Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Fabulist Grit You enjoy telling tall tales and gain confidence when others believe them. Amateur Gunslinger feat or grit class feature.
Fabulous Figments Mythic Your illusions are astonishingly realistic. Spell Focus (illusion).
Faerie's Strike Combat Ephemeral wisps of nature spirits dance about those you strike. Nature Magic or the ability to cast druid or ranger spells; Vital Strike, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks.
Falcon's Cry Skill, Story Grant those around a second roll to break free of something. Cha 13, member of the Steel Falcons.
Falling Water Gambit Combat You have integrated both the Roaring Falls and Shrouded Lake styles of Aldori swordplay into a seamless union. Aldori Dueling Disciple, Duelist of the Roaring Falls, Duelist of the Shrouded Lake, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, base attack +8.
False Casting General When using a magic item, you can trick onlookers into thinking you used spellcasting instead. Magical Aptitude, Bluff 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 1 rank.
False Focus Spell You can use a divine focus to cast arcane spells. Knowledge (religion) 1 rank, ability to cast arcane spells.
False Opening Combat When you make a ranged attack while threatened, you can fool your opponent into thinking he has an opening. Dex 13, Dodge, Close Quarters Thrower or Point-Blank Master, Weapon Focus with selected ranged weapon.
Falter Blood Hex That target must make a save or be unable to take a 5-foot step, delay an action, or ready an action. Int 13, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Use Magic Device 5 ranks.
Familiar Bond General You gain a familiar, as the wizard arcane bond class feature. Iron Will.
Familiar Focus Monster You are closely connected to your master's powers. Familiar.
Familiar Spell Metamagic You can imbue your familiar with a spell. Spellcaster with familiar class feature.
Famine Tolerance Monster You can abide much longer periods without feeding, and enjoy increased benefits from a meal. Moroi or nosferatu.
Fanged Crown Massacre Skill, Story Driven by your loyalty to a fallen queen, you can inspire your allies to brutal acts. Bodyguard, Combat Reflexes, Perform (oratory) 3 ranks, any evil alignment.
Far-Roaming Familiar Familiar You retain your empathic link to your familiar regardless of distance Intelligence 13, must have a familiar.
Far Shot Combat You are more accurate at longer ranges. Point-Blank Shot.
Far Shot, Mythic Mythic You make long-ranged attacks with remarkable accuracy. Far Shot.
Fascinated by the Mundane Story You gain a +2 bonus on Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks other than Diplomacy checks. Fey ancestor, and the Adopted by the Fey, Fey Meeting, or Met a Fantastic Creature background.
Fascination Jinx Racial Jinxed creature under a bard's fascinate ability also takes a -10 penalty on initiative checks. Bardic performance class feature, Halfling Jinx trait.
Fast Change Racial You can change forms faster than most skinwalkers. Dex 13, base attack bonus +6, skinwalker.
Fast Crawl General You are skilled at moving while prone.
Fast Drinker General You swiftly guzzle spirits to draw forth ki. Con 18, drunken ki class feature.
Fast Empathy General Your empathic attunement to nature connects you swiftly with bestial minds. Handle Animal 5 ranks, wild empathy class feature.
Fast Empathy, Mythic Mythic You can soothe the emotions of wild beasts with nearly supernatural quickness. Fast Empathy.
Fast Healer General You benefit greatly from your healing, be it from spells or natural healing. Con 13, Diehard, Endurance.
Fast Learner Racial You progress gain extra versatility. Int 13, human.
Fateful Channel Divine, Story Your faith not only heals the body, it tugs the strands of fate. Channel positive energy 3d6, worshiper of Pharasma.
Fatiguing Stare Combat, Stare Your painful stare fatigues your opponent. Mesmerist level 7th, painful stare class feature.
Favor of the Empress of Torrents Story 1/day while underwater, use hydraulic torrent. Worshiper of Lysianassa or pearl seeker paladin, character level 5th.
Favored Community Story While in settlement, +2 bonus on initiative, Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival. Knowledge (local) 2 ranks, must have lived in the settlement for at least 1 year.
Favored Defense General Your cunning is your shield against your quarry's attacks. Favored enemy class feature.
Favored Enemy Spellcasting Spell Your spells are more effective against creatures that you especially abhor. Ability to cast spells.
Favored Judgment General Your judgment against a particular type of creature is particularly harsh. Wis 13, judgment class feature.
Favored Prestige Class General Gain favored class bonus for a prestige class, increase bonus on one skill from that class.
Fear Eater General Transfer others' fear effects to yourself Cha 13, Iron Will, no immunity to fear effects
Fearless Aura General Your aura of courage becomes more potent, as your steadfast resolve is also manifested by your allies. Aura of courage class feature, caster level 8th.
Fearless Curiosity Racial Your desire to see and experience the world overrides healthy caution. Cha 13, human.
Fearless Zeal Achievement You're willing to lay down your life for your faith. Ordained as a sacred/profane champion of your faith, or have the Devoted, Faith-Bringer, or Moral Debt background.
Fearsome Barricade Story Your wrath is as potent a barrier as your blades. Intimidate 5 ranks, Ulfen Guard TPA 20.
Fearsome Finish Combat, Story When you slay enemies, you frighten other opponents. Intimidating Prowess, worshiper of Lamashtu.
Fearsome Spell Metamagic Spell damage causes the shaken condition
Fearsome Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability makes damaged foes shaken Spell-like ability at CL 6th or higher
Feint Defender Shield Mastery You add your shield's bonus to AC to the DC of feint attempts against you. Shield Focus, base attack bonus +6 or fighter level 4th, Sense Motive 1 rank.
Feint Partner Combat, Teamwork A little diversion is all you need to slip through your foe's defenses. Bluff 1 rank.
Feinting Flurry Combat Your subtle flourishes mislead your enemy, tricking it into changing its footing. Dex 15, flurry of blows class feature, Combat Expertise.
Feline Grace Racial Your innate grace allows you to get out of the stickiest situations. Dexterity 13, catfolk.
Felling Escape Combat You may attempt to trip a foe whose grapple you escape. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip.
Felling Smash Combat You commit all your focus to a devastating blow, trying to crush your opponent to the ground. Int 13, Str 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Feign Curse Skill Trick an enemy into thinking she's cursed. Deceitful, Bluff 5 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank.
Fencing Grace Combat Wielding a rapier one-handed, you can add your Dex modifier instead of Strength to the weapon damage. Dex 13, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier).
Feral Combat Training Combat You were taught a style of martial arts that relies on the natural weapons from your racial ability or class feature. Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus with selected natural weapon.
Feral Heart Achievement In your chest beasts the heart of a wild beast. Reverted to savage behavior through a traumatic event or extended period in the wilderness, or have the Raised by Beasts background.
Ferocious Action Racial You ferocity is quick but shorter lived. Ferocity racial trait, orc.
Ferocious Horde Monster, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on attack rolls when you and an ally with this feat are both at or below half hit points Orc, ferocity racial trait
Ferocious Loyalty Teamwork You have a powerful sense of responsibility for your allies.
Ferocious Resolve Racial Your orc heritage allows you to fight on. Con 13, half-orc, orc ferocity racial trait.
Ferocious Summons Racial Your summoned creatures gain your ferocity. Augment Summoning, Spell Focus (conjuration), half-orc or orc.
Ferocious Tenacity Racial You spit in the face of death. Half-orc or orc, ferocity racial trait, rage class feature.
Fetid Breath Monster You can exhale a 30-foot cone of vile-smelling, moist air, which may nauseate foes. Con 15, Corrupted Flesh, 6 HD, ogre.
Fey Foundling Story You were found in the wilds as a child, bearing a mark of the First World. You may only select this feat at 1st level.
Fey Friend Story Your reverence for the Eldest helps make fey your allies. Worshiper of one of the Eldest.
Fey Obedience Story Your devotion to one of the Eldest is so great that daily prayer and offerings grant you special boons. Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must worship one of the Eldest.
Fey Performance Bardic You can enhance your performance with nature's sights and sounds. Bardic performance class ability.
Fey Spell Lore Spell Add fey-themed spells to your druid spell list. Cha 13, Spellcraft 1 rank, ability to cast druid spells
Fey Spell Versatility Spell Add enchantments, illusions, or curses to your ranger spell list. Cha 13, Spellcraft 1 rank, ability to cast ranger spells
Field Repair Skill Repair your broken weapon or armor to serviceability even without the benefits of artisan tools. Craft 4 ranks.
Fiend Sight Racial Your eyes develop keener sight in dim light and darkness. Darkvision 60 ft., tiefling.
Fiendish Darkness Racial You can use your darkness spell-like ability more often. Darkness spell-like ability, tiefling.
Fiendish Facade Racial You are easily mistaken for a member of another race. Must be taken at 1st level, tiefling.
Fiendish Heritage Racial Choose one of the tiefling heritage modifiers. You may roll on the Variant Tiefling Abilities table three times. Tiefling, must be taken at 1st level.
Fiendish Resilience Racial You dodge energy attacks with amazing agility. Dex 13, evasion class feature, tiefling.
Fiendskin Damnation The forces of darkness gird you against the light.
Fight On Racial You can keep fighting even after you should be dead. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Fighting Frenzy Combat, Teamwork Don't take the normal -2 penalty to AC for being in a rage when within 60 ft of teamwork ally. Cha 13, rage class feature.
Figment's Fluidity Familiar Your familiar can rework the dream-stuff it is made of. Must have a familiar with the figment archetype.
Filth Forager General +4 bonus on all saves against diseases and any effect that would cause you to become nauseated or sickened.
Filthy Weapons General You can take a standard action to cover a weapon in decomposing waste, slimy filth, or other virulent agent. Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank, Knowledge (nature) 1 rank.
Final Embrace Combat, Monster Your coils are particularly deadly, allowing you to constrict opponents of your size or smaller. Str 13, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; base attack bonus +3.
Final Embrace Horror Combat, Monster Your constricting attack has become stronger and more lethal. Str 15, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; Final Embrace; base attack bonus +6.
Final Embrace Master Combat, Monster Few creatures can survive the crushing horror of your Final Embrace. Str 17, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; Ability Focus (constrict); Final Embrace; Final Embrace Horror; base attack bonus +9.
Finesse Shot Weapon Mastery You can use ranged attacks to perform Marksman's Utility, base attack bonus +7, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.
Fire God's Blessing Racial, Story The Fire God rewards you for killing enemies with flame. Half-orc or orc, worshiper of the Fire God.
Fire Hand Combat, Racial Born with a torch in your hand, you have a gift with anything that burns. Goblin.
Fire Music Spell Your ability to command fire and bardic music has created a strange blend of both magics. Spellcraft 5 ranks, able to cast bard spells, able to cast an arcane fire spell from some other spellcasting class.
Fire Music, Mythic Mythic You masterfully weave the ancient melodies of fire into your spells. Fire Music.
Fire Tamer Racial You know your way around even magical fire. Goblin.
Firebrand Combat, Story You can make use of a torch as a deadly, macelike weapon. Worshiper of Asmodeus
Firesight Racial Fire no longer blinds you, and smoke conceals nothing from your gaze. Ifrit.
Flagbearer Racial, Story Clan members receive bonuses while you bear the clan banner. Cha 15.
Flagellant Story You have learned to ignore the effects of pain through long years of exposure to it. Endurance, character level 7th, worshiper of Zon-Kuthon.
Flame Blade Dervish Combat, Spell Flame blade grants +10 to base speed, +4 on Acrobatics, more damage, ignores some fire resistance. Ability to cast flame blade as a spell or spell-like ability.
Flame Heart Racial You have mastered fire magic and alchemy. Fire Tamer, character level 5th, goblin.
Flame Warrior Combat, Monster You naturally transfer the heat of your body to any metal melee weapons you wield, dealing 1d6 additional points of fire damage. Fire subtype, giant subtype.
Flame-Tested Survivor Achievement Spirit grants you fire resistance 5, and you gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws made to resist fire effects. Knocked unconscious or killed by fire damage at least 10 times.
Flanking Foil Combat Fighting multiple foes is easy for you.
Flaring Spell Metamagic You dazzle creatures when you affect them with a spell that has the fire, light, or electricity descriptor.
Flaying Critical Combat, Critical Your critical hits weaken your opponents' defenses. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +11.
Fleet General You are faster than most.  
Fleet, Mythic Mythic You're fantastically light on your feet. Fleet.
Fleeting Spell Metamagic Dismiss the spell more easily.
Flensing Strike General Your slashing sneak attacks tend to slice away swaths of skin and natural armor. Sneak attack +3d6, bleeding sneak attack rogue trick or bleed universal monster ability.
Fleshwarper Item Creation Create fleshwarped creatures and items Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks, Heal 5 ranks, evil alignment
Flexible Foe Combat Once per day switch the subtype of your favored enemy bonus; this is only +2 regardless of original. Base attack bonus +5, favored enemy (any humanoid or any outsider), favored enemy class feature.
Flexible Hex General Your wandering hex shifts at your command. Wandering hex class feature.
Flexible Shadow Jump General Use your shadow jump in increments of 5 ft., and it counts as dimension door for prerequisites. Shadow jump shadowdancer class feature.
Flexible Wizardry Spell You have learned a trick that makes your spellcasting more flexible. Spell Mastery, wizard level 1st.
Flight Mastery Item Mastery Cause an item that has a transmutation spell of 2nd level or higher to cast fly. Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +6.
Fling Combat, Racial You can throw grappled enemies a short distance, turning them into makeshift missiles against their allies. Flyby Attack, Powerful Wings, Snatch and Drop, Throw Anything.
Flow of Elements Racial, Teamwork Change all or part of a spell's damage to the energy type associated with the race of an adjacent ally who has this feat Ability to cast spells; ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine
Flumeflame Rage Story When casting an evocation spell that deals fire damage, you can deal +1 point of fire damage per die. Cha 15; bloodrage class feature, elemental focus class feature, or Varisian Tattoo (evocation).
Flyby Attack Combat, Monster This creature can make an attack before and after it moves while flying. Fly speed.
Flying Tackle Combat You can take down and grapple a foe as one action, with an overrun. Improved Overrun
Focused Aberration Expertise Combat Gain save bonuses against aberrations' effects. Favored enemy (aberration) class feature.
Focused Animal Expertise Combat Gain bonuses on Stealth checks, particularly against animals. Favored enemy (animal) class feature.
Focused Construct Expertise Combat You are skilled at breaking the defenses of constructs and other creatures. Favored enemy (construct) class feature.
Focused Disbelief General So certain is your disbelief in the authority of the gods that you can brush aside their spells without effort. Divine Defiance.
Focused Discipline Combat Familiarity with the military traditions of your homeland inspires uncommon valor in you.
Focused Dragon Expertise Combat Gain bonuses vs. breath weapons and fear effects. Favored enemy (dragon) class feature.
Focused Eidolon General Your bond with your eidolon helps to focus your concentration. Shield ally class feature.
Focused Fey Expertise Combat Gain bonus to confirm critical hits, count weapons as cold iron against fey. Favored enemy (fey) class feature.
Focused Inspiration General Two of your skills gain a bit more from your inspiration than others. Inspiration class feature, keen recollection class feature.
Focused Magical Beast Expertise Combat Gain cover against multiple natural weapon attacks from the same creature. Favored enemy (fey) class feature.
Focused Phantom General Gain +4 on concentration checks while phantom is adjacent or within your consciousness Spiritual interference class feature
Focused Ooze Expertise Combat Gain bonuses to CMD and against acid. Favored enemy (ooze) class feature.
Focused Outsider Expertise Combat Ignore some points of alignment-based DR. Favored enemy (outsider) class feature.
Focused Overseer General Spend a day of downtime to purchase one type of capital for half its normal cost. Focused Worker.
Focused Plant Expertise Combat Gain bonus to avoid being grappled or entangled. Favored enemy (plant) class feature.
Focused Shot Combat Your anatomical insight adds deadliness to your shots. Int 13, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Focused Spell Metamagic When you cast a spell that affects more than one creature, one opponent finds it more difficult to resist.
Focused Target Combat You pour your entire focus into slaying your chosen target. Studied target class feature (second studied target).
Focused Undead Expertise Combat Gain bonus against ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, and negative energy effects. Favored enemy (undead) class feature.
Focused Vermin Expertise Combat Gain DR and other bonuses again vermin and swarms. Favored enemy (vermin) class feature.
Focused Worker General Your attention to detail provides you with an excess of some commodities, at the cost of others.
Focusing Blow Racial, Teamwork You and your allies work together to shake off mental effects. Hobgoblin Discipline, hobgoblin.
Foebane Magic Spell Favored enemies take a -1 penalty on saving throws against spells, you gain your favored enemy bonus on Spellcraft checks Ability to cast 1st-level spells, favored enemy class feature.
Foeslayer Achievement Your bitter feud with your enemies can be quenched only with blood. Defeated and robbed, or An Eye for an Eye, Hated Foe, Raiders, or Vengeance background.
Following Step Combat You can repeatedly close the distance when foes try to move away, without impeding your normal movement. Dex 13, Step Up.
Foment the Blood Divine, Racial You can unleash a wave of energy that drives orcs into a frenzy. Channel energy class feature, orc.
Fool Magic Skill Use Disguise to fool magic items. Deceitful, Disguise 1 rank, Use Magic Device 1 rank.
Footslasher Combat You are trained to strike at a large foe's feet to impede its movement and cause great pain.
Force Dash General You can absorb the magic in your force spells to give you a concentrated burst of speed. Base attack bonus +4, ability to cast 2nd-level arcane spells, ability to cast at least one arcane force spell.
Force Shield Mastery Item Mastery Cause an item that has an abjuration spell of 1st level or higher to create a magical shield. Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude saving throw bonus +3.
Forceful Channel Divine, Story Calling on the destructive aspect of Nethys, you channel pure force. Channel negative energy 7d6, worshiper of Nethys.
Forceful Charge Monster Initiate a bull rush as part of a charge. Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, animal companion.
Forest Ambush Combat Spend five minutes to employ stealth, dealing an additional 1d6 precision damage with attack. Stealth 1 rank, Survival 1 rank.
Forge Ring Item Creation You can create magic rings. Caster level 7th.
Forgotten Past Achievement A pivotal event from your past eludes your memory. You must have suffered permanent memory loss or have the Reincarnated background.
Forgotten Magic Spell, Story You cast one spell at +1 caster level; dispel magic against it is at a -4 penalty. Taldor affinity.
Formula Recollection Spell You are able to record and recall even the complex and intricate details of spellcasting. Spellcraft 5 ranks, keen recollection class feature.
Fortified Armor Training Combat You have learned to let your armor bear the brunt of the worst attacks. Proficient with armor or shield.
Fortitude of Giants Combat, Monster Against a poison effect or an effect that inflicts the fatigued condition, roll twice and take the higher. Con 14, Great Fortitude, giant subtype.
Fortuitous Vigor Combat Your determination helps you shake off the most grievous wounds and soldier on against your enemies. Con 13, Combat Vigor, character level 4th.
Fortunate Manager General Your good luck helps you and your business persevere even during the most troublesome times. Own at least one building.
Fortunate One Racial You have an even greater knack than most halflings for adaptable luck. Adaptable luck racial trait, halfling.
Fortunate Ruler General Your good luck shines on your people, even in the most trying times. Hold the Ruler leadership role for a kingdom.
Fortune Teller Spell, Story You are skilled at communicating with the spirit world. Ability to cast divination spells.
Fox Shape Racial You can change into a fox in addition to your other forms. Cha 13, base attack bonus +3, kitsune
Fox Style Combat, Style Feint and distract with martial training. Int 13
Fox Insight Combat, Style You are difficult to feint against and demoralize Fox Style
Fox Trickery Combat, Style Perform dirty tricks as attacks of opportunity Combat Expertise, Fox Insight, Fox Style, Improved Dirty Trick
Free Spirit General Your strong belief in the value of freedom protects you from mental and physical shackles. Cha 13, any chaotic alignment.
Friendly Fire Betrayal, Teamwork Your ranged attacks startle your enemies, partly because you're not even trying to avoid hitting your allies. Precise Shot
Friendly Rivalry Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on melee attacks against foes only you threaten if an ally is the only one threatening a different foe Human (Taldan)
Friendly Switch General You elbow an ally out of the way, and take his place on the battlefield. Base attack bonus +1.
Friendly Fire Maneuvers Combat, Teamwork You and your teammates can anticipate one another's ranged attacks and stay out of each others' way. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Friend To Animals General You show great respect for all living things, and they sense and return the gesture. Nature Soul, Handle Animal 3 ranks.
Friendly Shroud Skill When adjacent to an ally, and neither of you move for at least 1 round, the ally can use your Stealth check. Stealth 1 rank.
Frightening Ambush Combat, Skill As a free action, you can attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize a flat-footed opponent you attack. Intimidate 1 rank.
Frightful Suggestion Monster You may make a suggestion to any one foe affected by your frightful presence each round as a free action True dragon.
Frost Warrior Combat, Monster You naturally transfer the cold of your body to any metal melee weapons you wield, dealing 1d6 additional points of cold damage. Cold subtype, giant subtype.
Furious Finish General You channel all of your rage into one massive blow to crush your enemy. Rage class feature, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +6.
Furious Focus Combat Even in the midst of fierce and furious blows, you can find focus in the carnage and your seemingly wild blows strike home. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Furious Focus, Mythic Mythic Your attacks create a rhythmic barrage that doesn't sacrifice precision for force. Furious Focus.
Furious Spell Metamagic Spell deals more damage and can be cast while in a rage
Fury of the Tainted Racial, Combat While raging, +4 on saving throws made against spells and effects with the good descriptor. Cha 13, rage class feature, tiefling.
Fury's Fall Combat You can use strength and agility to send foes crashing to the ground. Improved Trip.
Fury's Snare Combat You entangle your foe in your weapon. Fury's Fall, Improved Trip.