Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Iconoclast Combat You know how to turn a holy symbol into a weapon against her followers. Divine Defiance, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Intimidate 3 ranks.
Icy Stare Monster You can deal 1d6 cold damage with a stare. Born of Frost, frost giant
Illusion Mastery Item Mastery Cause an item that has an illusion spell of 1st level or higher to cast minor image. Use Magic Device 2 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +4.
Illusive Gnome Bewilderment Combat, Racial, Style Pick one special weapon feature and deny the opponent its Dex to AC; or pick two special weapon features. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Illusive Gnome Style, Illusive Gnome Surprise, Improved Feint, gnome magic and weapon familiarity racial traits.
Illusive Gnome Style Combat, Racial, Style When feinting with a gnome weapon, sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus on the skill check attempted to feint. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Improved Feint, base attack bonus +1, gnome magic and weapon familiarity racial traits.
Illusive Gnome Surprise Combat, Racial, Style +2 bonus to perform dirty tricks, feint. Instead of denying foe Dex bonus, weapon gains special feature. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Illusive Gnome Style, Improved Feint.
Impact Critical Shot Combat, Critical With a series of ranged attacks, you bring your foes to their knees or force them to move. Dex 13, Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +9.
Impaling Charge Monster Start a grapple as part of a charge. Gore attack, powerful charge.
Impaling Critical Combat, Critical Your critical hits can skewer your foes. Critical Focus, Weapon Specialization with selected piercing melee weapon, base attack bonus +11.
Implant Bomb General You can attach a bomb to a creature that explodes when the creature dies or after 24 hours. Heal 5 ranks, delayed bomb alchemist discovery.
Implement Focus General Use generic focus efficiently with an implement Occultist level 3rd
Implement Mastery Item Mastery You can use your implements to unlock secrets of mastering relics and other items of power. Implements class feature, mental focus class feature.
Imposing Bearing Armor Mastery You treat your size as two larger for bull rush, drag, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers. Poised Bearing, BAB +11 or fighter level 8th, armor training class feature, proficiency with heavy armor.
Impressive Grit Weapon Mastery Your mastery of ranged weapons allows you to perform impressive deeds. Base attack bonus +11, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.
Impressive Presence Story Creatures within 30 feet may become distracted by your display. Taldor affinity.
Improved Armor Focus Combat Armor check penalty of the selected armor decreases by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Armor Focus, base attack bonus +6, proficiency with selected armor.
Improved Awesome Blow Combat You are skilled at sending your opponents flying. Str 13; Awesome Blow or awesome blow class feature; Power Attack
Improved Awesome Throw Combat, Monster When you perform an awesome throw, you knock opponents back farther. Str 25, Awesome Throw, Greater Bull Rush, Throw Anything or rock throwing, size Large or larger.
Improved Back to Back Teamwork After much practice, you and an ally have become adept at fighting in close proximity to one another. Back to Back, Perception 5 ranks.
Improved Balor Whip Combat You can pull in foes with your whip and attack them with your sword. Balor Whip, Weapon Focus (whip), Whip Mastery, base attack bonus +12.
Improved Bestial Transformation Monster You can change shape into a boar, dire bat, giant frog, grizzly bear, hyena, leopard, lion, shark, squid, or wolf. Vampire.
Improved Bless Equipment Divine You can channel even more energy into weapons and armor to grant them several divine powers at once. Bless Equipment, caster level 9th, channel energy class feature.
Improved Blind-Fight Combat Your keen senses guide your hand against hidden foes. Perception 10 ranks, Blind-Fight.
Improved Bravery General Bravery applies against all mind-affecting effects. Cha 13, bravery class feature.
Improved Bull Rush Combat You are skilled at pushing your foes around. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Improved Bull Rush, Mythic Mythic You push foes around with amazing ease. Improved Bull Rush.
Improved Channel Divine Your channeled energy is harder to resist. Channel energy class feature.
Improved Channel, Mythic Mythic As a divine conduit for energy, you're unmatched. Improved Channel.
Improved Channel Force Divine, Racial You move your enemies within a beam of righteous energy. Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 4d6.
Improved Charging Hurler Combat Every muscle in your body adds its force to your thrown weapons. Charging Hurler, Point-Blank Shot.
Improved Cleaving Finish Combat You can cut down many opponents in a single strike. Str 13, Cleave, Cleaving Finish, Great Cleave, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Conceal Spell Spell Hide powerful spells more easily Conceal Spell, Bluff 5 ranks, Disguise 5 ranks, Sleight of Hand 10 ranks, ability to cast 3rd level spells or use a 3rd-level spell-like ability
Improved Counterspell Spell You are skilled at countering the spells of others using similar spells.
Improved Counterspell, Mythic Mythic Your innate understanding of magical mechanics allows you to unravel spells with pure magical energy. Improved Counterspell.
Improved Critical Combat Attacks made with your chosen weapon are quite deadly. Proficient with weapon, base attack bonus +8.
Improved Critical, Mythic Mythic Your critical strikes with your chosen weapon are deadlier than most. Improved Critical, base attack bonus +8.
Improved Dark Sight Racial With further modification, your eyes see clearly in not only normal darkness, but in magical darkness as well. Dark Sight, Gloom Sight, fetchling.
Improved Day Job General You learned the importance of an honest day's work while training as an initiate of the Pathfinder Society. Ability to attempt Day Job checks.
Improved Death-Stealing Monster Your death-stealing gaze creates more powerful undead. Nabasu, Ability Focus (death-stealing gaze)
Improved Demonic Possession Monster Your magic jar ability is extended to 24 hours. Demonic Possession or shadow demon.
Improved Devastating Strike Combat The fury and power channeled through your attack is enough to kill a lesser being outright. Devastating Strike, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +13.
Improved Dirge of Doom Bardic The foreboding tone of your dirge is especially effective at unsettling your enemies. Ability to perform dirge of doom.
Improved Dirty Trick Combat You are skilled at pulling dirty tricks on your foes. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Dirty Trick, Mythic Mythic You're a paragon of down-and-dirty fighting. Improved Dirty Trick.
Improved Disarm Combat You are skilled at knocking weapons from a foe's grasp. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Disarm, Mythic Mythic You're expert at knocking your enemies' weapons away. Improved Disarm.
Improved Disarm Partner Combat, Teamwork When a teamwork ally fails a disarm, you can make an attack of opportunity and attempt to disarm. Disarm Partner, base attack bonus +5.
Improved Drag Combat You are skilled at dragging foes around the battlefield. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Improved Drag, Mythic Mythic You pull your enemies around the battlefield with great ease. Improved Drag.
Improved Drow Nobility Racial Your magical heritage is more potent than that of your peers. Cha 13, Drow Nobility, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Improved Duck and Cover Teamwork Your allies' ability to protect you from damage extends to area attacks. Duck and Cover.
Improved Eldritch Heritage General The power of your discovered bloodline continues to grow. Cha 15, Eldritch Heritage, character level 11th.
Improved Elemental Counterspell General You can use a readied kinetic blast to counterspell any spell of equal or lower level, if it has an elemental descriptor. Two basic blast wild talents from two different elements, expanded element class feature, kinetic blast class feature.
Improved Familiar General This feat allows you to acquire a powerful familiar, but only when you could normally acquire a new familiar. Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).
Improved Familiar, Mythic Mythic Your familiar gains some of your incredible resiliency and insight. Improved Familiar.
Improved Familiar Bond Familiar Your familiar gains greater power. Familiar Bond, Iron Will.
Improved Feint Combat You are skilled at fooling your opponents in combat. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Feint Partner Combat, Teamwork When an ally successfully feints, the opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Bluff 1 rank, Combat Reflexes, Feint Partner, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Feinting Flurry Combat Your first melee attack throws your opponent completely off guard. Dex 17, flurry of blows class feature, Combat Expertise, Feinting Flurry, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Fiendish Darkness Racial Your innate ability to shroud others in darkness is further empowered. Fiendish Darkness, darkness spell-like ability, caster level 3rd, tiefling.
Improved Fiendish Sorcery Racial, Spell Your skill with foul sorcery is even more potent than that of others of your race. Fiendish sorcery racial trait, tiefling.
Improved Flexible Wizardry General You possess an impressive flexibility with casting that other wizards lack. Flexible Wizardry, Spell Mastery, wizard level 8th.
Improved Forceful Charge Monster As part of a charge, bull rush a target that is up to two size categories larger. Forceful Charge, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, animal companion.
Improved Fury of the Tainted Racial, Combat Your hatred for goodness is rivaled only by your ability to repel it. Cha 13, Fury of the Tainted, base attack bonus +8, rage class feature, tiefling.
Improved Gaseous Form Monster Gain ability to assume a gaseous form, or add new abilities to your gaseous form. Vampire
Improved Grapple Combat You are skilled at grappling opponents. Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike.
Improved Grapple, Mythic Mythic Your wrestling moves are difficult to counter. Improved Grapple.
Improved Great Fortitude General You can draw upon an inner reserve to resist diseases, poisons, and other grievous harm. Great Fortitude.
Improved Horse Whisperer Skill Communicate with a horse as if you were using speak with animals for 1 round with a skill check. Horse Whisperer, Handle Animal 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks.
Improved Impaling Critical Combat, Critical When you impale a target, you hinder its movement and can cause severe bleeding. Impaling Critical, Critical Focus, Weapon Specialization with selected piercing melee weapon, base attack bonus +13.
Improved Improvisation Racial You are masterful in your improvisation. Int 13, Fast Learner, Improvisation, human.
Improved Infuse Weapon Monster When you infuse weapons, you may add an additional magical quality. Infuse weapon special ability, Cha 27
Improved Initiative Combat Your quick reflexes allow you to react rapidly to danger.
Improved Initiative, Mythic Mythic You leap into the fray with speed and confidence. Improved Initiative.
Improved Iron Will General Your clarity of thought allows you to resist mental attacks. Iron Will.
Improved Ki Throw Combat Your enemies are living weapons in your hands. Improved Bull Rush, Ki Throw.
Improved Learn Ranger Trap General Your skill with traps is extensive. Learn Ranger Trap, Survival 8 ranks.
Improved Legendary Influence General Gain two different feats from each legend. Legendary Influence, propitiation class feature
Improved Lightning Reflexes General You have a knack for avoiding danger all around you. Lightning Reflexes.
Improved Lookout Teamwork When next to a Lookout ally, when either of you first takes an action, you both lose the flat-footed condition. Lookout.
Improved Low Blow Combat, Racil You are adept at hitting larger opponents where it hurts. Base attack bonus +4, halfling, low-blow racial trait.
Improved Monster Lore General You are obsessed with the abilities and weaknesses of monsters. Monster lore class feature.
Improved Mounted Archery Combat Take no penalty using a ranged weapon while mounted and taking a double move action. Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride 1 rank.
Improved Natural Armor Monster This creature's hide is tougher than most. Natural armor, Con 13.
Improved Natural Attack Monster Attacks made by one of this creature's natural attacks leave vicious wounds. Natural weapon, base attack bonus +4.
Improved Outflank Combat, Teamwork You and a feat ally can flank from different angles. Outflank, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Overrun Combat You are skilled at running down your foes. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Improved Overrun, Mythic Mythic You're an unstoppable force on the battlefield, able to run down lesser foes with ease. Improved Overrun.
Improved Parry Combat A flick of the wrist binds your opponent's weapon. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Position of Strength Combat You are particularly skilled in pressing your advantage when negotiating with noncombatants. Position of Strength; Two-Weapon Fighting or Multiattack; Intimidate 5 ranks.
Improved Precise Shot Combat Your ranged attacks ignore anything but total concealment and cover. Dex 19, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +11.
Improved Precise Strike Combat, Teamwork When you deal damage with Precise Strike, you also deal 1 point of bleed damage. Dex 13, Precise Strike, base attack bonus +4.
Improved Punishing Step Combat You respond quickly to a devestating charge or pounce. Dex 13, Dodge, Punishing Step, base attack bonus +8.
Improved Rending Fury Combat Honing the deadliness of your claws, you are a living hurricane of rending fury. Rending Fury, base attack bonus +9, rend special attack.
Improved Reposition Combat You have learned how to force your enemies to move around the battlefield. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Reposition, Mythic Mythic You put your foes right where you want them. Improved Reposition.
Improved Roar Monster Roar affects all hearing creatures with 8 or fewer Hit Dice within a 200-foot spread Con 17, bunyip, roar special attack
Improved Sabotaging Sunder Combat Use Sabotaging Sunder on more objects and without provoking attacks of opportunity. Sabotaging Sunder, Disable Device 9 ranks.
Improved Second Chance Combat You can turn a missed strike into a second chance without sacrificing later attacks. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Second Chance, base attack bonus +11.
Improved Shadowy Resistance Racial Resistance 5 vs negative energy, don't lose hp with negative level, +1 vs negative energy spells. Fetchling, shadowy resistance racial trait.
Improved Share Spells Spell You can share spells with those you have a magical connection with. Spellcraft 10 ranks, ability to acquire an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or special mount.
Improved Shield Bash Combat You can protect yourself with your shield, even if you use it to attack. Shield Proficiency.
Improved Shield Focus Combat You reduce the armor check penalty of any shield you are using by 1. Shield Focus, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Sidestep Combat You are adept at sidestepping your opponent's melee attacks without compromising your mobility. Dex 15, Dodge, Mobility, Sidestep.
Improved Snap Shot Combat Take advantage of your opponent's vulnerabilities from a greater distance, and without exposing yourself. Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Snap Shot, Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +9.
Improved Spell Sharing Spell Your link with your companion creature allows you to share your magic with it. Ability to acquire an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or special mount.
Improved Stalwart General You can roll with the punches while simultaneously striking back at your attackers. Diehard, Endurance, Stalwart, base attack bonus +11.
Improved Steal Combat You have a knack for snatching items from your opponents. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Steal, Mythic Mythic Your light fingers can lift even the most closely held item off an enemy. Improved Steal.
Improved Stench Monster Your foul odor is particularly strong and wide-reaching. Stench universal monster ability.
Improved Stonecunning Racial Your sense for stonework is uncanny. Wis 13, dwarf, stonecunning racial trait.
Improved Stonecunning, Mythic Mythic If you listen close, you can hear the secrets of stone. Improved Stonecunning.
Improved Studied Combatant General Deep understanding of your foes' tics grants you the upper hand in combat. Int 13, Amateur Investigator, Studied Combatant, base attack bonus +8, 1 rank in at least one Knowledge skill, no levels in a class that has the inspiration class feature.
Improved Sunder Combat You are skilled at damaging your foes' weapons and armor. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Improved Sunder, Mythic Mythic Your mighty smashing blows demolish objects. Improved Sunder.
Improved Surprise Follow-Through Combat, Racial You follow up an attack with a surprising series of sweeping blows. Str 13, Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Surprise Follow Through, base attack bonus +8.
Improved Swap Places Combat, Teamwork When you switch places with your comrade, your sizes don't matter. Swap Places.
Improved Swarm Form Monster Change into a new swarm form. Vampire.
Improved Toxicological Timing General Add or subtract up to 1 day from poison's onset time when you craft it. Craft (alchemy) 11 ranks, Toxicological Timing.
Improved Trip Combat You are skilled at sending your opponents to the ground. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Improved Trip, Mythic Mythic You're expert at knocking your foes down. Improved Trip.
Improved Two-Weapon Feint Combat Your primary weapon keeps a foe off balance, allowing you to slip your off-hand weapon past his defenses. Dex 17, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Combat You are skilled at fighting with two weapons. Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Umbral Scion Racial You are a master of drow noble magic. Cha 13, Wis 13, Drow Nobility, Greater Drow Nobility, Improved Drow Nobility, Umbral Scion, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Improved Unarmed Strike Combat You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.
Improved Unarmed Strike, Mythic Mythic Your unarmed strikes are more powerful than others. Improved Unarmed Strike.
Improved Uncivilized Tactics Combat Don't provoke to use Uncivilized Tactics. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on such checks. Str 13, Power Attack, Uncivilized Tactics.
Improved Underhanded Teamwork Combat, Teamwork You may attempt a dirty trick against the same foe as your ally. Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Underhanded Teamwork, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Vital Strike Combat You can make a single attack that deals a large amount of damage. Vital Strike, base attack bonus +11.
Improved Weapon of the Chosen Combat You gain even greater favor when you use your deity's favored weapon. Weapon Focus with your deity's favored weapon, Weapon of the Chosen.
Improved Whip Mastery Combat You are able to entangle opponents with the coils of your whip. Weapon Focus (whip), Whip Mastery, base attack bonus +5.
Improvisation Racial You can figure out how to do almost anything. Int 13, Fast Learner, human.
Improvisational Healer Skill In any urban or natural setting, you can scavenge for useful medical supplies. Heal 1 rank.
Improvised Weapon Mastery Combat You can turn nearly any object into a deadly weapon, from a razor-sharp chair leg to a sack of flour. Catch Off-Guard or Throw Anything, base attack bonus +8.
In Harm's Way Combat You put yourself in danger's path to save your allies. Bodyguard.
Incite Paranoia Combat, Skill Ruin your foes' teamwork and spread doubt among them. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Deceitful, Greater Feint, Improved Feint, base attack bonus +6
Incorporeal Intuition General Notice adjacent incorporeal creatures inside walls Spirit Sense Psychic Sensitivity or the ability to cast psychic spells,
Incremental Elemental Assault Racial You may activate and quench your elemental assault ability multiple times per day. Suli.
Indigestible General Gain acid reistance 5. Favored enemy (ooze) or survived engulfing by an ooze.
Indomitable Story +1 against enchantment spells and effects, +4 bonus to DC of Intimidate skill check against you. Andoran affinity.
Indomitable Mount Combat, Story Make a Ride check to replace your mount's saving throw. Mounted Combat, Handle Animal 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks, Lastwall affinity.
Inerrant Justice Achievement Once per day, choose to take the maximum possible weapon damage die roll on an unsuspecting foe. Must have witnessed a grave injustice that went unpunished, or An Eye for an Eye or Raiders background.
Inexplicable Luck Racial Others are often dumfounded by your luck. Defiant Luck, human.
Infectious Weapons Monster Your weapons spread your sickness. Ability to cause disease with a natural weapon via an extraordinary or supernatural ability.
Infernal Legist Monster You can instantly conjure an infernal contract into being. Devil subtype.
Infiltrator Achievement You can evade a divination and give false feedback, once per day. Must have adopted an assumed or secret identity associated with an enemy organization.
Infuse Poison Item Creation You can infuse an ingested poison with any spell of 3rd level or lower. Brew Potion, Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks, caster level 3rd.
Innate Arcana Monster You can expend two arcane spell slots or prepared spells to cast one of your racial spell-like abilities. Arcane spellcaster, caster level 4th, serpentfolk.
Innate Flexibility Racial Gain additional uses of your 1/day racial spell-like abilities equal to the number of such abilities you have. Duergar, two racial spell-like abilities usable once per day.
Inner Breath Racial Your body is suffused with elemental air that provides for all your respiratory needs. Character level 11th, sylph.
Inner Flame Combat, Racial Your body generates so much heat that your mere touch scorches your enemies. Scorching Weapons, character level 7th, ifrit.
Inner Light Racial Daylight cast as 1 level higher; if dispelled, you and allies gain darkvision. Aasimar, daylight spell-like ability.
Innocent Blood Story With their deaths, the pitiful wretches that inhabit this world open your path to greatness. Slay at least 50 intelligent noncombatants, or have the Bloodthirsty, First Kill, or The Kill background.
Inscribe Magical Tattoo Item Creation You can craft magical tattoos. Craft (calligraphy, paintings, or tattoos) 5 ranks, caster level 5th.
Inscribe Rune Item Creation You can create powerful magical runes. Caster level 3rd.
Insidious Healing Spell Any creature that chooses not to attempt a saving throw against any healing spell you cast takes a -4 penalty on saving throws against other targeted spells you cast for 24 hours.
Insightful Advice Skill Aid allies all day long. Perform (oratory) 3 ranks.
Insightful Delivery General Your knowledge of where to strike makes your poisons more deadly. Poison use class feature, studied strike +4d6.
Insightful Gaze General In your personal interactions, you notice what others don't. It's hard to get anything past you. Stern gaze class feature, Sense Motive 5 ranks.
Inspirational Commander General Armies under your command enjoy higher morale thanks to your excellent leadership. Charisma 13.
Inspired Alchemy General With some inspiration and elbow grease, you can recreate a consumed extract in a pinch. Ability to create 2nd-level extracts, alchemy class feature, inspiration class feature.
Inspired By Fear Bardic When spreading fear to your enemies, you further embolden your allies. Ability to perform dirge of doom.
Inspired Strike General You can turn your natural talent as easily to weapon-work as to skills. Studied combat class feature.
Inspiring Bravery Combat Grant your bravery to allies within 30 feet Cha 13, bravery class feature
Inspiring Mentor Bardic Inspire competence affects allies within 30 feet Cha 13, inspire competence bardic performance
Inspired Sneak Attack Combat Use inspiration to reroll 1s in sneak attack. Inspiration pool; sneak attack or studied strike class feature.
Inspiring Talent Racial, Teamwork Share benefits of an ally's Skill Focus or weapon proficiencies in certain situations Half-elf, adaptability or ancestral arms racial trait
Instant Alchemy Skill You can perform simple alchemical tasks with preternatural speed. Craft (alchemy) 1 rank.
Instant Judgment General Your hastiest condemnations can have power. Second judgment class feature.
Intense Pain Combat, Stare Painful stare deals more damage Mesmerist level 7th, painful stare class feature.
Instrumental Bardic Use magical instrument and begin a bardic performance as a free action, or increase your performance's DC. Bardic Performance class feature, Perform (any instrument) 3 ranks.
Intense Blows Armor Mastery When using Power Attack, gain +1 to CMD until the beginning of your next turn. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6 or fighter level 4th, armor training class feature, proficiency with heavy armor.
Intensified Spell Metamagic Your spells can go beyond several normal limitations.
Intensified Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability has a higher damage dice cap Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Intercept Charge Combat, Teamwork You can get in the way of an opponent charging your ally.
Interweave Composite Blast  Combat, Teamwork Work together to unleash a composite blast Kinetic blast class feature
Intimidating Bane General Your bane weapon strikes fear into your enemies. Bane class feature, Dazzling Display, Weapon Focus, character level 8th.
Intimidating Confidence Racial You have boundless faith in your success. Cha 13, Fearless Curiosity, Intimidate 5 ranks, human.
Intimidating Gaze General There is something in your eyes that scares people. Cha 13+, stern gaze class feature, Intimidate 5 ranks.
Intimidating Glance General Demoralize hypnotic stare target as a swift action Hypnotic stare class feature
Intimidating Performance Bardic Your performance strikes fear in the hearts of foes. Ability to start a performance (or raging song) as a move action, bardic performance or raging song class feature.
Intimidating Prowess Combat, Skill Your physical might is intimidating to others.
Intimidating Prowess, Mythic Mythic Your mythic stature makes others uneasy. Intimidating Prowess.
Intoxicating Flattery Skill Flatter someone to weaken Wisdom-based checks Deceitful, Bluff 5 ranks
Intrepid Rescuer Combat, Story You instinctively react to interfere with foes that attack your allies or innocents. Combat Reflexes, worshiper of Kurgess.
Introspective Performance Bardic With no other allies to enjoy your performance, you improvise to make it more inspiring for yourself. Perform (any) 3 ranks, bardic performance or raging song class feature.

Intrusive Presence

General Read the mind of a possessed creature Int or Cha 21, Hidden Presence, Manipulative Presence
Intuitive Spell Metamagic Cast spell without thought components
Inured to Draconic Majesty Story You have spent enough time around dragons to believe that much of their fearsomeness is bluster. Favored enemy (dragon) or Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank.
Invested Magic Spell Satisfy the material requirement of any spell you cast with valuable coins, gems, or jewelry.
Investigator Skill +2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks and Perception checks.
Invoke Primal Instinct Racial Make Bluff check DC to become a figure of either fear or contempt. Bluff 1 rank, wild shape class feature, gnome.
Iomedaean Sword Oath Story You may select longsword-related feats as if you were a 4th-level fighter. Proficient in longsword, Weapon Focus (longsword), base attack bonus +4, worshiper of Iomedae.
Iron Will General You are more resistant to mental effects.
Iron Will, Mythic Mythic Your will is incorruptible. Iron Will.
Ironbound Master Story You wear your heavy armor like a second skin. Cleric level 7th, worshiper of Gorum.
Ironclad Logic Skill Gain a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks and use Intelligence in verbal duels Int 19, Diplomacy 3 ranks
Ironclad Reactions Armor Mastery After hit with an attack of opportunity, expend a use of an attack of opportunity to take a 5-foot step. Base attack bonus +6 or fighter level 4th, armor training class feature, proficiency with medium armor.
Ironguts Racial You have an especially strong stomach. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Ironhide Racial Your skin is thicker and more resilient than that of most of your people. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Irrisen Icemage Story Spells with the cold descriptor are cast at +1 CL, all other energy spells are at -1 CL. Sorcerer, Irrisen affinity, may only be taken at first level.