Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Quah Bond Racial, Teamwork Double benefits granted by your Totem Spirit feat when an ally from the same quah with this feat is within 30 feet Totem Spirit, human (Shoanti)
Quarterstaff Master Combat You can wield a quarterstaff as either a two-handed or one-handed weapon. Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), base attack bonus +5.
Quick At Hand Monster You may use any item as an improvised melee or ranged weapon without penalty. Ogre.
Quick Bull Rush Combat You can barrel into your opponent and follow this with an attack. Str 13, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Quick Channel Divine Your divine energies flash with dazzling speed. Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, channel energy class feature.
Quick Dirty Trick Combat You can perpetrate a dirty trick and deliver an attack before your opponent is the wiser. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, base attack bonus +6.
Quick Drag Combat You drag your enemy and deliver a punishing blow. Str 13, Improved Drag, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Quick Draw Combat You can draw weapons faster than most. Base attack bonus +1.
Quick Draw, Mythic Mythic You can retrieve any item quickly, not just weapons. Quick Draw.
Quick Favor Skill Decrease the time required for a Diplomacy check to gather information to 4d10 minutes. Persuasive.
Quick Preparation General Preparing all of your spells takes 1 hour. Ability to prepare spells.
Quick Reposition Combat Your opponent becomes an unwitting dance partner, following your lead while you fight. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Reposition, base attack bonus +6.
Quick Steal Combat You are adept at relieving foes of their belongings even while you strike. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Steal, base attack bonus +6.
Quick Stow Combat You effortlessly stow items and sheathe weapons. Quick Draw, base attack bonus +1.
Quick Study Combat Study with an ally to learn a combat feat Int 13, bravery +3, fighter level 10th
Quick Trapper General Set ranger traps as a standard action rather than a full-round action. If you do so, the trap DC is reduced by 5. Learn Ranger Trap or trap class feature, Survival 5 ranks.
Quick Wild Shape General You sacrifice power for speed in changing form. Wild shape class feature, caster level 8th.
Quicken Blessing General You can deliver one of your blessings with greater speed. Access to a blessing's major power, blessings class feature.
Quicken Spell Metamagic You can cast spells in a fraction of the normal time.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability Monster This creature can use one of its spell-like abilities with next to no effort. Spell-like ability at CL 10th or higher.
Quiet Death Combat Drop your foes before they make a sound Dex 19, Stealth 10 ranks, rogue level 10th
Quillbreaker Defense Combat You can give your armor spikes the broken condition to reduce the amount of damage you take by 5. Proficiency with armor spikes.
Quivering Palm Adept Combat Your quivering palm strikes are more potent than most. Quivering palm class feature.
Quivering Palm Versatility Combat Your quivering palm's vibrations can cause extreme pain, put in a coma, or destroy memories. Quivering palm class feature, base attack bonus +13.