion class feature.
Totem Spirit Story You are mystically tied to your tribe's sacred totem. Member of a Shoanti tribe.
Touch of Evil Divine With a touch, compel other toward evil acts Channel negative energy 6d6, evil alignment
Touch of Serenity Combat With a single touch you can reduce the threat of even the most savage of foes. Wis 18, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +8.
Touch of the Brackish Emperor Spell, Story Your touch can suppress spells that aid in breathing water. Character level 5th, worshiper of Kelizandri
Touched by Sacred Fire Story Fire resistance 5 and a +2 bonus save to resist the effects of fire or heat, increase these as a swift action. Endurance, Risen Guard rank, Risen Guard 15 TPA (established affiliation with group).
Tough as Iron Racial Any enhancement bonus you gain to natural armor onus increases by 2. Toughness, duergar
Toughness General You have enhanced physical stamina.
Toughness, Mythic Mythic You have legendary resilience and durability. Toughness.
Touvette Defender Story Once per day, you may attempt to smite an enemy of Touvette with one normal melee attack. Touvette affinity
Tower Shield Proficiency Combat You are trained in how to properly use a tower shield. Shield Proficiency.
Tower Shield Specialist Shield Mastery Reduce armor check penalty for tower shields by 3, can use armor training with tower shields. Shield Focus, Tower Shield Proficiency, base attack bonus +11 or fighter level 8th.
Town Tamer Achievement This town needs cleaning up, and you're just the one to do it. 5 ranks in Intimidate and a personal motivation to clean up a particular town, or the Bounty Hunter or Champion of the People background.
Toxic Recovery Racial Your system recuperates from the effects of poisons with astonishing speed. Dwarf, hardy racial trait.
Toxic Spell Metamagic Use poison as component and infuse a spell with the power of the poison. Craft (poison) 5 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level spells, poison use class feature.
Toxic Stench Monster Your stench is poisonous. Stench universal monster ability, immunity to poison, Improved Stench, Toughness
Toxicological Timing General You know how to adjust the amount of time a poison takes to produce its effects. Craft (alchemy) 9 ranks.
Tracer Fire Combat You highlight the path of your projectile with light, allowing your allies to better spot the target. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Track General Adds half your level (round up) to Survival skill checks made to follow or identify tracks.
Trade Initiative Teamwork Before acting, you may trade the results of your initiative roll with an adjacent feat ally.
Traditional Weapons Combat You're a master of utilizing simple, time-trusted arms against strange or technological weapons. Int 13.
Trailblazing Channel Divine, Story Your positive energy makes trailblazers of those you heal. Channel energy 3d6, worshiper of Desna.
Train Plants General Treats plant creatures with Int of 3 or lower as animals for the purposes of the Handle Animal skill. Handle Animal 5 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks.
Trample Combat While mounted, you can ride down opponents and trample them under your mount. Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat.
Trample, Mythic Mythic Your rearing mount can stomp foes into the ground, barely breaking stride. Trample.
Trap Wrecker Racial You can smash traps instead of disarming them. Power Attack, Disable Device 1 rank, orc.
Trapper's Setup General You have an instinct for waiting until just the right moment to spring a hazard or trap. Craft (traps) 5 ranks.
Traumatic Spell Metamagic Emotion or fear spell causes nightmares
Traumatic Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability causes nightmares Spell-like ability at CL 6th or higher
Treacherous Toxin General Forgo some of your sneak attack damage to increase the save DC of your poison. Base attack bonus +5, sneak attack class feature.
Tree Hanger Combat, Racial You can use your tail to defend against trip attacks and to hang from nearby protrusions. Acrobatics 1 rank, vanara.
Trepanation Skill You can perform the faith healing occult skill unlock even if you can't use psychic magic, more if you can. Heal 5 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks.
Triangulate Racial, Teamwork Automatically pinpoint invisible foes and reroll misses due to concealment when you and an ally who has this feat are within 30 feet Blind-Fight, Greater Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 15 ranks, human (Kellid)
Tribal Hunter Combat, Teamwork You and feat allies do not need to be opposite each other to flank a larger creature Animal Affinity.
Tribal Scars Story You proudly bear the scars that grant you the blessings of your tribe's ancestors or totem. Member of a Mammoth Lords tribe or following.
Tribe Mentality Teamwork You and your tribemates grant each other mental strength.
Trick Riding Combat You are not only skilled at controlling a horse in combat; you can make it look like art. Ride 9 ranks, Mounted Combat.
Trick Shooter Combat Your uncanny aim allows you to disable your opponents without harming them. Dex 13, Deadly Aim, base attack bonus +1.
Trick Spell Metamagic, Story The vengeful nature of your goddess flows through your magic, turning your enemies against themselves. Ability to cast 1st-level spells, chaotic neutral alignment, worshiper of Calistria.
Tripping Staff Combat You can make a trip attack with your quarterstaff. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), base attack bonus +6.
Tripping Staff, Mythic Mythic Your staff is valuable for attack and defensive balance. Tripping Staff.
Tripping Strike Combat The force intrinsic to your critical hits can knock your foes down. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, base attack bonus +9.
Tripping Twirl Combat You can make a trip attack with a quarterstaff on all adjacent enemies. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Tripping Staff, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Weapon Specialization (quarterstaff), base attack bonus +12.
Triton Portal General You can channel your inner magic to summon allies. Character level 5th, hydraulic push spell-like ability, undine.
Troth of the Forgotten Pharaoh General Go up in flames upon your death. Must be a member of the Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh.
True Breed Racial You count as neither of your subtypes for the purposes of effects related to subtype Two subtypes, elf blood or orc blood racial trait
True Deception Skill Fool divinations with Disguise. Cha 17, Disguise 17 ranks, master disguise master ninja trick or master of disguise advanced rogue talent, ninja level 10th or rogue level 10th
True Love Achievement You found love, only to have it denied by the cruelty of fate. Found love with a person you can't be with, or have the Current Lover, For Love, or The Lover background.
Truth in Wine Skill You can perform the faith healing occult skill unlock even if you can't use psychic magic, more if you can. Heal 5 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks.
Truth-Seeker Achievement A tantalizing secret from the past calls to you, and you intend to discover it. Visited a ruin or forgotten place that's been abandoned at least five times as long as you've been alive.
Tundra Stride      
Tunnel Rat Racial You are a master of fighting in confined spaces. Ratfolk, swarming racial trait.
Turn Undead Divine Calling upon higher powers, you cause undead to flee from the might of your unleashed divine energy. Channel positive energy class feature.
Turn Undead, Mythic Mythic The power of your divine energy can not only cause undead to flee but also destroy them where they stand. Turn Undead.
Twilight Tattoo Story Gain an invisible tattoo that identifies you as a Twilight Talon, bonuses to hide objects or avoid being scried. Wis 13, member of the Twilight Talons.
Twin Fang Lunge Combat, Style Move up to twice your speed and then use Twin Fang Strike as if you were taking the attack action. Dex 15; Quick Draw; Twin Fang Strike; Twin Fang Style; Two-Weapon Fighting; Acrobatics 8 ranks; base attack bonus +8 or monk level 8th.
Twin Fang Strike Combat, Style You strike at your enemies with both weapons simultaneously. Dex 15; Quick Draw; Twin Fang Style; Two-Weapon Fighting; Acrobatics 6 ranks; base attack bonus +6or monk level 6th.
Twin Fang Style Combat, Style Your paired blades rend through armor. Dex 15, Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +1, Acrobatics 1 rank.
Twin Thunders Combat, Racial When you fight giants, your powerful blows combine with generations of skill to quickly even the odds. Dwarf or gnome, defensive training racial trait, Two-Weapon Fighting or flurry of blows class feature, Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons.
Twin Thunders Flurry Combat, Racial Your dual bludgeoning strikes are especially deadly when you are fighting giants. Dwarf or gnome; defensive training racial trait; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting, or flurry of blows class feature; Twin Thunders; Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons; base attack bonus +6.
Twin Thunders Master Combat, Racial With thunderous simultaneous strikes, you can batter a mighty giant into submission. Dwarf or gnome; defensive training racial trait; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting, or flurry of blows class feature; Twin Thunders; Twin Thunders Flurry; Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons; base attack bonus +9.
Twinned Feint Combat You can fool two opponents with a single feint. Cha 13.
Twist Away General Your quick reflexes and dexterous movements make up for your lack of stamina. Evasion.
Twisted Flesh Story +1 natural armor bonus to AC and cold, electricity, and fire resistance 2, +1 bonus on Intimidate checks. Con 15, Worldwound affinity.
Twisted Love Achievement +2 bonus vs. enchantments and bonuses to influence obsessed foe/pretend to be affected by enchantment. You resemble a lost loved one of an evil creature, or are a past lover
Two-Fisted Drinker Mythic You can pound down drinks with amazing verve. Quick Draw.
Two-Handed Thrower Combat Hurl weapons with both hands and with great force, to send your weapon flying through the air. Str 15.
Two-Weapon Defense Combat You are skilled at defending yourself while dual-wielding. Dex 15, Two-Weapon Fighting.
Two-Weapon Defense, Mythic Mythic Your graceful flow between attack and defense makes you difficult to hit. Two-Weapon Defense.
Two-Weapon Drunkard Combat A tankard as an improvised weapon in your off hand functions as a light mace and a divine focus. Catch Off-Guard, Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Feint Combat You use one weapon to distract your enemy while slipping another past his defenses. Dex 15, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Two-Weapon Fighting.
Two-Weapon Fighting Combat Fight with a weapon wielded in each of your hands, make one extra attack with the secondary weapon. Dex 15.
Two-Weapon Fighting, Mythic Mythic With deft strikes, you gain an advantage over your foes beyond mere damage. Two-Weapon Fighting.
Two-Weapon Grace Combat You can fight using agility instead of brute strength, even while fighting with two weapons. Dex 15; Fencing Grace, Slashing Grace, or Starry Grace; Two-Weapon Fighting; Weapon Finesse.
Two-Weapon Rend Combat Striking with both of your weapons simultaneously, you can use them to deliver devastating wounds. Dex 17, Double Slice, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +11.
Two-Weapon Rend, Mythic Mythic Your synchronized dual attacks are even more dangerous, and can leave lasting wounds. Two-Weapon Rend.