Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Calculating Mind General Your numerological abilities are heightened by uncommon aptitude. Sacred Geometry, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks.
Call Out Combat A well-crafted insult forces an opponent to duel you.
Call Truce Skill Call for a truce in combat. Cha 15, Persuasive, Diplomacy 5 ranks
Callous Casting Betrayal, Teamwork Damage an abetting ally to cause foes to be shaken. Spellcraft 1 rank.
Calm Disposition Story You always appear to be in control of your situation. Prophets of Kalistrade 10 TPA.
Cannon Master Combat +2 bonus on Craft (siege engine) checks made to repair siege firearm, lower misfire range when broken. Siege Engineer, Knowledge (engineering) or Profession (siege engineer) 7 ranks, proficiency with at least one firearm siege engine.
Canny Tumble Combat +2 bonus to attack foe whose space you just tumbled through. Dodge, Mobility, Acrobatics 5 ranks.
Captain's Blade Story +2 bonus on Balance and Climb, +1 flanking bonus while on ships Andoran affinity
Careful Flyer Skill Avoid Fly checks and attacks of opportunity when flying slowly Acrobatic, Fly 5 ranks
Careful Reader General You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against written magical effects. Linguistics 3 ranks, Spellcraft 3 ranks.
Careful Speaker Story +2 bonus on Bluff checks to fool someone or pass messages, +2 bonus on Will saves vs. scrying. Wis 13.
Carrion Feeder General +2 bonus on saves vs. diseases and ingested poisons, +2 bonus on Survival to find food for yourself. Tengu.
Careful Sneak Skill Use Stealth slowly without penalty from most armor. Dex 13, Stealth 3 ranks
Cartogramancer Spell Use Knowledge to find a destination for greater teleport Knowledge (geography) 10 ranks, ability to cast greater teleport
Cartwheel Dodge General Use improved evasion to move half your speed. Evasion class feature, improved evasion class feature, acrobatics 12 ranks.
Caster's Champion Combat You draw upon the power of an allied arcane spellcaster to enhance your weapons with magical energy.
Casterbane Shot Combat, Grit Gain bonus to disrupt a spellcaster with a readied action. Amateur Gunslinger or the grit class feature, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +4.
Casual Illusionist Racial, Spell You can use your innate magic to create minor illusions that augment your efforts at trickery and deceit. Gnome, gnome magic racial trait.
Cat and Mouse Combat Hold your riposte to gain an advantage Bluff 5 ranks, Sense Motive 5 ranks, opportune parry and riposte deed
Cat's Fall Skill Take less damage when falling and always land on your feet Dex 13, Acrobatics 1 rank
Cataract Blood Hex You can curse the eyes of a wounded enemy, granting concealment to its attackers. Int 13, Perception 5 ranks, Use Magic Device 1 rank.
Catch Off-Guard Combat No penalties for using an improvised weapon; unarmed foes are flat-footed.
Catch Off-Guard, Mythic Mythic In your hands, anything is a deadly weapon. Catch Off-Guard.
Catfolk Exemplar Racial Your feline traits are more defined and prominent than those of other members of your race. Catfolk.
Caustic Slur Racial You know exactly how to insult your favored enemies in order to make them lose their heads. Bluff 1 rank, favored enemy class feature, gnome.
Cautious Fighter Combat, Racial You care more about survival than victory. Halfling.
Cavalry Formation Combat Move into and charge through mounted allies' spaces more easily. Mounted Combat.
Cecaelia Focus Tattoo Racial You tattooed the humanoid portion of your skin with a swirling mark that provides you focus and pride. Cecaelia.
Celestial Guidance Skill +2 bonus on Knowledge (geography) to learn about the stars or planets, gain other guidance from stars.
Celestial Obedience General Daily prayer and minor sacrifices grant you special boons. Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must worship an empyreal lord.
Celestial Servant Racial Animal companion, familiar, or mount gains the celestial template and becomes a magical beast. Aasimar, animal companion, familiar, or mount class feature.
Censoring Critical Combat, Critical Your critical hits mute your enemies. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +15.
Center of Power General Loyal followers double bonuses of buildings where they are posted. Leadership score 13, hold a leadership role related to running a kingdom.
Centered Spell Metamagic You can make a spell explode around you, leaving a safe zone for yourself at the center of the blast. Spellcraft 3 ranks.
Chain Challenge General When foe is downed, declare new challenge target within 30 ft. as immediate action. Challenge class feature.
Chainbreaker Achievement Add +1/HD damage per round to a known slaver. Over the course of at least five different occasions, free a cumulative total of 50+ sentient beings held in unjust captivity.
Chairbreaker Combat Give weapon the broken condition to deal additional damage and +4 to confirm criticals on that attack. Catch Off-Guard, base attack bonus +1.
Chakra Adept General Gain 4 serpent-fire ki points for chakras, attempt one save to maintain chakras, and gain lingering benefits Chakra Initiate, ability to awaken heart chakra
Chakra Initiate General Gain 3 serpent-fire ki points for chakras Ability to awaken root chakra
Chakra Mandala General If you fail the Fortitude saving throw to maintain your awakened chakras, take only half the normal damage. Ki pool class feature.
Chakra Master General Gain 5 serpent-fire ki for chakras, can spend more ki to gain two chakra benefits Chakra Adept, ability to awaken crown chakra
Champion Achievement You must prove yourself through single combat. Defeated a single challenging foe without aid from another, or have Champion of a God, Champion of the People, Competition Champion, or Gladiator background.
Champion of Anarchy Alignment Use an affirmation to cast lesser confusion as a spell-like ability, gain a +2 damage against lawful creatures. 10 Hit Dice, chaotic neutral alignment.
Champion of Balance Alignment Gain +2 damage against good and evil, lawful and chaotic creatures (stacks). 10 Hit Dice, neutral alignment.
Champion of Destruction Alignment Use an affirmation to treat a magic effect as if you waren't chaotic nor evil, gain a +2 damage against lawful and good foes (stacks). 10 Hit Dice, chaotic evil alignment.
Champion of Freedom Alignment Use an affirmation to gain freedom of movement for 1 round, gain +2 damage vs evil and lawful foes (stacks). 10 Hit Dice, chaotic good alignment.
Champion of Grace Alignment Use an affirmation to effect a paladin mercy, gain +2 damage against evil creatures. 10 Hit Dice, neutral good alignment.
Champion of Malevolence Alignment Use an affirmation to gain an antipaladin cruelty, gain +2 damage against good creatures. 10 Hit Dice, neutral evil alignment.
Champion of Righteousness Alignment Use an affirmation to treat a magic effect as if you waren't lawful nor good, gain a +2 damage against chaotic and evil foes (stacks). 10 Hit Dice, lawful good alignment.
Champion of Tranquility Alignment Use an affirmation to cast calm emotions, you gain +2 damage against chaotic creatures. 10 Hit Dice, lawful neutral alignment.
Champion of Tyranny Alignment Use an affirmation to cast hold person, you gain +2 damage against chaotic and good foes (stacks). 10 Hit Dice, lawful evil alignment.
Channel Discord Divine, Story You can focus the Abyss's power to sow discord among those who take damage from your channeled energy. Channel energy 8d6, worshiper of a demon lord.
Channel Endurance Story Calling upon the winds and the waves, you prepare your allies for the dangers of the natural world. Channel positive energy 3d6, worshiper of Gozreh.
Channel Force Divine, Racial Your channel is bolstered by your faith, allowing you to move and damage your foes. Aasimar, channel energy 2d6.
Channel Hate Divine, Story You masterfully inspire in others violence toward those you hate. Channel energy 6d6, worshiper of Gyronna.
Channel Ray Divine You can focus your channeled energy on a single target. Channel energy class feature.
Channel Smite Combat, Divine You can channel your divine energy through a melee weapon you wield. Channel energy class feature.
Channel Smite, Mythic Mythic Your weapon a conduit of divine energy. Channel Smite.
Channel Spirit General You can willingly allow spirits to possess you, trading a taste of your life for their knowledge and abilities. Spirit Ridden or spirit class feature.
Channel Surge Divine Expend two channels to deal +50% damage. Channel energy or lay on hands class feature.
Channel Viciousness Divine, Story You can channel brutality into the weapons of your allies. Channel negative energy 4d6, worshiper of Gorum.
Channeled Blessing Divine Your channeled energy can deliver a warpriest's blessing. Blessings class feature, channel energy class feature.
Channeled Revival Divine You can expend a large portion of your channeling power to reverse death itself. Channel energy 6d6 (positive energy).
Channeled Shield Wall Divine You draw on your channel energy to enhance the protective ability of shield for you and allies. Channel energy, 3d6 proficiency with a shield.
Channeling Force Combat, Divine You distill your channeled energy into a sheen of force that surrounds your weapon for a limited time. Ability to cast at least one force spell, channel energy class feature.
Channeling Scourge Divine Empower your channel energy to equivalent to a cleric's. Channel energy class feature, inquisitor level 1st.
Channeling Variance Divine You alter your channeled energies based on your god's tenets. Domain class feature, channel energy class feature, must worship and receive spells from a deity.
Charge of the Righteous Combat You charge toward undead and fiends with confidence in your righteous cause. Base attack bonus +1, any good alignment.
Charge Through Combat You can overrun enemies when charging. Str 13, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Charge Through, Mythic Mythic You can plow through those who stand between you and the target of your charge. Charge Through.
Charging Hurler Combat You know how to use your momentum to enhance your thrown weapon attacks. Point-Blank Shot.
Charging Stag Style Combat, Style Charge unmounted through allies and difficult terrain, making up to one 90º turn. Dex 13, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Mobility.
Charming Performance Bardic You can use Perform, rather than Diplomacy, to improve an NPC's starting attitude toward you. Cha 13, Perform (any) 1 rank, bardic performance or raging song.
Charnel Soldiers General Undead you control gain a teamwork feat you know. Any teamwork feat, ability to control or create undead.
Child of Two Fates Racial Gain a human or elf ally's teamwork feat temporarily Knowledge (local) 5 ranks, half-elf
Child of Two Worlds Achievement Gain a land speed of 10 feet if you are aquatic or a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks that doesn't stack with racial bonus. One of your parents was aquatic and the other was a land-dweller, must be taken at first level.
Childlike Racial Your resemblance to a human child tends to make others trust you, perhaps more than they should. Cha 13, halfling.
Chilled Rock Monster Any items you throw with your rock throwing ability also deal 1d6 points of cold damage. Born of Frost, frost giant.
Chilling Amplification Spell Your cold spells render their targets sluggish.
Choir of Blades Combat, Teamwork Gain an ally's bonus on attack rolls against a creature or a subtype, and the ally's racial weapon proficiencies.
Chokehold Combat While grappling, you can cut off an opponent's air and blood supply. Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +6 or monk level 5th.
Circling Mongoose Combat Take full-attack action with 5-foot steps between each attack. Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Circling Offense Combat, Teamwork You and ally gain +1 bonus to AC vs attacks of opportunity provoked by moving through a larger creature's reach Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +3.
Circuitous Shot Combat Bounce ranged attacks to avoid total cover Dex 19, Blind-Fight, Improved Precise Shot, Precise Shot, Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +11
City Born Story Gain bonuses based on your Varisian home city. 1st-level character, cannot have Country Born or Lone Wolf.
City-Locked Story With NPCs who live in your settlement, you gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive checks. Permanently dwell in a large settlement, have a fey ancestor, or The Wanderer background.
City Sprinter Skill Move quickly and safely through urban terrain. Street Smarts.
Civilized Ghoulishness Monster Although undead, you can easily pass as living. Ghoul, Charisma 18.
Clambering Escape Combat After evading, reposition a foe into a blast Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Reposition, evasion class feature
Clarifying Channel Divine, Story Your channeled energy heals the body and opens the mind to the possibility of true love. Channel energy class feature, worshiper of Shelyn.
Clarity of Pain General Damage yourself to fight off a charm or compulsion Con 13, Improved Iron Will, Iron Will
Claw Pounce Combat, Racial You can charge and make an attack with your paws. Str 13, Dex 15, Nimble Striker, base attack bonus +10, catfolk, cat's claws racial trait or Aspect of the Beast (claws of the beast manifestation).
Claw Wrench Combat You can pry open a mighty beast's grasp or snapping jaws. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike.
Cleansing Burst Divine Your channeled energy wards off disease. Able to cast remove disease or able to cure disease with a mercy; channel positive energy class feature.
Cleave Combat You can strike two adjacent foes with a single swing. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Cleave, Mythic Mythic You can cleave any foe within your reach. Cleave.
Cleave Through Combat, Racial You are ferocious at hewing smaller opponents. Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.
Cleaving Finish Combat When you strike down an opponent, you can continue your swing into another target. Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack.
Cleaving Sweep Combat Give up an attack to attempt trip against all foes in reach. Str 15, Cleave, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (greataxe), base attack bonus +11.
Clinging Climber General You can cling to a cliff, rope, or ladder with your legs to free both of your hands. Str 13, Climb 3 ranks.
Cloak and Dagger Style Combat, Style When attacking with light weapon during surprise round, you may attempt a free dirty trick maneuver. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +6.
Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge Combat, Style During an attack of opportunity, you may attempt a free dirty trick maneuver. Int 13, Cloak and Dagger Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +11.
Cloak and Dagger Tactics Combat, Style When attacking a foe that is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, you may attempt a free dirty trick maneuver. Int 13, Cloak and Dagger Style, Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +16.
Cloak of Feathers Racial You have learned to blend in with wingless humanoids, fold your wings in a manner that resembles a cloak. Cha 13, strix.
Close Call General Your nimble fingers are able to catch small slips before they become big disasters. Deft Hands.
Close-Quarters Thrower Combat You are agile enough to avoid melee attacks while throwing weapons or bombs. Dex 13, Dodge, Weapon Focus with selected thrown weapon.
Cloud Gazer Racial Your insight into your elemental heritage gives you a clarity of sight few humans possess. Sylph.
Cloud Step General Your tread is of unearthly lightness. Spider Step, monk level 12th.
Cloven Helm Combat, Racial Your helm turns aside lethal blows. Dented Helm, Hard-Headed, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.
Clustered Shots Combat You take a moment to carefully aim your shots, causing them all to strike nearly the same spot. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6.
Coaxing Spell Metamagic Your charms and enchantments reach the minds of even the lowliest dungeon denizens. Spell Focus (enchantment), Knowledge (dungeoneering) 6 ranks.
Cockatrice Strike Combat With a single strike, you transmute flesh to stone. Improved Unarmed Strike, Gorgon's Fist, Medusa's Wrath, base attack bonus +14.
Cold Celerity General You are a child of the frozen north, and you draw your strength from the biting cold and unforgiving conditions. Endurance.
Collective Recollection General You and your allies can quickly jog each other's memories to remember essential facts.
Combat Advice General Your succinct words can aid an ally even in the heat of battle.
Combat Casting Spell You are adept at spellcasting when threatened or distracted.
Combat Distraction Racial Foes adjacent to you while you act like a lunatic take penalties to Perception and concentration. Goblin, Acrobatics 1 rank, Escape Artist 1 rank.
Combat Expertise Combat You can increase your defense at the expense of your accuracy. Int 13.
Combat Expertise, Mythic Mythic You can dart out of the way of attacks with skill and defiance. Combat Expertise.
Combat Medic Teamwork Use Heal to apply first aid without provoking, able to take 10. Heal 5 ranks.
Combat Meditation Combat Quick momentary meditation allows you to gain insight in combat. Wis 13, Meditation Master, character level 5th.
Combat Patrol Combat You range across the battlefield, dealing with threats wherever they arise. Combat Reflexes, Mobility, base attack bonus +5.
Combat Reflexes Combat You can make additional attacks of opportunity.
Combat Reflexes, Mythic Mythic You strike viciously whenever your foe gives you an opening. Combat Reflexes.
Combat Style Master Combat, Style You shift between combat styles, combining them to increased effect. Improved Unarmed Strike, two or more style feats, base attack bonus +6 or monk level 5th.
Combat Vigor Combat You can quickly recuperate from devastating attacks without divine assistance. Con 13.
Command Undead Divine Using foul powers of necromancy, you can command undead creatures, making them into your servants. Channel negative energy class feature.
Command Undead, Mythic Mythic Your control of the undead is nearly absolute. Command Undead.
Commander of Goblinkind Monster +5 bonus on Knowledge (local) and Charisma-based skill checks, +2 Leadership regarding other goblinoids. Cha 13, hobgoblin.
Companion Figurine General You've developed a close bond with the creature summoned by your figurine of wondrous power.
Compelling Harmonies Bardic, Teamwork Boost the effectiveness of the bardic performance of an teamwork ally. Cha 13, Perform (any) 1 rank, bardic performance or raging song.
Compounded Pain Combat, Stare Apply the effects of two stare feats to painful stares Mesmerist level 13th, painful stare class feature
Compulsion Mastery Item Mastery Cast suggestion as per the spell by using an item that has an enchantment spell of 3rd level or higher. Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +6.
Conceal Aura General Reduce the power of the aura generated by your alignment for 1 minute. Chaotic, evil, good, or lawful alignment.
Conceal Scent General Creatures cannot use the scent ability to track you, have a harder time detecting you. Hide 3 ranks, Survival 3 ranks.
Conceal Spell Spell Conceal evidence of spellcasting Deceitful, Bluff 1 rank, Disguise 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 1 rank
Concealment Mastery Item Mastery You can use illusion magic items to conceal your presence, or possibly even your true nature. Stealth 3 ranks, Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude saving throw bonus +3.
Concentrated Fire Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to make ranged attacks, use the highest attack roll for both attacks Point-Blank Shot, elf, weapon familiarity racial trait
Concentrated Splash Combat You can limit the splatter of your splash weapons to increase damage against your target. Precise Shot or Throw Anything.
Conciliator Achievement You can attempt a Diplomacy check to request a pause in combat. Must have successfully requested that the opposing sides of a violent encounter pause for parley.
Concussive Spell Metamagic You cause creatures to be disoriented when you affect them with a spell that has the sonic descriptor.
Conditional Spell Metamagic A conditional spell is subject to the rules laid out in the spell conditional favor.
Conduit Casting Spell, Teamwork Use a spell-casting ally as the source of your spell. Spellcraft 3 ranks.
Confabulist Skill Follow a failed lie with another lie. Bluff 9 ranks, Sense Motive 9 ranks
Confounding Tumble Deed General You can befuddle a foe by striking a blow after tumbling. Amateur Swashbuckler feat or panache class feature, Canny Tumble, Acrobatics 7 ranks.
Confusing Stare Combat, Stare Your stare addles your foe's mind. Mesmerist level 7th, painful stare class feature.
Connected Criminal Skill Attempting a Diplomacy check to access a black market requires only 5d4 minutes of effort. Knowledge (local) 5 ranks.
Consecrate Spell Metamagic, Racial Spell is maximized against evil creatures. Aasimar, able to prepare or cast consecrate.
Conservatory-Trained Skill, Story Gain bonuses using the individual influence system. Sense Motive 1 rank, trained at Jalmeray's Conservatory.
Consume Essence Combat, Monster Inflict negative levels on swallowed creatures Base attack bonus +6; swallow whole universal monster ability; evil alignment; magical beast, outsider, or undead type
Consume Undeath Monster You gain the powers of undeath when you feed upon their kind. Nabasu, Con 23
Consumption Blood Hex You cause your rivals to spend additional daily uses while wounded. Int 13, Use Magic Device 5 ranks.
Contingent Channeling Divine You can imbue others with your healing energy so that they can use it at the moment of greatest need. True healer class feature, Selective Channeling.
Contingent Spell Metamagic You are able to set up healing spells in advance. Ability to cast cure spells (a cure spell is any spell with "cure" in its name).
Contingent Trick Trick You implant a flexible mesmerist trick in the target, triggering when the time is right. Any two trick feats.
Contagious Spell Metamagic Spell spreads to those who fail to remove it
Conversion Channel Divine, Story When you channel negative energy, you can heal others in return for their obedience. Channel energy 7d6, worshiper of Asmodeus.
Conviction General Your actions are bolstered by divine determination. Cha 13.
Convincing Persona Skill People seem almost willfully ignorant of the connection between your masked persona and your real identity. Bluff 5 ranks, Perform (act) 5 ranks, or dual identity class feature.
Cooperative Counterspelling Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to counterspell, you gain additional counterspelling options Spellcraft 5 ranks, racial spell-like ability of 1st level or higher
Cooperative Crafting Item Creation Your assistance makes item crafting far more efficient. 1 rank in any Craft skill, any item creation feat.
Cooperative Disabling Skill, Teamwork Ally can attempt a second Disable Device check as an immediate action Disable Device 1 rank, trapfinding class feature
Cooperative Rend Combat, Monster, Teamwork Whenever threatening the same creature with a teamwork ally, you only need one claw to rend. Rend, troll.
Cooperative Swarmer Combat, Racial Share a square with any ally your size or larger. Swarming racial trait
Coordinated Blast Racial, Teamwork Exclude allies with this feat from area spells and abilities Spellcraft 5 ranks, any racial spell-like ability
Coordinated Capture Combat, Teamwork Penalty equal to the number of feat allies, on foe's Acrobatics and concentration to avoid provoking. Base attack bonus +1.
Coordinated Charge Combat, Teamwork You are an expert at leading your allies into the fray. You have at least two other teamwork feats, base attack bonus +10.
Coordinated Defense Combat, Teamwork You are adept at working with allies to avoid being tripped, grappled, and subjected to other maneuvers.
Coordinated Distraction Combat, Teamwork When working in tandem, you can make it difficult for foes to use their magical abilities.
Coordinated Maneuvers Combat, Teamwork You are skilled at working with your allies to perform dangerous combat maneuvers.
Coordinated Reposition Teamwork Take a 5-foot step when a teamwork ally who is threatening a creature with you takes a 5-foot step. Step Up.
Coordinated Shot Combat, Teamwork Your ranged attacks against an opponent take advantage of your ally's positioning. Point-Blank Shot.
Cornugon Shield Combat You can use your spiked chain as both armor and weapon. Dex 15, Weapon Focus (spiked chain).
Cornugon Smash Combat Your terrible attacks strike fear into your enemies. Power Attack, Intimidate 6 ranks.
Cornugon Stun Combat You are able to make stunning attacks with special monk weapons. Stunning Fist.
Cornugon Trip Combat You can throw your spiked chain to make trip attacks. Dex 15, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (spiked chain).
Corpse Companion Monster Your animal companion's type changes to undead. Animal companion class feature, ghoul.
Corrupted Flesh Monster You gain the stench special ability. Con 15, 6 HD, ogre.
Corsair of Taldor Story +2 bonus on initiative checks made while on a ship and +1 damage when using light or one-handed weapons on a ship. Spent at least 1 month working on a ship for Jean Coremont
Cosmopolitan General Living in large, exotic cities has put you in touch with many diverse civilizations, cultures, and races.  
Counter Reflexes Combat Your opponent's advanced training in moving around you is surpassed only by your readiness for it. Anticipate Dodge, Dodge, Mobility; base attack bonus +9, brawler level 6th, or monk level 6th.
Countering Loophole Spell You can spot loopholes in magical commands, escape their effect, and bind the caster in turn. Improved Counterspell
Counterpoint to Inspiration Bardic, Teamwork As your allies' morale swells, your enemies falter. Basic Harmony, Compelling Harmonies, Perform (keyboard, percussion, sing, string, or wind) 10 ranks, bardic performance or raging song.
Counterpunch Combat With deft reflexes, you capitalize on opponents' mistake. Dex 18, Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike); base attack bonus +16 or brawler level 12th.
Country Born Story 1/day you may ignore the fatigued or exhausted condition. 1st-level character, cannot have City Born or Lone Wolf
Courage in a Bottle Story You show little fear while inebriated. Bravery class feature, worshiper of Cayden Cailean.
Courage in Numbers Teamwork Your allies give you courage when you face an enemy as one. Iron Will.
Courageous Resolve Racial Even when others run, you tend to stand your ground. Craven racial trait or fearless racial trait, halfling.
Covering Defense Combat You are skilled at protecting yourself and your allies with your shield. Shield Focus, base attack bonus +6.
Coven Caster Racial Increase an adjacent spellcaster's caster level by 1 with a special aid another action. Changeling.
Covering Fire Combat, Teamwork You distract your enemies with ranged attacks to protect your allies. Point-Blank Shot.
Covering Shield Combat You can use your shield to protect your most vulnerable parts from area effects. Dex 13, Shield Focus, Shield Proficiency.
Craft Construct Item Creation You can create construct creatures like golems. Caster level 5th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item.
Craft Cybernetics Item Creation You can build cyberware and install it in a creature's body. Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks
Craft Magic Arms and Armor Item Creation You can create magic armor, shields, and weapons. Caster level 5th.
Craft Ooze Item Creation You can use alchemy to create dangerous ooze creatures. Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft (alchemy) 3 ranks, caster level 5th.
Craft Pharmaceutical Item Creation You can craft pharmaceuticals. Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks
Craft Poppet Item Creation Some construct builders learn their art by creating poppets. Caster level 1st.
Craft Robot Item Creature You can build robots. Craft Technological Arms and Armor, Craft Technological Item, Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks.
Craft Rod Item Creation You can create magic rods. Caster level 9th.
Craft Shoddy Item Skill Create poorly constructed items that appear to be as good as normal goods, saving on the cost of materials. 1 rank in approriate Craft skill.
Craft Shadow Piercing Item Creation You can craft magical piercings infused with the power of shadow. Craft (jewelry) 5 ranks, caster level 5th.
Craft Staff Item Creation You can create magic staves. Caster level 11th.
Craft Technological Arms and Armor Item Creation You can build technological weapons and armor. Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 7 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 7 ranks
Craft Technological Item Item Creation You can craft technological gear and items. Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 5 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks
Craft Wand Item Creation You can create magic wands. Caster level 5th.
Craft Wondrous Item Item Creation You can create wondrous items, a type of magic item. Caster level 3rd.
Crane Riposte Combat, Style You use your defensive abilities to make overpowering counterattacks. Crane Style, Crane Wing, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th.
Crane Style Combat, Style Your unarmed fighting techniques blend poise with graceful defense. Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 1st.
Crane Wing Combat, Style 1/round while using Crane Style, you can deflect one melee weapon attack that would normally hit you. Crane Style, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +5 or monk level 5th.
Cranial Adjustment Skill You can perform the hypnotism occult skill unlock even if you can't use psychic magic, more often if you can. Deft Hands or Trepanation.
Cranial Implantation Skill You can perform the phrenology occult skill unlock even if you can't use psychic magic, more often if you can. Deft Hands or Trepanation.
Create Reliquary Arms and Shields Item Creation Your magical creations are infused with divine power. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, ability to cast consecrate or desecrate.
Create Sanguine Elixir Item Creation You can condense a fraction of your bloodline's power into a powerful elixir. Cha 15, Brew Potion, Craft (alchemy) 12 ranks, sorcerer level 3rd.
Creative Armorsmith Combat, Skill Temporarily add a modification to your armor. Craft (armor) 3 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 3 ranks.
Creative Weaponsmith Combat, Skill Temporarily add a modification to your weapon. Craft (weapon) 3 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 3 ranks.
Creature Focus General You gain a +2 bonus on Perception checks, Survival checks, and weapon damage rolls against creatures of the selected type. You can attempt Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify such creatures. No levels in a class that grants the favored enemy class feature.
Crepuscular Cowl Racial Pull a haze of shadow around you, granting yourself concealment in bright or normal light for 1 minute. Stealth 9 ranks, shadow blending racial trait or shadow call shadowdancer prestige class feature.
Criminal Reputation Skill Influence criminals more easily. Diplomacy 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks.
Crippling Critical Combat, Critical You are able to maim a target and hinder its movement. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +13.
Crisis of Conscience Story Your internal struggle and contradictory actions have left you teetering on a knife's edge between good and evil. LN, N, or CN alignment, alignment must have shifted from good or evil at least once since 1st level.
Critical Conduit Monster You are deadly when delivering your master's magic. Deliver touch spells ability, familiar.
Critical Focus Combat You are trained in the art of causing pain. Base attack bonus +9.
Critical Focus, Mythic Mythic Your blows unerringly find your target's vital spots. Critical Focus.
Critical Mastery Combat Your critical hits cause two additional effects. Critical Focus, any two critical feats, 14th-level fighter.
Critical Mastery, Mythic Mythic Your critical hits are versatile and devastating. Critical Focus (mythic), Critical Mastery.
Critical Versatility Combat An open mind and combat training grant versatility to your critical hits. Fighter level 11th, human.
Crossbow Mastery Combat You can load crossbows with blinding speed and even fire them in melee with little fear of reprisal. Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot.
Crowd Control Combat, Teamwork +2 bonus to your CMD when an enemy uses Acrobatics to move through a square you threaten, more with allies. Base attack bonus +3.
Crowd of Bullies Combat, Racial, Teamwork Allies with this feat gain a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks after you fail a combat maneuver check Half-orc
Cruelty Story The suffering of others compels you to greater cruelties. Worshiper of Zon-Kuthon.
Crusader's Fist Combat You pour divine energy into the enemy you strike. Lay on hands class feature or touch of corruption class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack +6.
Crusader's Flurry Divine You learned to use your deity's favored weapon as part of your martial arts form. Channel energy class feature, flurry of blows class feature, Weapon Focus with deity's favored melee weapon.
Crushing Blow Combat Your focus allows you to smash your enemy's defenses. Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist.
Cry Challenge General Provoke attacks of opportunity with your 5-foot step. Antagonize
Cry of Mercy General Cry out to stabilize dying allies. Wis 13
Cudgeler Style Combat, Style Nonlethal charge deals damage as if weapon were one size category larger than it actually is. Bludgeoner.
Cudgeler Sweep Combat, Style During charge, immediately attempt a single trip against the target with a +2 competence bonus as a free action. Bludgeoner, Cudgeler Style, base attack bonus +5 or monk level 5th.
Cudgeler Takedown Combat, Style When you trip an opponent, it might be stunned. Bludgeoner, Cudgeler Style, Cudgeler Sweep, base attack bonus +9 or monk level 9th.
Cunning Skill Gain a number of skill points equal to your Hit Dice, and additional skill points every time your HD increases.
Cunning Caster Spell When casting a spell, you can attempt a Bluff check to conceal your actions from onlookers. Deceitful, ability to cast 1st-level spells.
Cunning Intuition Combat Choose your readied action when it triggers Ready for Anything , base attack bonus +13 or rogue level 13th, Sense Motive 13 ranks
Cunning Killer General Gain +1 on attack and damage against an unintelligent creature on which you make a Knowledge check. Base attack bonus +2, Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, local, nature, planes, or religion) 3 ranks.
Curative Mastery Item Mastery You can invoke a magic item's innate conjuration magic to conjure positive energy for healing wounds. Use Magic Device 1 rank, base Fortitude bonus +2.
Curse Mastery Item Mastery Cause item that has a necromancy spell of 3rd level or higher to cast bestow curse. Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude save bonus +6.
Curse of Vengeance Spell, Story Your deity lays curses upon those who wrong you. Ability to cast at least one spell or spell-like ability with the curse descriptor, worshiper of Calistria.
Cursed Item Detection Spell Your arcane prowess is so great that even cursed items fail to befuddle you. Spellcraft 5 ranks, ability to cast detect magic as a spell or spell-like ability.
Cursed Love Achievement +1 on Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks when dealing with certain corruption, +1 bonus on saving throws against being affected by the corruption. Have a romantic interest who fell to dark influence, or fear of newfound capabilities, or the Bad Romance or Temptation background.
Cushioning Armor Armor Mastery You can direct half of falling damage to your armor ignoring the armor's hardness. Armor training class feature, proficiency with medium or heavy armor.
Cushioning Shield Shield Mastery You can direct half of falling damage to your shield ignoring the armor's hardness. Shield Focus, base attack bonus +6 or fighter level 4th.
Cut from the Air Weapon Mastery Your powerful and swift attacks can slice ranged attacks out of the air. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +5, weapon training class feature with a melee weapon.
Cut Your Losses General As you withdraw, you can pick up one unattended object or unconscious ally of your size. Str 13, Acrobatics 1 rank.
Cutting Humiliation Skill Humiliate someone to weaken Charisma-based checks Persuasive, Intimidate 5 ranks
Cypher Magic General Cast spells from scrolls at +1 caster level than the scroll, +2 bonus to activate a scroll with a higher caster level. Int 15, Scribe Scroll.
Cypher Script General Scribing in your spellbook costs less and is quicker. Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank, Linguistics 1 rank, Spellcraft 1 rank, spellbook class feature.