Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Alien Mindpaths Racial, Teamwork Gain +4 on saves vs. mind-affecting effects and scrying Android, kasatha, lashunta, or Triaxian
Allied Spellcaster Spell, Teamwork With an ally, you are skilled at piercing the protections of creatures with your spells. Caster level 1st.
Ally Shield Betrayal, Teamwork You are willing to use your allies as shields to ward off attacks aimed at you.
Ambush Squad Combat, Monster, Teamwork Take both a move action and a standard action on a surprise round when you and ally can both act Base attack bonus +1, kobold
Amplified Rage Racial, Teamwork When adjacent to other raging allies, your rages become even more powerful. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Amplified Radiance Racial, Teamwork Shed an aura of light when near allies who share this feat Aasimar, daylight racial spell-like ability
Artillery Team Combat, Racial, Teamwork Ally with this feat can help you load and fire a Large light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket Proficiency with light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket; size Small or Medium
Assisted Ascension Teamwork Feat allies within 20 feet can climb 5 feet as an immediate action, +5 bonus to catch feat allies. Climb 5 ranks.
Back to Back Teamwork Your ally's eyes are your own, and yours are his. Perception 3 ranks.
Barrage of Styles Combat, Racial, Teamwork Adjacent allies with this feat grant you a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on combat maneuver checks Base attack bonus +1, human
Basic Harmony Bardic, Teamwork Your performance interweaves with and enriches your ally's skills. Bardic performance or raging song.
Blades Above and Below Combat, Teamwork When fighting with a differently sized ally, you flank an adjacent foe from any position Base attack bonus +6
Bonded Mind Teamwork As long as you can see each other, you and an ally who also has this feat can trade nonverbal messages.
Broken Wing Gambit Combat, Teamwork Gran struck foe a bonus to hit you; if he takes advantage of it, it provokes attacks. Bluff 5 ranks.
Brutal Grappler Combat, Racial, Teamwork When helping an ally grapple, you can damage the target. Half-orc or orc.
Burn it Down! Combat, Monster, Teamwork Nearby allies with this feat grant a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on damage with certain fire attacks Base attack bonus +1, goblin
Callous Casting Betrayal, Teamwork Damage an abetting ally to cause foes to be shaken. Spellcraft 1 rank.
Choir of Blades Combat, Teamwork Gain an ally's bonus on attack rolls against a creature or a subtype, as well as the ally's racial weapon proficiencies
Circling Offense Combat, Teamwork You and ally gain +1 AC vs attacks of opportunity provoked by moving through a larger creature's reach. Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +3.
Combat Medic Teamwork Use Heal to apply first aid without provoking, able to take 10. Heal 5 ranks.
Compelling Harmonies Bardic, Teamwork Boost the effectiveness of the bardic performance of an teamwork ally. Cha 13, Perform (any) 1 rank, bardic performance or raging song.
Concentrated Fire Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to make ranged attacks, use the highest attack roll for both attacks Point-Blank Shot, elf, weapon familiarity racial trait
Conduit Casting Teamwork Use a spell-casting ally as the source of your spell. Spellcraft 3 ranks.
Cooperative Counterspelling Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to counterspell, you gain additional counterspelling options Spellcraft 5 ranks, racial spell-like ability of 1st level or higher
Cooperative Disabling Skill, Teamwork Ally can attempt a second Disable Device check as an immediate action Disable Device 1 rank, trapfinding class feature
Cooperative Rend Combat, Monster, Teamwork Whenever threatening the same creature with a teamwork ally, you only need one claw to rend. Rend, troll.
Coordinated Blast Racial, Teamwork Exclude allies with this feat from area spells and abilities Spellcraft 5 ranks, any racial spell-like ability
Coordinated Capture Combat, Teamwork Penalty equal to the number of feat allies, on foe's Acrobatics and concentration to avoid provoking. Base attack bonus +1.
Coordinated Charge Combat, Teamwork You are an expert at leading your allies into the fray. You have at least two other teamwork feats, base attack bonus +10.
Coordinated Defense Combat, Teamwork You are adept at working with allies to avoid being tripped, grappled, and subjected to other maneuvers.
Coordinated Distraction Combat, Teamwork When working in tandem, you can make it difficult for foes to use their magical abilities.
Coordinated Maneuvers Combat, Teamwork You are skilled at working with your allies to perform dangerous combat maneuvers.
Coordinated Reposition Teamwork Take a 5-foot step when a teamwork ally who is threatening a creature with you takes a 5-foot step. Step Up.
Coordinated Shot Combat, Teamwork Your ranged attacks against an opponent take advantage of your ally's positioning. Point-Blank Shot.
Counterpoint to Inspiration Bardic, Teamwork As your allies' morale swells, your enemies falter. Basic Harmony, Compelling Harmonies, Perform (keyboard, percussion, sing, string, or wind) 10 ranks, bardic performance or raging song.
Courage in Numbers Teamwork Your allies give you courage when you face an enemy as one. Iron Will.
Covering Fire Combat, Teamwork You distract your enemies with ranged attacks to protect your allies. Point-Blank Shot.
Crowd Control Combat, Teamwork +2 bonus to your CMD when an enemy uses Acrobatics to move through a square you threaten, more with allies. Base attack bonus +3.
Crowd of Bullies Combat, Racial, Teamwork Allies with this feat gain a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks after you fail a combat maneuver check Half-orc
Darting Retrieval Combat, Teamwork As your ally disarms a foe, you knock the disarmed item out of the way. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm.
Deadly Troupe Racial, Teamwork Gain a +4 bonus on certain combat maneuver checks and skill checks against foes threatened by allies with this feat Perform (act) or Perform (dance) 3 ranks, human (Varisian)
Diplomatic Ruse Racial, Teamwork Take a free action as part of your initiative check Diplomacy 3 ranks, human (Keleshite)
Disarm Partner Combat, Teamwork When your ally fails to disarm an opponent within your reach, you can try to disarm that same foe. Base attack bonus +1.
Distracting Charge Combat, Teamwork Your ally's charge exposes an opening you can exploit.
Distracting Shot Combat, Teamwork Foe takes -2 on attack vs feats allies that also has this feat; -4 on attacks of opportunity. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), Weapon Focus (at least one firearm).
Diversion Shot Combat, Teamwork Ally that triggers Target of Opportunity can attempt a Stealth check. Stealthy, Target of Opportunity.
Duck and Cover Teamwork Your allies assist you in avoiding certain attacks.
Echoes of the First World Racial, Teamwork Gain DR 2/cold iron and count as fey instead of humanoid when near allies with this feat Knowledge (nature) 2 ranks, gnome subtype
Eclipse Strike Racial, Teamwork When flanking with another ally who has this feat, make an eclipse strike to blind a target Tiefling, darkness racial spell-like ability
Electric Discharge Teamwork When you and feat ally cast electricity spells, you can briefly empower your weapons with electricity. Arcane Strike, ability to cast a 1st-level or higher spell with the electricity descriptor.
Elemental Commixture Teamwork You can combine your elemental spells with those of your allies to produce entirely new effects. Caster level 1st.
Enfilading Fire Combat, Teamwork Your ranged attacks take advantage of the flanking maneuvers of allies. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, one other teamwork feat.
Ensemble Teamwork You can create an ensemble of skilled and amateur performers to aid you in your performance. Perform 5 ranks
Escape Route Teamwork You have trained to watch your allies' backs, covering them as they make tactical withdraws.
Exceptional Aid Teamwork Aid Another action to assist an ally’s skill check is +4 instead of +2. Bonded Mind
Extend the Bulwark Combat, Teamwork You can bolster a trained ally's defenses by interposing your own armored body.
Extraplanar Conjunction Racial, Teamwork Increase the save DC of a racial spell-like ability by 2 when near an ally with this feat and the same spell-like ability Any racial spell-like ability, outsider
Feint Partner Combat, Teamwork A little diversion is all you need to slip through your foe's defenses. Bluff 1 rank.
Ferocious Horde Monster, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on attack rolls when you and an ally with this feat are both at or below half hit points Orc, ferocity racial trait
Ferocious Loyalty Teamwork You have a powerful sense of responsibility for your allies.
Fighting Frenzy Combat, Teamwork Don't take the normal -2 penalty to AC for being in a rage when within 60 ft of teamwork ally. Cha 13, rage class feature.
Flow of Elements Racial, Teamwork Change all or part of a spell's damage to the energy type associated with the race of an adjacent ally who has this feat Ability to cast spells; ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine
Focusing Blow Racial, Teamwork You and your allies work together to shake off mental effects. Hobgoblin Discipline, hobgoblin.
Friendly Fire Betrayal, Teamwork Your ranged attacks startle your enemies, partly because you're not even trying to avoid hitting your allies. Precise Shot
Friendly Fire Maneuvers Combat, Teamwork You and your teammates can anticipate one another's ranged attacks and stay out of each others' way. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Friendly Rivalry Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on melee attacks against foes only you threaten if an ally is the only one threatening a different foe Human (Taldan)
Giantslaying Team Combat, Racial, Teamwork Attack a giant as an immediate action when the giant's attack of opportunity misses an ally with this feat Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +4, defensive training racial trait
Got Your Back Combat, Teamwork Aid another action can keep a feat ally from being flat-footed or flanked. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Group Deliver Touch Spells Familiar, Teamwork You and your teammates can deliver touch spells through each other's familiars. Group Shared Spells, must have a familiar with the share spells and deliver touch spells abilities.
Group Shared Spells Familiar, Teamwork Your allies can cast spells through each other's familiars. Must have a familiar with the share spells ability.
Hammer Guards the Anvil Teamwork Your allies cover you when your guard is down.
Harder They Fall Combat, Teamwork Ally can attempt that a maneuver even against foes two or more size categories larger than herself Str 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Power Attack.
Harrying Partners Combat, Teamwork Benefit from aid another for a feat ally lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Any teamwork feat, base attack bonus +6.
High Magic Focus Racial, Teamwork Spontaneously apply metamagic feats without using higher-level spell slots or increasing casting time if allies ready an action to cast the same spell Any metamagic feat, Spellcraft 7 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level spells, human (Garundi)
Horde Charge Racial, Teamwork When you charge with an ally, you are more deadly. Base attack bonus +1, half-orc or orc.
Improved Back to Back Teamwork After much practice, you and an ally have become adept at fighting in close proximity to one another. Back to Back, Perception 5 ranks.
Improved Disarm Partner Combat, Teamwork When a teamwork ally fails a disarm, you can make an attack of opportunity and attempt to disarm. Disarm Partner, base attack bonus +5.
Improved Duck and Cover Teamwork Your allies' ability to protect you from damage extends to area attacks. Duck and Cover.
Improved Feint Partner Combat, Teamwork When an ally successfully feints, the opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Bluff 1 rank, Combat Reflexes, Feint Partner, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Lookout Teamwork When next to a Lookout ally, when either of you first takes an action, you both lose the flat-footed condition. Lookout.
Improved Outflank Combat, Teamwork You and a feat ally can flank from different angles. Outflank, base attack bonus +6.
Improved Precise Strike Combat, Teamwork When you deal damage with Precise Strike, you also deal 1 point of bleed damage. Dex 13, Precise Strike, base attack bonus +4.
Improved Swap Places Combat, Teamwork When you switch places with your comrade, your sizes don't matter. Swap Places.
Improved Underhanded Teamwork Combat, Teamwork You may attempt a dirty trick against the same foe as your ally. Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Underhanded Teamwork, base attack bonus +6.
Inspiring Talent Racial, Teamwork Share benefits of an ally's Skill Focus or weapon proficiencies in certain situations Half-elf, adaptability or ancestral arms racial trait
Intercept Charge Combat, Teamwork You can get in the way of an opponent charging your ally.
Interweave Composite Blast  Combat, Teamwork Work together to unleash a composite blast Kinetic blast class feature
Juju Way Racial, Teamwork Cast touch spells at a range of 20 feet when targeting a willing Mwangi ally who has this feat Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks, human (Mwangi)
Knotted Nets Combat, Teamwork You are capable of entangling far greater prey with the help of your allies. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), base attack bonus +1.
Lastwall Phalanx Teamwork When battling the terrifying hordes of Belkzen, you find strength in your shield brothers and sisters. Base attack bonus +3, good alignment.
Living Fortress Racial, Teamwork Racial bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities increases by 2 when you're adjacent to an ally who has this feat Dwarf, hardy racial trait
Lookout Combat, Teamwork Your allies help you avoid being surprised.
Loyal to the Death Racial, Teamwork You can become the target of an attack directed against an adjacent ally who has this feat Human (Tian)
Massed Charge Story, Teamwork You and your mount suffer no penalties when you share a 10-foot space with another mount and rider. Mounted Combat, Handle Animal 4 ranks, Ride 9 ranks, Lastwall affinity.
Mirror Kin Racial, Teamwork You become difficult to distinguish from your allies, giving you a 20% miss chance due to concealment Bluff 8 ranks, gnome, gnome magic racial trait
My Blade Is Yours Combat, Teamwork Use a weapon special quality from adjacent ally's weapon. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Sense Motive 3 ranks.
Mystical Reverberation
Metamagic, Teamwork
Share metamagic feat with an ally Ability to spontaneously cast spells.
One Mind Racial, Teamwork Avoid penalties when flat-footed, blinded, or fighting invisible creatures if you're adjacent to ally who has this feat Alertness, Sense Motive 3 ranks, human (Vudrani)
Open Up Combat, Teamwork Ally's aided attack ignores any Armor Class bonus granted by the foe's shield. Int 13, Combat Expertise.
Outflank Combat, Teamwork You look for every edge when flanking an enemy. Base attack bonus +4.
Overwhelm Combat, Teamwork You can overwhelm large foes with sheer numbers.
Pack Attack Combat, Teamwork You are skilled at surrounding your enemies. Base attack bonus +1.
Pack Flanking Teamwork You and your companion creature are adept at fighting together against foes. Int 13, Combat Expertise, ability to acquire an animal companion.
Pack Intimidation Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you use Intimidate to demoralize, gain a +1 circumstance bonus for every ally with this feat within 30 feet Half-orc, intimidating racial trait
Paired Opportunists Combat, Teamwork You know how to make an enemy pay for lax defenses.
Precise Strike Combat, Teamwork You are skilled at striking where it counts, as long as an ally distracts your foe. Dex 13, base attack bonus +1.
Protective Line Combat, Teamwork When adjacent to a feat ally, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity while loading a firearm. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms).
Punch Through Combat, Teamwork You and your allies are adept at bypassing enemy defenses. Base attack bonus +6.
Pursuit of Glory Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain a +1 morale bonus on one attack roll made as part of a charge if you start or end the charge adjacent to an ally Human (Ulfen)
Quah Bond Racial, Teamwork Double benefits granted by your Totem Spirit feat when an ally from the same quah with this feat is within 30 feet Totem Spirit, human (Shoanti)
Rat Stack Combat, Racial, Teamwork Occupy the same square with up to two other creatures that also have this feat, up to four with Tunnel Rat. Dex 13, swarming racial trait.
Reckless Moves Betrayal, Teamwork You and your teammates push and pull each other to maintain your balance in precarious circumstances Acrobatics 3 ranks.
Relentless Cheer Racial, Teamwork +1 on all saves, increasing to +3 vs. fear, when adjacent to allies who have this feat Halfling, fearless and halfling luck racial traits
Rending Swarm Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 on all melee damage rolls for each allied creature you share a square with that also has this feat. Dex 15, Rat Stack, swarming racial trait.
Returning Throw Combat, Monster, Teamwork When an ally misses with a thrown weapon attack, you can catch the weapon and use it to attack the original target Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sleight of Hand 3 ranks, goblinoid subtype
Ruthless Opportunist Combat, Racial, Teamwork When an ally with this feat hits a foe using an attack of opportunity, gain +1 on attacks against that foe for 1 round Human (Chelaxian)
Scarred Legion Teamwork +2 bonus on Intimidate, +2 on Will saves adjacent to or having just charged from next to an ally with this feat.
Scion of the Land Combat, Teamwork Grant trackless step/favored terrain to feat allies. Survival 1 rank.
Scion of the Lost Empire Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 competence bonus on attack roll, save, ability check, or skill check when adjacent to an ally with this feat Human (Chelaxian or Taldan)
Secret Language Teamwork You and your allies have worked out a complex set of codes and phrases. Bluff 1 rank, Linguistics 1 rank, Sense Motive 1 rank.
Seeping Darkness Monster, Teamwork Gain concealment when adjacent to an ally with this feat Drow, darkness racial spell-like ability
Seize the Moment Combat, Teamwork You and your allies are poised to pounce whenever one of you scores a telling blow. Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical.
Share Healing Teamwork Your link with your companion creature allows you to share with it any healing magic that's cast upon you. Ability to acquire an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or special mount.
Share Spells Spell, Teamwork You can cast a spell with a target of “you” on a feat ally as a touch spell, as per the share spells familiar ability Bonded Mind, ability to share spells with a familiar or like, caster level 1st.
Shared Ownership Racial, Teamwork You can draw an item in an ally's possession as a move action as long as the ally is within 30 feet and has this feat Well-Prepared, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, halfling
Shared Remembrance Racial, Teamwork Gain a cumulative +1 bonus (max +10) on Knowledge checks to identify monsters for each ally within 30 feet who has this feat Knowledge (any) 1 rank, elf
Shared Stash Racial, Teamwork You are adept at borrowing from your allies even in the middle of combat. Quick Draw, base attack bonus +1, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, swarming racial trait.
Shield Wall Combat, Teamwork You form a unified defense with those around you. Shield Proficiency.
Shielded Caster Teamwork Your allies cover you while you cast complicated spells.
Snapping Flank Combat, Monster, Teamwork When flanking a foe with a teamwork ally, you can make a swift bite attack against the foe. Base attack bonus +9, bite attack.
Snapping Jaws Combat, Monster You can use your bite as a natural weapon. This is a primary attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. Base attack bonus +1, gnoll.
Special Delivery Spell, Teamwork Feat ally can deliver touch spells Bonded Mind, Share Spells, ability to deliver spells through a familiar or the like, caster level 3rd.
Spell Chain Spell, Teamwork You help your allies bypass your foes' magical defenses. Spell Penetration.
Spell Synergy Spell, Teamwork When adjacent to a feat ally, increase the caster level of a spell that affects you by 3. Spellcraft 5 ranks.
Spirit of the Corps Combat, Teamwork Borrow an teamwork ally's morale bonus once during its duration.
Splash Volley Betrayal, Teamwork Your allies try to ensure that at least your opponent gets hit. Base attack bonus +1.
Squirming Pile Combat, Racial, Teamwork While sharing a square, gain 25% chance of negating the additional damage from a critical hit or sneak attack. Acrobatics 5 ranks, swarming racial trait.
Stealth Synergy Teamwork Working closely with an ally, you are able to move like twin shadows.
Stone Dodger Teamwork By working with an ally to gauge trajectory of incoming attacks, you can more easily avoid taking damage.
Suppress Regeneration Combat, Teamwork Ally's attacks of opportunity suppress regeneration even longer
Suppressive Fire Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you damage a target with a ranged attack, it can't make attacks of opportunity against allies who have this feat Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, keen senses racial trait
Swap Places Combat, Teamwork You are skilled at changing places with your ally during a chaotic melee.
Swarm Scatter Teamwork You have studied the habits of swarming rats for defensive tactics.
Swarm Strike Teamwork You and your allies have trained to overwhelm foes like a swarm of rodents.
Swing About Teamwork Move action to grab a willing adjacent ally who also has this feat and place her adjacent to you.
Tag-Team Interrogation Teamwork You and your partner work together to bewilder a target, alternating between fear and kindness. Intimidating Prowess or Persuasive; Diplomacy 1 rank; Intimidate 1 rank.
Take the Hit Teamwork Choose to absorb up to half of the hit point damage from any attack that strikes adjacent feat ally. Bonded Mind, base attack bonus +6.
Tandem Evasion Combat, Teamwork You and your allies help each other evade deadly attacks. Dex 13, Dodge.
Tandem Trip Combat, Teamwork You know how to work together to trip your foes.  
Target of Opportunity Combat, Teamwork You and your allies pelt your enemies with a deadly barrage of missiles. Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +6.
Team Pickpocketing Teamwork You distract a mark with friendly conversation while your partner robs the victim blind. Bluff 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 1 rank.
Thuvian Grenadier Teamwork Training with alchemically inclined allies helps you avoid friendly fire. Precise Shot or Throw Anything.
Thrune Trusted Agent Story, Teamwork Your bond to other Thrune agents strengthens your resolve and allows you to bolster your allies. Thrune Loyal Agent trait.
Timely Coordination Teamwork +1 bonus on attack rolls and skill checks for readied actions triggered by allies.
Topple Foe Combat, Teamwork You and your allies can work together to trip larger foes. Combat Expertise, Improved Trip.
Trade Initiative Teamwork Before acting, you may trade the results of your initiative roll with an adjacent feat ally.
Triangulate Racial, Teamwork Automatically pinpoint invisible foes and reroll misses due to concealment when you and an ally who has this feat are within 30 feet Blind-Fight, Greater Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 15 ranks, human (Kellid)
Tribal Hunter Combat, Teamwork You and feat allies do not need to be opposite each other to flank a larger creature Animal Affinity.
Tribe Mentality Teamwork You and your tribemates grant each other mental strength.
Umbral Shift Racial, Teamwork When in magical darkness, swap places with an ally who also has this feat as a swift action Darkness racial spell-like ability
Underhanded Teamwork Combat, Teamwork When an ally performs a dirty trick, you can increase the inflicted condition's duration by 1 round Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick.
Undermine Teamwork You and your allies take advantage of shifting terrain to unbalance enemies.
Volley Fire Combat, Teamwork You have trained to work in ranks of archers to rain arrows down upon your foes. Point-Blank Shot
Wall of Flesh Racial, Teamwork You swarm with your allies, becoming a wall of creatures. Small size or smaller.
Wild Flanking Betrayal, Teamwork Deal extra damage at the risk of damaging your flanking ally. Power Attack, base attack bonus +4.
Wounded Paw Gambit Combat, Teamwork Your enemy sees you as an easy mark, but doesn't notice your allies poised to shoot. Broken Wing Gambit, Bluff 5 ranks.