Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Babau Rogue Talent Monster Choose one rogue talent that adds to sneak attacks. Dex 17, babau.
Babble-Peddler Racial Trick creatures into exchanging valuable objects for whatever junk you happen to offer. Appraise 5 ranks, Bluff 5 ranks, gnome.
Back to Back Teamwork Your ally's eyes are your own, and yours are his. Perception 3 ranks.
Bag of Bones Monster You are treated as one size smaller for the purpose of calculating penalties for squeezing. Ghoul.
Balor Whip Combat Drag combat maneuver with whip can instead bring your target closer to you. Weapon Focus (whip), Whip Mastery, base attack bonus +8.
Baneful Judgment Combat You dole out judgment to a particular foe. Bane class feature, judgment class feature, monster lore class feature.
Banish Possessor Spell Exorcism spell grants possessed creature saving throw twice to take the better.
Banishing Critical Combat, Critical Cast dismissal or banishment on that target as an immediate action on a critical. Critical Focus, ability to cast dismissal or banishment, caster level 9th.
Banishing Critical 2 Critical Summoned creature you hit with a critical must make a will save or be dismissed. Arcane Strike or Disruptive; Spellcraft 8 ranks; arcane pool class feature.
Banner of Doom Combat, Racial All enemies within 60 feet take a -2 penalty on saving throws against fear. Base attack bonus +8, banner class feature, tiefling.
Barrage of Styles Combat, Racial, Teamwork Adjacent allies with this feat grant you a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on combat maneuver checks Base attack bonus +1, human
Barroom Brawler Combat 1/day as a move action, gain the benefit of a combat feat that you do not possess for 1 minute. Base attack bonus +4.
Bashing Finish Combat Make free shield bash after critical. Improved Shield Bash, Shield Master, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +11.
Basic Harmony Bardic, Teamwork Your performance interweaves with and enriches your ally's skills. Bardic performance or raging song.
Bat Shape Racial Your powers of transformation have been honed to the point where you can wholly become a bat. Cha 13, werebat-kin.
Battle Cry Combat Battle cry grants allies within 30 feet +1 on attack rolls and +4 saves against fear. Cha 13; base attack bonus +5 or Perform (act, oratory, or sing) 5 ranks.
Battle Overture Bardic Bardic performances during a surprise round do not count against your number of rounds per day. Bardic performance class feature.
Battle Singer Bardic, Racial Your battle songs can drive your fellow goblins to new heights of frenzy. Goblin, bardic performance class feature.
Battlefield Healer Achievement In even the fiercest battles, you risk life and limb to save your allies. Successfully cast healing spell on ally hit by an attack of opportunity, or Battle, Chaplain, or Healed background.
Beacon of Hope Divine, Story Your hope inspires allies in their struggles. Channel energy 3d6, worshiper of Milani.
Bear Hug Combat Initiate a grapple against foe trapped by your Beartrap Bite feat without provoking. Str 17, Beartrap Bite, Weapon Focus (bite), base attack bonus +8.
Bear's Balance Combat +2 bonus on Intimidate checks when not raging, enter rage instead of succumbing to fear. Iron Will, rage class feature.
Beartrap Bite Combat You can hold your foes still after confirming a critical with a bite. Weapon Focus (bite), base attack bonus +6.
Beast Rider Racial You gain the service of a monstrous companion or mount. Animal companion or mount class feature, character level 7th, half-orc or orc.
Befuddling Initiative Combat Your quick reflexes leave your surprised opponents particularly disoriented. Improved Initiative.
Befuddling Strike Combat Unarmed strike may confuse foe. Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +8.
Belier's Bite Combat Deal 1d4 bleed with unarmed strike. Improved Unarmed Strike.
Believable Veils Spell, Story Empower glamer or figment with +2 DC, 1/day. Caster level 3rd, ability to cast at least one glamer or figment, worshiper of Sivanah.
Believer's Boon General 1/day, you can use 1st-level domain abilities of one of your deity's domains. Alignment within one step of deity's.
Believer's Hands General 1/day, you can use the paladin's lay on hands ability. Wis 13, Believer's Boon, must be lawful good, alignment must be within one step of your deity's.
Bend With The Wind General For 24 hours after you meditate, you gain cold resistance 5 and fire resistance 5. Wis 15, Body Control, Endurance, Meditation Master.
Berserker's Cry Story Cry grants allies +1 moral bonus to attack. Cha 13, Linnorm Kings affinity.
Bestow Hope Divine, Story You instill hope in the creatures you heal. Improved Channel, channel energy class feature, worshiper of Sarenrae.
Bestow Luck Racial You are extremely lucky and sometimes your allies are as well. Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck, human.
Benthic Spell Metamagic You can modify a spell that deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage to deal damage through high-pressure water instead
Betrayal Sense Combat Apply trap sense on checks to see through disguises and avoid surprise attacks Wis 13, rogue level 3rd, trap sense class feature
Betrayed Achievement When in a harmful area of effect created by an ally, you can roll your saving throw twice. Had a valuable item stolen by a former ally, left for dead by a former ally, or the Wrong Enemy background.
Betrayer Skill You can charm people into lowering their defenses, allowing you to ambush them more effectively. Quick Draw, Persuasive, base attack bonus +3.
Betraying Blow Combat When you break an alliance, you make sure it's broken for good. Solo Maneuvers, base attack bonus +8.
Bewildering Koan Racial Spend ki to befuddle foe; it loses its next action or you gain a +2 bonus on damage against it. Bluff 1 rank, ki pool class feature, gnome.
Big Game Hunter Story +1 bonus on attack and +2 bonus on weapon damage against Large or larger creatures.
Bilge Rat General You wear an eye patch, out of convenience rather than necessity, to make one of your eyes used to the dark and the other to the light.
Binding Throw Combat You can strike your enemy and use the blow as an opportunity to grab and hold him. Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Ki Throw.
Biological Lattice Racial You can store an item you are carrying in your vines but lose your fly speed. Gathlain, racial fly speed.
Black Cat Racial Bad luck befalls those who dare to cross you. Catfolk.
Black Market Dealings Skill +4 on Diplomacy to access black markets and do not pay the gp cost to do so.
Black Market Sleuth Skill You roll twice and take the better result on Diplomacy checks to access black markets. Diplomacy 1 rank, Knowledge (local) 1 rank.
Black Marketeer Story Acquire a resource pool worth 100 gp. Appraise 4 ranks, Gather Information 4 ranks, Knowledge (local) 4 ranks
Black Powder Spectacle Combat, Grit, Performance You can sacrifice ammunition to make a grand spectacle. Amateur Gunslinger or the grit class feature, base attack bonus +4.
Bladed Brush Combat, Story You know how to balance a polearm perfectly, striking with artful, yet deadly precision. Weapon Focus (glaive), must be a worshiper of Shelyn.
Blades Above and Below Combat, Teamwork When fighting with a differently sized ally, you flank an adjacent foe from any position Base attack bonus +6
Blazing Aura Combat, Racial An inferno rages inside you, causing your body to radiate intense heat. Inner Flame, Scorching Weapons, character level 13th, ifrit.
Blazing Channel Divine Your holy power burns the undead like fire. Turn Undead, channel positive energy class feature.
Blade Binder General +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to bind an opponent's weapon. Base attack bonus +4, proficiency with khopesh or temple sword
Blasting Boulder Monster Infuse rocks thrown as part of an attack action with volatile fire energies. Smoking Boulder, base attack bonus +13, heat rock special attack
Blasting Charge Spell At the end of bloodrage charge, convert spell into extra damage. Base attack bonus +7, ability to cast 2nd-level bloodrager spells, bloodrage class feature.
Bleeding Critical Combat, Critical Your critical hits cause opponents to bleed profusely. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +11.
Bleeding Critical, Mythic Mythic Your deadliest blows unleash rivers of blood. Bleeding Critical, Critical Focus (mythic).
Bleeding Stare Combat, Stare Your stare causes your foe to bleed out of its eyes. Mesmerist level 5th, painful stare class feature.
Bless Equipment Divine You can bless armor and weapons with a touch to imbue them with magical properties. Caster level 3rd, channel energy class feature.
Blessed Achievement The repeated notice and boons of celestials have marked you as one of their chosen agents. Friendly contact with a good outsider that would qualify as a challenging foe, celestial bloodline, or direct celestial ancestry (such as by being an aasimar).
Blessed Hammer General Your god's power radiates from your warhammer. Ability to cast 3rd-level divine spells, proficient with warhammer, worshiper of Torag.
Blessed Striker General Your attacks are treated as having alignment components you and your deity share. Base attack bonus +11, ability to cast divine spells, alignment must be within one step of your deity's.
Blight Guide General You gain a +3 bonus on saving throws against environmental hazards and weather effects. Blight Survivalist, Skill Focus (Survival).
Blight Survivalist General Your bonus on saving throws gained from the Blight Survivalist feat extends to your allies within 30 feet. Skill Focus (Survival).
Blighted Critical Critical, Spell With a critical hit from a spell or spell-like ability, you give the target a minor spellblight. Caster level 5th.
Blighted Critical Mastery Spell You control the type of spellblight your critical hits give your opponent. Blighted Critical, caster level 9th.
Blind-Fight Combat You are skilled at attacking opponents that you cannot clearly perceive.
Blind-Fight, Mythic Mythic No creature can avoid your preternatural senses. Blind-Fight.
Blinded Blade Style Combat, Style You hold no fear of blindness, as your other senses improve without the distractions of sight. Blind-Fight, Perception 5 ranks.
Blinded Competence Combat, Style You effectively gain blindsense, except creatures you cannot see do not gain total concealment against you. Blinded Blade Style, Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 10 ranks.
Blinded Master Combat, Style You effectively gain blindsight. Blinded Competence, Blinded Blade Style, Greater Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 15 ranks.
Blinding Critical Combat, Critical Your critical hits blind your opponents. Critical Focus, base attack bonus +15.
Blinding Flash Combat You can temporarily blind your opponent by using your weapon or shield to flash sunlight into its eyes. Dex 13, Combat Expertise.
Blinding Light Racial You use your impenetrable luminescence to disorient harbingers of darkness. Inner Light, aasimar, daylight spell-like ability.
Blinding Sneak Attack Combat, Racial When you strike from the cover of darkness, you inject foes with a fraction of your foul magic. Base attack bonus +5, darkness spell-like ability, sneak attack class feature, tiefling.
Blinding Stare Combat, Stare Your stare robs your foe of all sight. Mesmerist level 7th, painful stare class feature.
Blistering Feint Combat, Racial Your foes flinch from the heat of your weapon, giving you an opportunity to slip past their defenses. Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, ifrit.
Bloatmage Initiate Story Use powers of your lymph and blood to empower spells from one school of magic at +1 caster level. Spell Focus (any school).
Blood Beak Combat, Racial Your bleed attack is bloody and dangerous. Base attack bonus +5, natural weapon racial trait, tengu.
Blood Drinker Racial Drinking blood from one racial type grants temp hp, Con bonuses. Dhampir.
Blood Feast Combat, Monster Gain morale bonuses after biting living creatures Bite attack
Blood Feaster Racial Gain Str bonus if you drink 4 or more Con of blood. Blood Drinker, base attack bonus +6, dhampir.
Blooded Arcane Strike Combat, Spell While you are bloodraging, Arcane Strike is always in effect, damage increases with Vital Strike. Arcane Strike, ability to cast arcane spells, bloodrage class feature.
Blood of Heroes Hero Point Whenever you gain a level, you gain 2 hero points instead of 1. Hero's Fortune.
Blood Salvage Racial Use Blood Drinker on a recently dead creature. Blood Drinker, dhampir.
Blood Spurt Combat Adjacent foes risk being blinded when dealing you bleed damage Base attack bonus +2, susceptibility to bleed
Blood Tide Racial Make one melee attack against each bleeding or wounded opponent within reach. Combat Expertise, Greater Blood Frenzy, base attack bonus +6, blood frenzy ability, sahuagin.
Blood Ties Racial, Skill Use a Bluff check to influence a creature with a connection to your sorcerous bloodline. Bluff 1 rank, bloodline class feature, gnome.
Blood Vengeance Racial Seeing an ally fall in combat fills you with a murderous fury. Half-orc or orc, non-lawful.
Bloodletting Combat, Story When you threaten a critical hit, you deal 1 bleed damage. Worshiper of Zon-Kuthon.
Bloodmarked Flight Racial Use your change shape ability to gain a clumsy fly speed of 30 feet. Base attack bonus +5, werebat-kin.
Bloodstone Manhunter Story Humans effectively become a favored enemy for you. Bloodstone Swords 10 TPA.
Bloody Assault Combat Take penalty to deal 1d4 bleed that is harder to heal. Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.
Bloody Sabres Combat, Story Deal bleed damage if you strike with two sawtooth sabres. Dex 15, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (sawtooth sabre), Two-Weapon Fighting, worshiper of Achaekek.
Bloody Vengeance Combat, Story Study a creature that dealt damage to you, deal bleed damage to it on your next strike. Base attack bonus +1, worshiper of Calistria.
Blowout Shot Deed Grit Create concussive blasts with your firearm that knock back foes (and you). Craft (alchemy) 3 ranks, grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger feat.
Bludgeoner Combat Take no penalty on attack rolls for using a lethal bludgeoning weapon to deal nonlethal damage.
Blundering Defense Combat, Racial When you fight defensively or use the total defense action, allies gain a luck bonus to AC and CMD. Cautious Fighter, halfling.
Blunt Blade Blood Hex Foe must succeed at a Fortitude save or it automatically fails to confirm all critical threats for 1 round. Int 13, base attack bonus +6, Use Magic Device 1 rank.
Blustering Bluff Skill Bully people into believing your Bluff Cha 13, Bluff 1 rank, Intimidate 1 rank
Boar Ferocity Combat, Style Can deal piercing damage with unarmed strikes, +2 to intimidate. Improved Unarmed Strike, Boar Style, Intimidate 6 ranks.
Boar Shred Combat, Style Intimidate as a move action, deal bleed damage with single unarmed strikes. Improved Unarmed Strike, Boar Ferocity, Boar Style, Intimidate 9 ranks.
Boar Style Combat, Style Deal bludgeoning damage or slashing damage with your unarmed strikes, possibly bleed damage. Improved Unarmed Strike, Intimidate 3 ranks.
Body Control General Bonus on Fort saves vs poison, disease, starvation, fatigue, exhaustion, need less sleep, food, and water. Wis 11, Meditation Master.
Body Mastery General For 24 hours after you meditate, you gain damage reduction 2/—. Wis 19, Body Control, Meditation Master, character level 15th.
Body Shield Combat Force a grappled opponent into the path of an incoming attack. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +6.
Bodyguard Combat Use an attack of opportunity to attempt the aid another action to improve your ally's AC. Combat Reflexes.
Bolster Jinx Racial Jinxed target's penalties increases by 2. Great Fortitude, Iron Will, or Lightning Reflexes; Halfling Jinx trait.
Bolster Undead Divine, Story Grant channel resistance to undead you heal. Channel energy 6d6, worshiper of Urgathoa.
Bolstered Resilience General Double your damage reduction in exchange for its temporary loss. Damage reduction.
Bonded Mind Teamwork As long as you can see each other, you and an ally who also has this feat can trade nonverbal messages.
Bonebreaker Combat A successful Stunning Fist against grappled, helpless, or stunned foe deals 1d6 Strength or Dexterity damage. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Jawbreaker, Stunning Fist, Heal 9 ranks.
Bookish Rogue General Change your rogue magic spell through study. Minor magic rogue talent.
Boon Companion General You are treated as 4 levels higher for calculating animal companion or familiar. Animal companion or familiar class feature.
Born Alone Racial Kill or knock unconscious a foewith a melee attack, gain temporary hit points. Orc.
Born of Frost Monster Your natural weapons and unarmed strikes deal 1d6 cold, those striking you with natural weapons take 1 cold. Frost giant.
Bouncing Spell Metamagic You can direct a failed spell against a different target.
Bouncing Spell-Like Ability Monster Failed spell-like ability bounces to another target Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Bouncing Trick Trick Your mesmerist trick jumps to a new target after the trick is triggered. Mesmerist trick class feature.
Bounding Hammer Combat You can throw a hammer so it rebounds near you. Proficiency with hammer, base attack bonus +6.
Bounding Step Skill +2 to keep balance or avoid falling, move farther in certain difficult terrain. Dex 15, Nimble Moves.
Brackish Spell Metamagic You can modify the spell to surround you with a thin sheath of brackish salt water in addition to the spell's normal effect.
Brain Eater Monster Eat a brain to gain +2 insight bonus on all skill checks and Will saving throws for 1 hour. Ghoul, Intelligence 17.
Branch Pounce Combat When charging by jumping down from above, you can soften your own fall with a melee attack. Climb 3 ranks, Stealth 3 ranks.
Branded for Retribution General You brand an enemy with your bane weapon, granting allies bane against it. Bane class feature.
Bravery in Action General You can add the bonus from bravery to your initiative checks. Bravery class feature, worshiper of Cayden Cailean.
Breach Monster Bunyip can charge up out the water. Str 15, bunyip.
Breadth of Experience Racial +2 bonus on all Knowledge and Profession checks, make checks with those skills untrained. Dwarf, elf, or gnome; 100+ years old.
Break Guard Combat Use swift action to attack foe you just disarmed. Dex 15, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Two-Weapon Fighting.
Breaker of Barriers Combat, Story +2 on checks and ignore the first 5 points of hardness to break down doors, walls, dams, and other barriers. Str 17, worshiper of Rovagug.
Bred Commander Monster Add your class level to your army's Morale checks in place of your Charisma modifier. Hobgoblin.
Brew Fleshcrafting Poison Item Creation Create a fleshcrafting poison capable of mimicking one monster ability Caster level 10th, 8 or more ranks in Craft (alchemy).
Brew Potion Item Creation You can create magic potions. Caster level 3rd.
Brewmaster Racial, Skill +2 bonus Craft (alchemy) and Profession (brewer) checks, +1 to the DC of ingested poisons. Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Profession (brewer) 1 rank, dwarf.
Brilliant Planner General Use gold to fund unspecified plans Int 13, character level 5th
Brilliant Spell Preparation Spell Prepare spells faster in a reserved slot Int 13, ability to prepare 3rd-level spells
Brisk Spell Metamagic Spells that grant a creature a movement type increase the speed for that movement type by 10 feet. Dex 13.
Broken Wing Gambit Combat, Teamwork Gran struck foe a bonus to hit you; if he takes advantage of it, it provokes attacks. Bluff 5 ranks.
Brood Defender Racial When someone under your protection is set upon, you can demoralize the attacker. Bodyguard, Combat Reflexes, wyvaran.
Brutal Coup de Grace Combat Successful coup de grace disheartens nearby proficiency with the selected weapon enemies Dazzling Display, Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +5,
Brutal Grappler Combat, Racial, Teamwork When helping an ally grapple, you can damage the target. Half-orc or orc.
Brute Assault Combat, Style Weaken tripped foes and reduce their move speed Str 23, Brute Stomp, Brute Style, base attack bonus +10
Brute Style Combat, Style Use Vicious Stomp within 10 feet Str 15, Int 13, Combat Reflexes, Improved Overrun, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Vicious Stomp, base attack bonus +6
Brute Stomp Combat, Style Make an extra unarmed attack when starting next to a prone foe Str 19, Brute Style, base attack bonus +8
Buffeting Wings Combat, Racial As a full-round action, you can beat your wings to create a blast of air (as gust of wind but extraordinary). Hover, Powerful Wings.
Bulette Charge Style Combat, Style Gain a +4 bonus on combat maneuver checks to overrun an opponent. Str 13, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, proficiency with heavy armor.
Bulette Leap Combat, Style You can shove aside multiple opponents while leaping into the air. Str 15, Bulette Charge Style, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, proficiency with heavy armor.
Bulette Rampage Combat, Style You are able to channel your enhanced momentum to deal incredible damage to multiple foes. Str 15, Bulette Charge Style, Bulette Leap, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, proficiency with heavy armor.
Bull-Catcher Style Combat, Style You brace yourself to grapple oncoming foes. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike.
Bull-Catcher Toss Combat, Style When you successfully grapple a creature with the Bull-Catcher Style feat, you can immediately move that creature into any square you threaten. Dex 13, Bull-Catcher Style, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike; base attack bonus +8, brawler level 4th, or monk level 4th.
Bull-Catcher Wrangle Combat, Style You can redirect a charging foe's attack to another target. Dex 13, Bull-Catcher Style, Bull-Catcher Toss, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike; base attack bonus +12, brawler level 8th, or monk level 8th.
Bull Rush Strike Combat Your critical hits can push back your foes. Str 13, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, base attack bonus +9.
Bull's Eye Blood Hex You don't take penalties on ranged weapon attacks against the foe and you ignore less than total cover. Dex 13, Int 13, Dodge, Mobility, Point-Blank Shot, Shot on the Run, base attack bonus +4, Use Magic Device 1 rank.
Bullseye Shot Combat You slow your breath, calm yourself, and hit the bullseye, just as you were trained to. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +5.
Bully Breed General Animal companion or mount gains Intimidate animal companion or mount class feature as a class skill and can demoralize foes Bully Breed Handle Animal 4 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks,
Bullying Blow Combat, Racial Make attack at a penalty to demoralize foe. Intimidate 1 rank, orc.
Burn! Burn! Burn! Racial You take the goblin love of arson and fire play to a whole new level. Disable Device 1 rank, goblin.
Burn it Down! Combat, Monster, Teamwork Nearby allies with this feat grant a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on damage with certain fire attacks Base attack bonus +1, goblin
Burn Rider Story Gain fire resistance 3 if your mount moves. Mounted Combat, Ride 6 ranks, Handle Animal 6 ranks
Burning Amplification Spell Expend some energy of your fire spells to make the flames linger to cause your opponents to catch ablaze.
Burning Spell Metamagic Deal extra fire damage from nonmagical sources, avoid fire better yourself.
Burrowing Teeth General Gain a burrow speed equal to 1/2 your base speed. Sharpclaw, Tunnel Rat, ratfolk.
Burrowing Shot Weapon Mastery You lodge your ranged weapons within your target's body. Dex 13, Deadly Aim, base attack bonus +9, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.
Bushwhack Combat You can subdue an unsuspecting foe quickly. Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike.
But a Scratch Combat, Skill Demoralize foes by playing down a mighty blow Cha 13, Bluff 4 ranks
Butterfly's Sting Combat, Story You can forgo a critical hit in order to pass it on to an ally. Combat Expertise, worshiper of Desna.