Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Aberrant Tumor General To the surprise of others, that strange growth on you is actually your spellcasting companion. Aberrant bloodline.
Aberration-Bane Caster Racial, Spell Add half your favored enemy bonus against aberrations to DCs and SR checks against aberrations Caster level 4th, gillman, favored enemy (aberrations) class feature.
Abeyance Blood Hex Creature must make at a Will save or be unable to use spell-like abilities it can use more than once per day. Int 13, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Use Magic Device 1 rank.
Ability Focus Monster One of the creature's special attacks is more difficult to resist. Special attack.
Ability Mastery Item Mastery You can augment your inherent abilities with transmutation magic items to gain +2 to one ability. Use Magic Device 3 ranks, base Fortitude saving throw bonus +4.
Aboleth Deceiver Racial Reroll a save against an enchantment, no -2 panalty against aboleths. Iron Will, gillman, enchantment resistance racial trait.
Absorb Spirit Story Temporarily absorb a spirit to prevent rejuvenation Con 13, died or possessed by an undead
Abundant Revelations General Use a single revelation more times each day. Mystery class feature.

Acadamae Graduate Story You have passed the grueling Test of Summoning and graduated from the Acadamae. Specialist wizard level 1st; cannot have conjuration as a forbidden school; Acadamae trained in Korvosa
Accomplished Sneak Attacker General Your sneak attack damage increases by 1d6, not to exceed half your character level (rounded up). Sneak attack class feature.
Ace Disarm Targeting, Weapon Mastery Attempt a steal check instead of a disarm check when using Ranged Disarm. Dex 13, Deadly Aim, Ranged Disarm, base attack bonus +6, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.
Ace Trip Targeting, Weapon Mastery You can trip flying opponents with your ranged attacks. Dex 13, Deadly Aim, Ranged Trip, base attack bonus +6, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.
Accursed Achievement Your curse weighs down your soul like a millstone around your neck. Carry a curse that can be lifted only by a quest or great undertaking, or have the Cursed Birth background.
Accursed Critical Critical, Spell Your spells carry an embedded curse that manifests when they strike true. Critical Focus, ability to cast bestow curse or major curse, caster level 9th.
Accursed Hex General You can make a second attempt at failed hexes. Hex class feature.
Accursed Hex, Mythic Mythic Your hexes flare with persistent potency. Accursed Hex.
Acrobatic Skill +2 bonus on Acrobatics and Fly checks.
Acrobatic, Mythic Mythic Your grace and fluidity are beyond compare. Acrobatic.
Acrobatic Spellcaster Combat, Skill, Spell Avoid attacks of opportunity from casting with Acrobatics Combat Casting, Skill Focus (Acrobatics)
Acrobatic Steps General You can easily move over and through obstacles. Dex 15, Nimble Moves.
Acute Shot Combat You can deduct any range penalties from your damage roll, instead of your attack roll. Far Shot, Precise Shot.
Adaptive Fortune Racial Your luck takes on almost legendary proportions. Fortunate One, adaptable luck racial trait, character level 10th, halfling.
Adder Strike Combat Apply poison to protected body parts, delivering the poison with your unarmed strikes. Poison use class feature, Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Improved Unarmed Strike.
Additional Affiliations General Increase your affiliation slot total by 2.
Additional Traits General You have more traits than normal.
Adept Champion Divine Trade smite evil damage for bonus on combat maneuver checks. Smite evil class feature, base attack bonus +5.
Adept Channel General You gain the ability to channel energy as a cleric. Ability to cast divine spells, summon familiar class ability, caster level 4th, Cha 13.
Advance* Combat Close with your enemy and provoke no attack of opportunity. Dex 15, Dodge, Mobility.
Advance Warning General You can shout warnings to nearby allies, preventing them from being caught off guard. Cha 15.
Advanced Armor Training Combat You are specially trained to use your armor proficiencies in new ways. Armor training class feature, fighter level 3rd.
Advanced Defensive Combat Training Story You gain a +4 bonus to your CMD. Defensive Combat Training, Bellflower Network 10 TPA.
Advanced Ranger Trap General Your ranger traps are difficult to notice and avoid. Trap class feature, ranger level 5th.
Advanced Weapon Training Combat You are specially trained to use your weapon skills in new ways. Fighter level 5th, weapon training class feature.
Agent of Fear General Target a creature more often with appearances Persuasive, frightening appearance class feature
Agile* Skill +2 bonus to Acrobatics and Escape Artist checks.
Agile Maiden Combat, Story Treat Gray Maiden plate as medium or heavy armor, whichever is more beneficial to a given ability. Str 13; Dex 13; Endurance or armor training class feature; proficiency with heavy armor.
Agile Maneuvers Combat Use your Dex bonus when calculating your CMB.
Agile Tongue Racial Your long pink tongue is capable of manipulating small items and even stealing objects. Grippli.
Agonizing Obedience General Physically defile yourself out of zealous devotion to pain to gain special boons. 3 ranks in Heal.
Airy Step Racial The air protects you from harm and cushions your falls. Sylph.
Alchemical Strike Combat Throw a single alchemical item as a full-attack action, increase the DC by 2. Throw Anything, base attack bonus +6.
Aldori Artistry Combat Gain bonus on a combat maneuver while using an Aldori dueling sword. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +2, Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Aldori Dueling Disciple Story, Combat Your pride and prowess in the art of Aldori swordplay grants you both bravery and bravado. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword), Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Aldori Dueling Mastery Combat, Story You have mastered the grueling fighting style perfected by the Aldori Swordlords. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword), Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Aldori Style Combat, Style, Story When you fight defensively or use Combat Expertise, you gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls. Alertness, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword), Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Aldori Style Aegis Combat, Style, Story Attempt to parry the focused target's attack. Aldori Style, Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword), Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Aldori Style Conquest Combat, Style, Story Take any penalties on the attack roll incurred from using Combat Expertise or fighting defensively. Aldori Style, Aldori Style Aegis, Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword), Aldori Sworldlords affinity
Alertness Skill +2 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks.
Alertness, Mythic Mythic Your powers of perception surpass everyone's. Alertness.
Alien Mindpaths Racial, Teamwork Gain +4 on saves vs. mind-affecting effects and scrying Android, kasatha, lashunta, or Triaxian
Alignment Channel Divine Channel energy can heal or harm alignment-typed outsiders. Ability to channel energy.
Alignment Channel, Mythic Mythic The power of your faith harms all creatures that follow the alignment you abhor. Alignment Channel.
All Gnolls Must Die Achievement +2 morale bonus on all Will saves while carrying trophy, +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against gnolls, hyenas, dire hyenas, werehyenas, jackalweres, and minions of Lamashtu. Deliver killing blow to 20 gnolls, hyenas, dire hyenas, werehyenas, jackalweres, or minions of Lamashtu.
All-Consuming Swing Combat Deliver unchecked destruction against multiple foes, sometimes to your detriment. Str 13, Power Attack, Cleave, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +8.
Allied Spellcaster Spell, Teamwork With an ally, you are skilled at piercing the protections of creatures with your spells. Caster level 1st.
Ally Caller Racial, Spell You gain two additional uses of summon nature's ally II per day. Triton, summon nature's ally II spell-like ability, character level 3rd.
Ally Shield Betrayal, Teamwork You are willing to use your allies as shields to ward off attacks aimed at you.
Alter Binary Mindscape Spell Opponent must spend 1 extra manifestation point to defend itself Int 13, ability to cast instigate psychic duel.
Altitude Affinity General You have hardened your body against the grueling rigors of surviving at high altitudes. Endurance.
Al-Zabriti-Trained Horse Monster This horse knows more tricks and is more loyal to its rider than most mounts. Horse.
Amateur Gunslinger Combat Gain limited amount of grit and access to gunslinger deeds. You have no levels in a class that has the grit class feature.
Amateur Investigator Skill Your knowledge is more than plain smarts—it's inspired. Int 13, 1 rank in at least one Knowledge skill, no levels in a class that has the inspiration class feature.
Amateur Swashbuckler Combat Though not a swashbuckler, you have and can use panache. No levels in a class that has the panache class feature.
Ambuscading Spell Spell In a surprise round, foes that have not yet acted take a -2 penalty on saving throws against spells you cast.
Ambush Awareness Combat Still roll initiative normally in a surprise round, but you can take only the total defense action. Awareness.
Ambush Sense Combat Bonus on Perception to determine awareness for the surprise, bonus to AC in surprise round in which you act. Int 13, trap sense class feature.
Ambush Squad Combat, Monster, Teamwork Take both a move action and a standard action on a surprise round when you and ally can both act Base attack bonus +1, kobold
Ammo Drop Combat Drop ammunition from your hand at the exact moment for it to fall into an open sling. Sleight of Hand 1 rank, proficient with sling.
Amplified Hex General You have learned to augment your hexes with the energy of your spells. Hex class feature
Amplified Radiance Racial, Teamwork Shed an aura of light when near allies who share this feat Aasimar, daylight racial spell-like ability
Amplified Rage Racial, Teamwork When adjacent to other raging allies, your rages become even more powerful. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Anatomical Savant Combat When there is a chance of negating critical hits or sneak attacks, reduce that chance by 25%. Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +12.
Ancestral Enmity Combat, Monster You gain a +2 bonus on melee attack rolls against dwarves and gnomes. Giant subtype.
Ancestral Scorn Racial Intimidating evil outsiders also sickens or nauseates them. Intimidate 5 ranks, tiefling.
Ancestral Weapon Mastery Combat, Racial Gain proficiency with your race's racial weapons or gain a bonus Weapon Focus feat with one racial weapon at a time Base attack bonus +1, weapon familiarity racial trait
Ancient Draconic Spell You empower spells using the ancient language of dragons. Arcane caster level 5th, speaks Draconic.
Andoren Falconry Story You know the secret Andoren arts of falconry of Darkmoon Vale. Cha 13, Animal Affinity, animal companion class feature.
Angelbane Strike Divine, Story Treat all 1s on the channel smite damage dice as 2s when using Channel Smite against good. Channel Smite, divine caster level 5th, channel negative energy class feature, demon lord patron deity.
Angel Wings Racial Feathered wings sprout from your back. Angelic Blood, aasimar, character level 10th.
Angelic Blood Racial Your blood is infused with holy power. Con 13, aasimar.
Angelic Flesh Racial -2 penalty on Disguise and Stealth but gain benefits of metal skin. Angelic Blood, aasimar.
Animal Affinity Skill +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks.
Animal Affinity, Mythic Mythic You have a greater affinity with wild animals, and can speak with them. Animal Affinity.
Animal Ally General Form a deep and lasting friendship with an animal. Nature Soul, character level 4th, must not have an animal companion or mount that advances as one.
Animal Soul General Your close bond with an animal allows you to use magic that targets animals on yourself. Animal companion or mount class feature.
Ankle Biter Combat, Racial You know how take a mouthful out of anyone who tries to overpower you. Goblin, Escape Artist 1 rank.
Antagonize Skill Use Diplomacy or Intimidate to goad creatures.
Anticipate Dodge Combat Your knowledge of mobility and your attack prowess allow you to thwart elusive opponents. Dodge, Mobility; base attack bonus +7, brawler level 4th, or monk level 4th.
Aphotic Explorer Racial In darkness or dim light, you can to gain cold resistance 5 for 1 round. Endurance, gillman
Apotheosis Achievement Marked by fate as a future deity—even before this destiny is realized, fate bends to your will. Have had direct contact with a deity or godlike being, or have been risen from the dead at the personal behest of a deity or godlike being.
Aquadynamic Focus Combat No additional penalties for fighting underwater with bludgeoning and slashing melee weapons with the Weapon Focus feat. Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +1.
Aquadynamic Shot Combat Projectile attacks take a -1 per 5 feet of water between you and the target. Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +4
Aquatic Adaption Monster You can breathe water as well as air. Hold breath.
Aquatic Advantage Racial Creatures that lack a swim speed provoke attacks of opportunity from you when it attacks you underwater. Combat Reflexes, must have a natural swim speed.
Aquatic Ancestry Racial You favor your outsider ancestry and are better adapted to life in the water. Undine.
Aquatic Combatant Combat +2 on Swim checks, no penalties on melee underwater. Slashing, unarmed bludgeoning deal full damage. Swim 1 rank.
Aquatic Spell Metamagic You can cast your spells under or into water.
Aquatic Squires Racial, Spell The duration of your summon nature's ally II spell-like ability is 1 minute per level. Triton, summon nature's ally II spell-like ability, character level 5th.
Arc Slinger Combat You can twirl your sling in a way that maximizes its effectiveness. Point-Blank Shot, proficient with sling or halfling sling staff.
Arcane Armor Mastery Combat, Spell Reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 20%. Arcane Armor Training, Medium Armor Proficiency, caster level 7th.
Arcane Armor Training Combat, Spell Reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 10%. Light Armor Proficiency, caster level 3rd.
Arcane Armor Training, Mythic Mythic You've adapted your spellcasting to overcome limitations of wearing armor. Arcane Armor Training.
Arcane Blast Spell You can convert any spell into an attack. Arcane spellcaster, caster level 10th.
Arcane Blast, Mythic Mythic Sacrifice a spell to make ray attack. Arcane Blast.
Arcane Insight Spell, Story Magical insight helps you evade attacks. Arcane Shield, arcane spellcaster, caster level 10th, worshiper of Nethys.
Arcane Jinxer Racial, Spell You can sacrifice arcane spells or spell slots in order to make it harder to resist your jinxes. Arcane spellcaster, Halfling Jinx trait.
Arcane School Spirit Racial, Spell Talk up the power of your own school of magic so that creatures find it more difficult to resist your spells. Bluff 1 rank, arcane school class feature, gnome.
Arcane Shield Spell Sacrifice a spell to gain deflection bonus to AC. Arcane spellcaster, caster level 10th. 
Arcane Shield, Mythic Mythic You sculpt spells into a powerful, enduring arcane barriers. Arcane Shield.
Arcane Strike Combat, Spell +1 damage, and weapons are considered magic. Ability to cast arcane spells.
Arcane Strike, Mythic Mythic Deliver devastating blows infused with magical energy. Arcane Strike.
Arcane Talent Racial, Spell Cast a 0-level spell 3 times per day as a spell-like ability. Cha 10; elf, half-elf, or gnome.
Arcane Trap Suppressor Spell Your magic can suppress magic traps longer than usual. Ability to cast dispel magic or greater dispel magic as a spell or spell-like ability.
Arcane Vendetta Story The mistreatment of your people by an arcane society has made you eager to inflict harm on those who use arcane magic. Spellcraft 1 rank.
Archon Diversion Combat, Style Penalty for Archon Syle decreases by 1, use it as a move action instead of standard action. Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +4 or monk level 4th.
Archon Justice Combat, Style No penalty to AC for using Archon Style. Archon Diversion, Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th.
Archon Style Combat, Style Grant allies +2 AC against a single foe, take -2 penalty to your own AC. Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 2nd.
Arcing Lob General Against a Large or larger target with a splash weapon, you can choose to deal splash damage to all creatures within 5 feet of the target, splash damage to no creatures, or splash damage as normal. Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Throw Anything.
Area Jinx Racial You can jinx multiple creatures so long as they are near each other. Widen Spell, Halfling Jinx trait
Arisen Achievement Escaping death strengthened your bond to life, but fills you with a need for answers. You must have been slain and brought back from the dead, or have the Left to Die or Cursed Birth background.
Arithmancy General Translating words into numerical equations can empower your magical effects. Int 13, Spell Focus (divination), Spellcraft 3 ranks.
Armor Adept Combat You no longer suffer the drawbacks of wearing armor with two types of modifications.
Armor Focus Combat Select one type of armor. The AC bonus granted by the selected armor increases by 1. Base attack bonus +1, proficiency with selected armor.
Armor Material Expertise Armor Mastery You tap into the potential of your armor's special material. Base attack bonus +6 or fighter level 4th, armor training class feature.
Armor Material Mastery Armor Mastery You can use the ability granted by Armor Material Expertise two additional times per day. Armor Material Expertise, base attack bonus +11 or fighter level 8th, armor training class feature.
Armor of the Pit Racial Your fiendish traits take the form of a protective scaly skin. Tiefling.
Armor Proficiency, Heavy General No penalties on attack rolls while wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency.
Armor Proficiency, Light General No penalties on attack rolls while wearing light armor.
Armor Proficiency, Medium General No penalties on attack rolls while wearing medium armor. Light Armor Proficiency.
Armor Trick Combat You can use any armor tricks related to the chosen armor option. Base attack bonus +1.
Armored Athlete Combat, Skill You have experience using a certain skill while armored. Light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, 3 ranks in any Dexterity- or Strength-based skill.
Armored Rider Combat No armor check penalty on Ride checks. If knocked unconscious, you remain in the saddle. Mounted Combat, Ride 3 ranks.
Artful Dodge Combat If you are the only character threatening an opponent, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC against that opponent. Int 13.
Artifact Hunter Achievement You seek an artifact-either a specific one or merely any item of legendary prowess-with dogged tenacity. You must have come within sight of a legendary artifact at some point in your past.
Artillery Team Combat, Racial, Teamwork Ally with this feat can help you load and fire a Large light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket Proficiency with light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket; size Small or Medium
Ascendant Achievement You and your apparent allies gain a +1 bonus on skill checks to gain influence or request a favor. Secret Shame drawback or the Bastard-Born background, and no publicly known faults.
Ascendant Spell Metamagic You have learned how to emulate mythic spells using non-mythic forces.
Ascetic Form Combat, Style Use chosen melee weapon with any class ability that can be used with an unarmed strike. Ascetic Style; Weapon Focus with the chosen melee weapon; base attack bonus +5 or monk level 5th.
Ascetic Strike Combat, Style Use the unarmed strike damage of a monk 4 levels lower than your character level. Ascetic Form; Ascetic Style; Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon; base attack bonus +7 or monk level 7th.
Ascetic Style Combat, Style Choose monk weapon. Apply the effects of feats that have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite. Weapon Focus with the chosen melee weapon; base attack bonus +1 or monk level 1st.
Aspect of the Beast General Gain one of four bestial advantages. Wild shape class feature, see Special.
Aspect of the Beast, Mythic Mythic Your blood burns with savage fury, giving you bestial powers and abilities. Aspect of the Beast.
Aspiring Noble Achievement Choose a settlement and Diplomacy or Intimidate; gain a +2 bonus on such checks in that settlement. Must be a member of an established family that is yet unrecognized as nobility.
Aspis Partner Story You have earned the attention of the Aspis Consortium and can call in favors when necessary.
Assisted Ascension Skill, Teamwork Feat allies within 20 feet can climb 5 feet as an immediate action, +5 bonus to catch feat allies. Climb 5 ranks.
Associate Story Gain a +4 on Diplomacy checks on members of the group. Maintain a positive relationship with or achieve a major accomplishment on behalf of an organization.
Assured Destruction Monster The amount of your daemonic pact damage increases to 3d6, and the bonus to the save DC increases to +4. Empowered Daemonic Pact, urdefhan.
Astrological Timing Spell Perform more accurate auguries according to planetary movements. Ability to cast augury as a spell or spell-like ability.
Atheist Abjurations Spell +2 bonus to caster level using an abjuration spell to dispel or counter a divine spell or dismiss servant Divine Defiance.
Athletic Skill +2 bonus on Climb and Swim checks.
Athletic, Mythic Mythic You excel far beyond others at acts of physical prowess. Athletic.
Attuned to the Ancestors Story 1/day surround yourself with aura that protects your from undead. Osirion affinity.
Attuned to the Wild Racial Healing doubles in favored terrain. Elf.
Augment Calling Spell Your attempts to bind or call outsiders are highly potent. Spell Focus (conjuration); ability to cast lesser planar ally, lesser planar binding, or a higher-level version of these spells.
Augment Summoning Spell Your summoned creatures are more powerful and robust. Spell Focus (conjuration).
Augment Summoning, Mythic Mythic Your summoning spells bring not mere ordinary beasts, but instead mythic creatures. Augment Summoning.
Aura Flare General Aura fatigues or staggers channel energy 4d6; strong or overwhelming good or those who oppose it Cha 13; aura, aura of good, or aura of evil class feature;
Aura of Succumbing Divine, Story Your foul patron's influence hastens death's approach. Channel energy class feature, worshiper of one of the Four Horsemen.
Aural Insight General Spend move action to gain blindsense until the end of your turn. Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 10 ranks.
Aversion Tolerance Monster You have been hunted for so long that you have developed resistances to slayers' usual scare tactics. Vampire.
Avid Spellbook Reader Spell +2 bonus Spellcraft to decipher arcane writing, gain the boons from up to two preparation rituals at once. Ability to prepare arcane spells.
Awe-Inspiring Smash Combat Your fury in combat translates into crowd-pleasing displays. Str 15, Power Attack, base attack bonus +3.
Awesome Blow Combat, Monster This creature can send opponents flying. Str 25, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, size Large or larger.
Awesome Charge Combat, Monster Attempt an awesome blow combat maneuver against a charged opponent as a free action. Str 25, Awesome Blow, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack.
Awesome Throw Combat, Monster Your ranged attacks can send smaller opponents flying. Str 25, Throw Anything or rock throwing, Improved Bull Rush, size Large or larger.