Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Oath of the Unbound Story You have sworn never to be shackled. Worshiper of Rovagug.
Object of Legend Achievement The object of your quest drives you ever forward. Have some highly personal stake in attaining the object of your quest.
Obliviating Stare Stare Your stare can cause a target to lose track of someone. Allure bold stare improvement, hypnotic stare class feature, Mesmerist level 5th.
Obscuring Beacon Combat You use light to disrupt your foes' darkness-adapted vision.
Ogre Crush Monster Your unarmed strike damage increases by one step. Str 25, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, ogre, size Large or larger.
Old as Dust Monster When you are reduced to 0 hit points, you are not destroyed. Sleeper, Warren Digger, creature has been a ghoul for at least 500 years.
Old Cults Awakener Story Perform a ritual on a vicitm that implants the belief they are chosen by the Old Ones as their servant. Old Cults 20 TPA.
Ominous Mien General When you cast a compulsion, fear, phantasm, or shadow spell, add +1 to the DC. Hellknight rank, Hellknight 10 TPA.
Omnipresent Mentor Bardic Inspire competence affects one ally for 24 hours Cha 17, Inspiring Mentor
One Eye Open Skill The DCs of your Perception checks don't change when you are asleep; you can wake up to confront the danger. Wis 13, Alertness.
One Finger Combat You can make Stunning Fist attacks as melee touch attacks Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +8, ki strike class ability.
One Mind Racial, Teamwork Avoid penalties when flat-footed, blinded, or fighting invisible creatures if you're adjacent to ally who has this feat Alertness, Sense Motive 3 ranks, human (Vudrani)
Onslaught Combat Sneak attack even if not flanking and target not denied Dex bonus when you Power Attack in surprise round. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1, sneak attack class feature.
Ooze Companion General Add certain oozes to your list of possible animal companions Ooze Whisperer, animal companion, wild empathy.
Ooze Whisperer General You may target oozes with spells and special abilities that normally only affect animals. Wild empathy class feature.
Open Up Combat, Teamwork Ally's aided attack ignores any Armor Class bonus granted by the foe's shield. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Opening Volley Combat Your ranged assault leaves your foe disoriented and vulnerable to your melee attack.
Oracular Intuition Skill You are highly sensitive to magic and changes in a person's demeanor. Mystery class feature.
Orator Skill You can sometimes use a Linguistics check in place of other language-based skill checks. Skill Focus (Linguistics).
Orc Fury Style Combat, Racial, Style Use the Bullying Blow feat with the first attack of a full-attack action when weilding and "orc" weapon. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Intimidate 3 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Hewer Combat, Racial You are ferocious at hewing your enemies, especially orcs. Str 13, Cleave, Goblin Cleaver, Power Attack, dwarf.
Orc Rampage Combat, Racial, Style Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against shaken opponents, no penalty when using Bullying Blow. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Orc Fury Style, Intimidate 5 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Snarl Combat, Racial, Style While using Orc Fury Style, you gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against effects created by shaken foes. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Orc Fury Style, Orc Rampage, Intimidate 7 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Weapon Expertise Combat, Racial You can do more with the weapons orcs favor the most. Base attack bonus +1, orc.
Ordered Mind General You can modify a variety of your spells to use as counterspells. Caster level 7th, any lawful alignment.
Oread Burrower Racial The ground parts for you at the slightest touch, allowing you to dig with great speed. Stony Step, character level 9th, oread.
Oread Earth Glider Racial The earth welcomes you, showing you the secret paths through sand and soil. Oread Burrower, Stony Step, character level 13th, oread.
Osirionology General You have a broad interest in Osirion and are something of an authority in one specialized field. Knowledge (history) 1 rank, Knowledge (local) 1 rank, must be able to speak Osiriani and Ancient Osiriani.
Osiriontologist General Gain skill bonuses in and about Osirion. Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, Knowledge (local) 4 ranks, Speak Language (Osiriani, Ancient Osiriani).
Ostentatious Display General Wear a valuable nonmagical item in a magic item slot, to gain a +1 bonus on skill checks with a corresponding skill.
Ostentatious Weakness Combat, Performance You use knowledge of your hated foes to please onlookers. Base attack bonus +5, favored enemy class feature.
Osyluth Guile Combat You are skilled at misdirecting an opponent's attacks. Bluff 8 ranks, Dodge.
Ostentatious Rager Combat Rage as a performance for money or to distract enemies Intimidate 5 ranks, rage class feature
Otherworldly Influence Achievement Against evil outsiders, gain a +1 on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, SR against spells and spell-like abilities. Refused an evil creature of 15+ HD who offered gifts or assistance, refused an evil creature offering to cast a spell of 7th-level, or have Planar Offering background.
Out of the Sun General Your allies use the sun's glare to their advantage. Bluff 3 ranks, Stealth 3 ranks.
Outer Planes Traveler Story Gain +2 on saves against spells with the associated plane's descriptor, cast such spells at +1 caster level. Knowledge (planes) 11 ranks, ability to cast plane shift or gate as a spell or spell-like ability.
Outflank Combat, Teamwork You look for every edge when flanking an enemy. Base attack bonus +4.
Outslug Sprint Combat, Style While using Outslug Style, you can move an additional 5 feet when making a 5-foot step. Int 13; Combat Expertise or brawler's cunning class feature; Lunge; Outslug Style; Outslug Weave; Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Outslug Style Combat, Style Choose one close fighter weapon; when you 5-foot step, gain +1 to AC and +1 damage with chosen weapon. Int 13; Combat Expertise or brawler's cunning class feature; Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Outslug Weave Combat, Style No -2 penalty to your AC when using the Lunge feat. Bonuses to AC and damage from Outslug Style are +2. Int 13; Combat Expertise or brawler's cunning class feature; Lunge; Outslug Style; Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Overachiever Achievement Only half the normal penalties from exhaustion, 1/day, you can forgo rest to study or practice, gaining a +3 bonus on all checks attempted with your selected skill. You must have been defeated by the same individual, organization, or creature type at least four times, or have the Boarding School or Humiliated background.
Overwatch Style Combat, Style Ready two ranged attacks with the chosen weapon, each with its own triggering event, at -2 penalty. Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Overwatch Tactician Combat, Style You can ready two ranged attacks as a standard action, rather than a full-round action. Overwatch Style, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Overwatch Vortex Combat, Style Ready up to four ranged attacks, each with its own triggering event, at -2 penalty. Overwatch Style, Overwatch Tactician, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +11.
Overwhelm Combat, Teamwork You can overwhelm large foes with sheer numbers.
Overwhelming Phantom General Three times per day, your phantom can attempt to enter and take control of a living creature. Phantom class feature, spiritualist level 15th.
Owl Dive Combat, Style Use Fly with martial training and charge through any bonus +7 or monk level 5th, Fly 1 rank creature Dex 17, Owl Style, Owl Swoop, base attack
Owl Style Combat, Style Use Stealth with martial training and charge with Stealth Dex 13, Skill Focus (Stealth), Stealth 1 rank
Owl Swoop Combat, Style Use Acrobatics with martial training and while charging Dex 15, Owl Style, Acrobatics 1 rank