Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Aberration-Bane Caster Racial, Spell Add half your favored enemy bonus against aberrations to DCs and SR checks against aberrations Caster level 4th, gillman, favored enemy (aberrations) class feature.
Aboleth Deceiver Racial Reroll a save against an enchantment, no -2 panalty against aboleths. Iron Will, gillman, enchantment resistance racial trait.
Adaptive Fortune Racial Your luck takes on almost legendary proportions. Fortunate One, adaptable luck racial trait, character level 10th, halfling.
Agile Tongue Racial Your long pink tongue is capable of manipulating small items and even stealing objects. Grippli.
Airy Step Racial The air protects you from harm and cushions your falls. Sylph.
Alien Mindpaths Racial, Teamwork Gain +4 on saves vs. mind-affecting effects and scrying Android, kasatha, lashunta, or Triaxian
Ally Caller Racial, Spell You gain two additional uses of summon nature's ally II per day. Triton, summon nature's ally II spell-like ability, character level 3rd.
Amplified Rage Racial, Teamwork When adjacent to other raging allies, your rages become even more powerful. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Amplified Radiance Racial, Teamwork Shed an aura of light when near allies who share this feat Aasimar, daylight racial spell-like ability
Ancestral Scorn Racial Intimidating evil outsiders also sickens or nauseates them. Intimidate 5 ranks, tiefling.
Ancestral Weapon Mastery Combat, Racial Gain proficiency with your race's racial weapons or gain a bonus Weapon Focus feat with one racial weapon at a time Base attack bonus +1, weapon familiarity racial trait
Angel Wings Racial Feathered wings sprout from your back. Angelic Blood, aasimar, character level 10th.
Angelic Blood Racial Your blood is infused with holy power. Con 13, aasimar.
Angelic Flesh Racial -2 penalty on Disguise and Stealth but gain benefits of metal skin. Angelic Blood, aasimar.
Ankle Biter Combat, Racial You know how take a mouthful out of anyone who tries to overpower you. Goblin, Escape Artist 1 rank.
Aphotic Explorer Racial In darkness or dim light, you can to gain cold resistance 5 for 1 round. Endurance, gillman
Aquatic Ancestry Racial You favor your outsider ancestry and are better adapted to life in the water. Undine.
Aquatic Advantage Racial Creatures that lack a swim speed provoke attacks of opportunity from you when it attacks you underwater. Combat Reflexes, must have a natural swim speed.
Aquatic Squires Racial, Spell The duration of your summon nature's ally II spell-like ability is 1 minute per level. Triton, summon nature's ally II spell-like ability, character level 5th.
Arcane Jinxer Racial, Spell You can sacrifice arcane spells or spell slots in order to make it harder to resist your jinxes. Arcane spellcaster, Halfling Jinx trait.
Arcane School Spirit Racial, Spell Talk up the power of your own school of magic so that creatures find it more difficult to resist your spells. Bluff 1 rank, arcane school class feature, gnome.
Arcane Talent Racial, Spell Cast a 0-level spell 3 times per day as a spell-like ability. Cha 10; elf, half-elf, or gnome.
Area Jinx Racial You can jinx multiple creatures so long as they are near each other. Widen Spell, Halfling Jinx trait
Armor of the Pit Racial Your fiendish traits take the form of a protective scaly skin. Tiefling.
Artillery Team Combat, Racial, Teamwork Ally with this feat can help you load and fire a Large light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket Proficiency with light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket; size Small or Medium
Attuned to the Wild Racial Healing doubles in favored terrain. Elf.
Babble-Peddler Racial Trick creatures into exchanging valuable objects for whatever junk you happen to offer. Appraise 5 ranks, Bluff 5 ranks, gnome.
Banner of Doom Combat, Racial All enemies within 60 feet take a -2 penalty on saving throws against fear. Base attack bonus +8, banner class feature, tiefling.
Barrage of Styles Combat, Racial, Teamwork Adjacent allies with this feat grant you a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on combat maneuver checks Base attack bonus +1, human
Bat Shape Racial Your powers of transformation have been honed to the point where you can wholly become a bat. Cha 13, werebat-kin.
Battle Singer Bardic, Racial Your battle songs can drive your fellow goblins to new heights of frenzy. Goblin, bardic performance class feature.
Beast Rider Racial You gain the service of a monstrous companion or mount. Animal companion or mount class feature, character level 7th, half-orc or orc.
Bestow Luck Racial You are extremely lucky and sometimes your allies are as well. Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck, human.
Bewildering Koan Racial Spend ki to befuddle foe; it loses its next action or you gain a +2 bonus on damage against it. Bluff 1 rank, ki pool class feature, gnome.
Biological Lattice Racial You can store an item you are carrying in your vines but lose your fly speed. Gathlain, racial fly speed.
Black Cat Racial Bad luck befalls those who dare to cross you. Catfolk.
Blazing Aura Combat, Racial An inferno rages inside you, causing your body to radiate intense heat. Inner Flame, Scorching Weapons, character level 13th, ifrit.
Blinding Light Racial You use your impenetrable luminescence to disorient harbingers of darkness. Inner Light, aasimar, daylight spell-like ability.
Blinding Sneak Attack Combat, Racial When you strike from the cover of darkness, you inject foes with a fraction of your foul magic. Base attack bonus +5, darkness spell-like ability, sneak attack class feature, tiefling.
Blistering Feint Combat, Racial Your foes flinch from the heat of your weapon, giving you an opportunity to slip past their defenses. Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, ifrit.
Blood Beak Combat, Racial Your bleed attack is bloody and dangerous. Base attack bonus +5, natural weapon racial trait, tengu.
Blood Drinker Racial Drinking blood from one racial type grants temp hp, Con bonuses. Dhampir.
Blood Feaster Racial Gain Str bonus if you drink 4 or more Con of blood. Blood Drinker, base attack bonus +6, dhampir.
Blood Salvage Racial Use Blood Feaster on a recently dead creature. Blood Drinker, dhampir.
Blood Ties Racial, Skill Use a Bluff check to influence a creature with a connection to your sorcerous bloodline. Bluff 1 rank, bloodline class feature, gnome.
Blood Vengeance Racial Seeing an ally fall in combat fills you with a murderous fury. Half-orc or orc, non-lawful.
Bloodmarked Flight Racial Use your change shape ability to gain a clumsy fly speed of 30 feet. Base attack bonus +5, werebat-kin.
Bolster Jinx Racial Jinxed target's penalties increases by 2. Great Fortitude, Iron Will, or Lightning Reflexes; Halfling Jinx trait.
Blood Tide Racial Make one melee attack against each bleeding or wounded opponent within reach. Combat Expertise, Greater Blood Frenzy, base attack bonus +6, blood frenzy ability, sahuagin.
Blundering Defense Combat, Racial When you fight defensively or use the total defense action, allies gain a luck bonus to AC and CMD. Cautious Fighter, halfling.
Born Alone Racial Kill or knock unconscious a foewith a melee attack, gain temporary hit points. Orc.
Breadth of Experience Racial +2 bonus on all Knowledge and Profession checks, make checks with those skills untrained. Dwarf, elf, or gnome; 100+ years old.
Brewmaster Racial, Skill +2 bonus Craft (alchemy) and Profession (brewer) checks, +1 to the DC of ingested poisons. Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Profession (brewer) 1 rank, dwarf.
Brood Defender Racial When someone under your protection is set upon, you can demoralize the attacker. Bodyguard, Combat Reflexes, wyvaran.
Brutal Grappler Combat, Racial, Teamwork When helping an ally grapple, you can damage the target. Half-orc or orc.
Buffeting Wings Combat, Racial As a full-round action, you can beat your wings to create a blast of air (as gust of wind but extraordinary). Hover, Powerful Wings.
Bullying Blow Combat, Racial Make attack at a penalty to demoralize foe. Intimidate 1 rank, orc.
Casual Illusionist Racial, Spell You can use your innate magic to create minor illusions that augment your efforts at trickery and deceit. Gnome, gnome magic racial trait.
Catfolk Exemplar Racial Your feline traits are more defined and prominent than those of other members of your race. Catfolk.
Caustic Slur Racial You know exactly how to insult your favored enemies in order to make them lose their heads. Bluff 1 rank, favored enemy class feature, gnome.
Cautious Fighter Combat, Racial You care more about survival than victory. Halfling.
Cecaelia Focus Tattoo Racial You tattooed the humanoid portion of your skin with a swirling mark that provides you focus and pride. Cecaelia.
Celestial Servant Racial Animal companion, familiar, or mount gains the celestial template and becomes a magical beast. Aasimar, animal companion, familiar, or mount class feature.
Channel Force Divine, Racial Your channel is bolstered by your faith, allowing you to move and damage your foes. Aasimar, channel energy 2d6.
Child of Two Fates Racial Gain a human or elf ally's teamwork feat temporarily Knowledge (local) 5 ranks, half-elf
Childlike Racial Your resemblance to a human child tends to make others trust you, perhaps more than they should. Cha 13, halfling.
Claw Pounce Combat, Racial You can charge and make an attack with your paws. Str 13, Dex 15, Nimble Striker, base attack bonus +10, catfolk, cat's claws racial trait or Aspect of the Beast (claws of the beast manifestation).
Cleave Through Combat, Racial You are ferocious at hewing smaller opponents. Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.
Cloak of Feathers Racial You have learned to blend in with wingless humanoids, fold your wings in a manner that resembles a cloak. Cha 13, strix.
Concentrated Fire Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to make ranged attacks, use the highest attack roll for both attacks Point-Blank Shot, elf, weapon familiarity racial trait
Cooperative Counterspelling Racial, Teamwork When you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to counterspell, you gain additional counterspelling options Spellcraft 5 ranks, racial spell-like ability of 1st level or higher
Cooperative Swarmer Combat, Racial Share a square with any ally your size or larger. Swarming racial trait
Coordinated Blast Racial, Teamwork Exclude allies with this feat from area spells and abilities Spellcraft 5 ranks, any racial spell-like ability
Coven Caster Racial Increase an adjacent spellcaster's caster level by 1 with a special aid another action. Changeling.
Crepuscular Cowl Racial Pull a haze of shadow around you, granting yourself concealment in bright or normal light for 1 minute. Stealth 9 ranks, shadow blending racial trait or shadow call shadowdancer prestige class feature.
Crowd of Bullies Combat, Racial, Teamwork Allies with this feat gain a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks after you fail a combat maneuver check Half-orc
Dark Adept Racial Gain new spell like abilities: detect magic, feather fall, and levitate. Drow, character level 3rd.
Dark Sight Racial With further modification, your eyes can pierce the gloom of even magical darkness. Gloom Sight, fetchling.
Dauntless Destiny Racial Your ability to avert disaster is impressive. Cha 13, Fearless Curiosity, Intimidate 10 ranks, human.
Deadly Kiss Racial You can change your venom to contact poison. Toxic racial trait, vishkanya.
Deadly Troupe Racial, Teamwork Gain a +4 bonus on certain combat maneuver checks and skill checks against foes threatened by allies with this feat Perform (act) or Perform (dance) 3 ranks, human (Varisian)
Deafening Explosion Racial Your bombs explode with deafening force. Bomb class feature, hobgoblin.
Deathless Initiate Combat, Racial For you, impending death is a call to wrath. Str 13, Con 13, orc or half-orc, Diehard, Endurance, base attack bonus +6.
Deathless Master Combat, Racial Even if you suffer a grievous wound, you can shrug off the damage and continue your relentless assault. Str 13, Con 15, orc or half-orc, Deathless Initiate, Diehard, Endurance, Ironhide, base attack bonus +9.
Deathless Zealot Combat, Racial Only the most serious wounds can stop you. Str 13, Con 17, orc or half-orc, Deathless Initiate, Deathless Master, Diehard, Endurance, Ironhide, base attack bonus +12.
Defiant Luck Racial You can sometimes defiantly shrug off spells and attacks that would kill a lesser creature. Human.
Demoralizing Lash Combat, Racial You cow your enemies with the lash of a whip. Base attack bonus +1, Intimidate 1 rank, hobgoblin.
Dented Helm Combat, Racial Your helm protects you from hard hits. Hard-Headed, base attack bonus +6, dwarf.
Desperate Swing Combat, Racial You land your most telling blows in desperate situations. Cautious Fighter, base attack bonus +1, halfling.
Destroyer's Blessing Combat, Racial Breaking things adds to your power. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature
Diplomatic Ruse Racial, Teamwork Take a free action as part of your initiative check Diplomacy 3 ranks, human (Keleshite)
Dire Bat Shape Racial You can become a dire bat. Cha 13, Bat Shape, base attack bonus +3, werebat-kin.
Discerning Eye Racial You are not easily fooled by illusions and forgeries. Elf or half-elf, keen senses racial trait.
Distant Jinx Racial The range of your jinx increases by 30 feet. Halfling Jinx trait.
Diverse Palate Racial Your taste for blood is broader than that of other dhampirs. Blood Drinker, dhampir.
Dog Killer, Horse Hunter Racial Embracing fear and hatred of your ancestral foes allows you to make particularly telling blows. Goblin, Handle Animal 1 rank.
Dog-Sniff-Hate Racial Gain scent ability against dogs. Skill Focus (Perception), goblin.
Draconian Law Racial If you've witnessed a foe breaking the law, you gain +1 on your first attack roll and on all damage rolls. Lawful alignment, wyvaran.
Draconic Aspect Racial You possess some of the qualities of your dragon ancestors. Kobold.
Draconic Breath Racial You possess draconic defenses and a draconic breath weapon. Draconic Aspect, kobold.
Draconic Glide Racial You possess draconic defenses and wings that allow you to glide. Draconic Aspect, kobold.
Draconic Magic Racial You gain a group of spell-like abilities based on the color of your dragon aspect. Draconic Aspect, kobold
Draconic Paragon Racial You can shrug off sleep and paralysis effects as well as any dragon, and your draconic aspects improve. Draconic Aspect, either Draconic Breath or Draconic Glide, character level 10th, kobold.
Drow Nobility Racial Your blood courses with power, granting you greater spell-like abilities. Able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Drow Spirit Racial, Story Cast dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire each once per day as a spell-like ability. Half-elf, only at 1st level.
Dwarf Blooded Racial You have dwarven blood coursing through your veins. Oread.
Dwarven Fury Combat, Racial, Style Maintain bonuses from defensive training and hatred against any number of foes. Dwarven Hatred Style, Dwarven Seething, base attack bonus +7, defensive training and hatred racial traits, Medium size.
Dwarven Hatred Style Combat, Racial, Style Apply hatred bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls against appropriate creatures, increase bonus to +2. Base attack bonus +1, defensive training and hatred racial traits, Medium size.
Dwarven Seething Combat, Racial, Style Apply defensive training and hatred bonus against foe who hits you. Dwarven Hatred Style, base attack bonus +5, defensive training and hatred racial traits, Medium size.
Eagle Eyes Racial Your vision is especially keen. Wis 13, keen senses racial trait.
Earth Child Binder Combat, Racial, Style Even the greatest giants fear your technique. Wis 13, dwarf or gnome, defensive training racial trait, Earth Child Style, Earth Child Topple, Greater Trip, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Acrobatics 9 ranks.
Earth Child Style Combat, Racial, Style Your martial training makes you a dangerous and elusive target for giants. Wis 13, dwarf or gnome, defensive training racial trait, Improved Unarmed Strike, Acrobatics 3 ranks.
Earth Child Topple Combat, Racial, Style Your mastery of balance and momentum allows you to bring down giants with your bare hands. Wis 13, dwarf or gnome, defensive training racial trait, Earth Child Style, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Acrobatics 6 ranks.
Echoes of Stone Racial Your senses are keener among the rocks and stones. Oread.
Echoes of the First World Racial, Teamwork Gain DR 2/cold iron and count as fey instead of humanoid when near allies with this feat Knowledge (nature) 2 ranks, gnome subtype
Eclectic Racial You have a talent for picking up different vocations. Human.
Eclipse Strike Racial, Teamwork When flanking with another ally who has this feat, make an eclipse strike to blind a target Tiefling, darkness racial spell-like ability
Eerily Centered Racial +4 bonus against spells and effects with the emotion descriptor; emotion effects last half as long. Bleachling racial trait, gnome.
Effortless Trickery Racial, Spell Maintain concentration on one spell of the illusion school as a swift action. Gnome.
Elemental Jaunt Racial The spirits of your ancestral home call to you, beckoning you to return. Character level 15th, ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine.
Elemental Strike Combat, Racial Deal +1 damage of an energy type linked to your race Ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine
Elven Accuracy Combat, Racial Your sharp eyesight makes difficult shots easier. Elf.
Elven Battle Focus Combat, Racial, Style Add your Int mod to weapon damage while using Elven Battle Style Int 13, Elven Battle Style, Elven Battle Training, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +4, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Elven Battle Style Combat, Racial, Style Attacks of opportunity don't themselves provoke attacks of opportunity when using elven weapons Elven Battle Training, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +1, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Elven Battle Torrent Combat, Racial, Style Missed attack against you while fighting defensively/ total defense/Combat Expertise provokes an attack. Int 13, Elven Battle Focus, Elven Battle Style, Elven Battle Training, Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +10, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Elven Battle Training Combat, Racial You have been specially trained to wield a variety of traditional elven weapons. Base attack bonus +1, elf.
Elven Spirit Racial You are closer to your elven relatives and the magic in their blood flows freely in your veins. Half-elf.
Empathy Racial You have learned to experience emotion. Cha 13, android.
Eternal Enmity Racial Deal +1d6 precision damage against hated foes Knowledge (varies) 3 ranks, hatred racial trait
Exile's Path Racial Reroll a failed Will save against an enchantment spell or effect. Half-elf.
Expanded Fiendish Resistance Racial You gain extra fiendish resistances. Tiefling.
Expanded Resistance Racial You have expanded your natural resistance to magic to encompass different kinds of magic. Gnome, illusion resistance racial trait.
Extra Elemental Assault Racial You have unlocked greater elemental power. Suli.
Extra Feature Racial You are an exceptional shapechanger. Con 13, skinwalker.
Extra Gnome Magic Racial You gain an additional three uses per day of your gnome spell-like abilities. Gnome.
Extra Light and Dark Racial Your light and dark ability lasts 1 additional minute per day. Light and dark racial trait, wayang.
Extra Surge Racial You can use your nanite surge ability more often than normal. Con 13, nanite surge ability.
Extraplanar Conjunction Racial, Teamwork Increase the save DC of a racial spell-like ability by 2 when near an ally with this feat and the same spell-like ability Any racial spell-like ability, outsider
Eyes of the Twilight Racial Creatures in dim light don't gain concealment from you Sharp Senses, Perception 7 ranks, keen senses racial trait, low-light vision
Fascination Jinx Racial Jinxed creature under a bard's fascinate ability also takes a -10 penalty on initiative checks. Bardic performance class feature, Halfling Jinx trait.
Fast Change Racial You can change forms faster than most skinwalkers. Dex 13, base attack bonus +6, skinwalker.
Fast Learner Racial You progress gain extra versatility. Int 13, human.
Fearless Curiosity Racial Your desire to see and experience the world overrides healthy caution. Cha 13, human.
Feline Grace Racial Your innate grace allows you to get out of the stickiest situations. Dexterity 13, catfolk.
Ferocious Action Racial You ferocity is quick but shorter lived. Ferocity racial trait, orc.
Ferocious Resolve Racial Your orc heritage allows you to fight on. Con 13, half-orc, orc ferocity racial trait.
Ferocious Summons Racial Your summoned creatures gain your ferocity. Augment Summoning, Spell Focus (conjuration), half-orc or orc.
Ferocious Tenacity Racial You spit in the face of death. Half-orc or orc, ferocity racial trait, rage class feature.
Fiend Sight Racial Your eyes develop keener sight in dim light and darkness. Darkvision 60 ft., tiefling.
Fiendish Darkness Racial You can use your darkness spell-like ability more often. Darkness spell-like ability, tiefling.
Fiendish Facade Racial You are easily mistaken for a member of another race. Must be taken at 1st level, tiefling.
Fiendish Heritage Racial Choose one of the tiefling heritage modifiers. You may roll on the Variant Tiefling Abilities table three times. Tiefling, must be taken at 1st level.
Fiendish Resilience Racial You dodge energy attacks with amazing agility. Dex 13, evasion class feature, tiefling.
Fight On Racial You can keep fighting even after you should be dead. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Fire God's Blessing Racial, Story The Fire God rewards you for killing enemies with flame. Half-orc or orc, worshiper of the Fire God.
Fire Hand Combat, Racial Born with a torch in your hand, you have a gift with anything that burns. Goblin.
Fire Tamer Racial You know your way around even magical fire. Goblin.
Firesight Racial Fire no longer blinds you, and smoke conceals nothing from your gaze. Ifrit.
Flagbearer Racial, Story Clan members receive bonuses while you bear the clan banner. Cha 15.
Flame Heart Racial You have mastered fire magic and alchemy. Fire Tamer, character level 5th, goblin.
Fling Combat, Racial You can throw grappled enemies a short distance, turning them into makeshift missiles against their allies. Flyby Attack, Powerful Wings, Snatch and Drop, Throw Anything.
Flow of Elements Racial, Teamwork Change all or part of a spell's damage to the energy type associated with the race of an adjacent ally who has this feat Ability to cast spells; ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine
Focusing Blow Racial, Teamwork You and your allies work together to shake off mental effects. Hobgoblin Discipline, hobgoblin.
Foment the Blood Divine, Racial You can unleash a wave of energy that drives orcs into a frenzy. Channel energy class feature, orc.
Fortunate One Racial You have an even greater knack than most halflings for adaptable luck. Adaptable luck racial trait, halfling.
Fox Shape Racial You can change into a fox in addition to your other forms. Cha 13, base attack bonus +3, kitsune
Friendly Rivalry Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on melee attacks against foes only you threaten if an ally is the only one threatening a different foe Human (Taldan)
Fury of the Tainted Racial, Combat While raging, +4 on saving throws made against spells and effects with the good descriptor. Cha 13, rage class feature, tiefling.
Giant Killer Combat, Racial Your cleaving strokes menace giants and larger foes. Str 13, Cleave, Goblin Cleaver, Orc Hewer, Power Attack, Strike Back, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.
Giant Steps Racial When enlarged, your speed increases. Duergar, slow and steady racial trait.
Giantslaying Team Combat, Racial, Teamwork Attack a giant as an immediate action when the giant's attack of opportunity misses an ally with this feat Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +4, defensive training racial trait
Gloom Sight Racial You gain darkvision 90 ft., but gain the light sensitivity weakness. Fetchling.
Gloom Strike Combat, Racial Few creatures are as accustomed to fighting in the shadows as you. Blind-Fight, fetchling.
Gnawer Racial Bite attack ignores an amount of hardness. Sharptooth, ratfolk.
Gnome Trickster Racial Your arcane talents go beyond the illusory. Cha 13, gnome, gnome magic racial trait.
Go Unnoticed Racial Your small size lets you quickly duck out of sight. Dex 13, Small size or smaller.
Goblin Cleaver Combat, Racial You are ferocious at hewing smaller opponents. Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, dwarf.
Goblin Gunslinger Combat, Racial You have learned how to fire the big guns. Goblin.
Gore Fiend Combat, Racial Horrible wounds, whether on yourself or your enemies, makes your blood sing. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Graceful Athlete Racial Add your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength bonus to Climb and Swim checks. Acrobatics 1 rank, Climb 1 rank, Swim 1 rank, racial bonus to Dexterity.
Grasping Tail Racial Your tail becomes more useful. Tiefling.
Gray Dwarf Magic Racial Select a new spell-like ability that's usable once per day from a duergar racial trait you don't have. Duergar
Great Hatred Combat, Racial Your rage burns with vast intensity. Gnome, hatred racial trait.
Greater Blood Frenzy Racial You no longer take a penalty to AC while in a blood frenzy, gain rend ability with claws. Blood frenzy ability, sahuagin.
Greater Channel Force Divine, Racial Your eruptions of divine power move your enemies. Channel Force, Improved Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 6d6.
Greater Drow Nobility Racial You have mastered the lesser spell-like abilities of the drow, demonstrating true nobility. Cha 13, Drow Nobility, Improved Drow Nobility, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Groundling Racial You can speak with burrowing animals. Cha 13, gnome, gnome magic racial trait.
Grudge Fighter Racial, Combat You feel great anger at anyone who dares to attack you, making your own attacks that much stronger. Orc.
Guardian of the Wild Racial Your mystic connection with the wilderness enhances your ability to react to threats. Attuned to the Wild, elf.
Guardian of Tradition Divine, Racial Replace one of your domains with Desert, Ruins, or Vermin. Domain class feature, girtablilu.
Half-Drow Paragon Racial Your drow blood is particularly strong. Drow-blooded and drow magic racial traits, half-elf.
Halfling Slinger Combat, Racial You have honed your racial talent for slingcraft. Halfling.
Hard-Headed Combat, Racial Your thick skull is almost a weapon unto itself. Base attack bonus +1, dwarf.
Haunted Gnome Combat, Racial You use your gnome magic to take on an eerie illusory appearance. Cha 13, gnome magic racial trait, Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank.
Haunted Gnome Assault Combat, Racial Discharging your disturbing glamer as you strike a telling blow, you haunt a foe with lingering fear. Cha 13, gnome magic racial trait, Haunted Gnome, Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks.
Haunted Gnome Shroud Combat, Racial Your disturbing glamer expands to make your exact location hard to pinpoint. Cha 13, gnome magic racial trait, Haunted Gnome, Haunted Gnome Assault, Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks.
Heavenly Radiance Racial Your heavenly light can be used in a variety of ways. Aasimar, daylight spell-like ability, sufficiently high level.
Helpless Prisoner Racial You can talk your way out of most restraints. Bluff 5 ranks, Escape Artist 1 rank, gnome.
Heroic Will Racial Your indomitable will breaks free from mental shackles. Iron Will, base Will save +4, human.
High Magic Focus Racial, Teamwork Spontaneously apply metamagic feats without using higher-level spell slots or increasing casting time if allies ready an action to cast the same spell Any metamagic feat, Spellcraft 7 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level spells, human (Garundi)
Hobgoblin Discipline Racial The presence of other hobgoblins bolsters your resolve. Base attack bonus +1, hobgoblin.
Horde Charge Racial, Teamwork When you charge with an ally, you are more deadly. Base attack bonus +1, half-orc or orc.
Human Spirit Racial, Skill Gain an additional 4 skill ranks over first four levels. Half-elf.
Hydraulic Maneuver Racial, Spell You can use your hydraulic push to disarm or trip. Hydraulic push spell-like ability, undine.
Hydroponic Adaptation Racial Once per day lose your fly speed to gain a swim speed of 30 feet for 1 hour, or until you end it Gathlain, racial fly speed.
Illusive Gnome Bewilderment Combat, Racial, Style Pick one special weapon feature and deny the opponent its Dex to AC; or pick two special weapon features. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Illusive Gnome Style, Illusive Gnome Surprise, Improved Feint, gnome magic and weapon familiarity racial traits.
Illusive Gnome Style Combat, Racial, Style When feinting with a gnome weapon, sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus on the skill check attempted to feint. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Improved Feint, base attack bonus +1, gnome magic and weapon familiarity racial traits.
Illusive Gnome Surprise Combat, Racial, Style +2 bonus to perform dirty tricks, feint. Instead of denying foe Dex bonus, weapon gains special feature. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Gnome Weapon Focus, Illusive Gnome Style, Improved Feint.
Improved Channel Force Divine, Racial You move your enemies within a beam of righteous energy. Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 4d6.
Improved Dark Sight Racial With further modification, your eyes see clearly in not only normal darkness, but in magical darkness as well. Dark Sight, Gloom Sight, fetchling.
Improved Drow Nobility Racial Your magical heritage is more potent than that of your peers. Cha 13, Drow Nobility, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Improved Fiendish Darkness Racial Your innate ability to shroud others in darkness is further empowered. Fiendish Darkness, darkness spell-like ability, caster level 3rd, tiefling.
Improved Fiendish Sorcery Racial, Spell Your skill with foul sorcery is even more potent than that of others of your race. Fiendish sorcery racial trait, tiefling.
Improved Fury of the Tainted Racial, Combat Your hatred for goodness is rivaled only by your ability to repel it. Cha 13, Fury of the Tainted, base attack bonus +8, rage class feature, tiefling.
Improved Improvisation Racial You are masterful in your improvisation. Int 13, Fast Learner, Improvisation, human.
Improved Shadowy Resistance Racial Resistance 5 vs negative energy, don't lose hp with negative level, +1 vs negative energy spells. Fetchling, shadowy resistance racial trait.
Improved Stonecunning Racial Your sense for stonework is uncanny. Wis 13, dwarf, stonecunning racial trait.
Improved Surprise Follow-Through Combat, Racial You follow up an attack with a surprising series of sweeping blows. Str 13, Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Surprise Follow Through, base attack bonus +8.
Improved Umbral Scion Racial You are a master of drow noble magic. Cha 13, Wis 13, Drow Nobility, Greater Drow Nobility, Improved Drow Nobility, Umbral Scion, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Improvisation Racial You can figure out how to do almost anything. Int 13, Fast Learner, human.
Incremental Elemental Assault Racial You may activate and quench your elemental assault ability multiple times per day. Suli.
Inexplicable Luck Racial Others are often dumfounded by your luck. Defiant Luck, human.
Innate Flexibility Racial Gain additional uses of your 1/day racial spell-like abilities equal to the number of such abilities you have. Duergar, two racial spell-like abilities usable once per day.
Inner Breath Racial Your body is suffused with elemental air that provides for all your respiratory needs. Character level 11th, sylph.
Inner Flame Combat, Racial Your body generates so much heat that your mere touch scorches your enemies. Scorching Weapons, character level 7th, ifrit.
Inner Light Racial Daylight cast as 1 level higher; if dispelled, you and allies gain darkvision. Aasimar, daylight spell-like ability.
Inspiring Talent Racial, Teamwork Share benefits of an ally's Skill Focus or weapon proficiencies in certain situations Half-elf, adaptability or ancestral arms racial trait
Intimidating Confidence Racial You have boundless faith in your success. Cha 13, Fearless Curiosity, Intimidate 5 ranks, human.
Invoke Primal Instinct Racial Make Bluff check DC to become a figure of either fear or contempt. Bluff 1 rank, wild shape class feature, gnome.
Ironguts Racial You have an especially strong stomach. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Ironhide Racial Your skin is thicker and more resilient than that of most of your people. Con 13; dwarf, half-orc, or orc.
Jinx Alchemy Racial A jinxed creature cannot benefit from the effects of potions, elixirs, or any other ingested substance. Swift alchemy class feature, Halfling Jinx trait.
Juju Way Racial, Teamwork Cast touch spells at a range of 20 feet when targeting a willing Mwangi ally who has this feat Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks, human (Mwangi)
Keen Scent Racial Your nose is as sensitive as that of a wild predator. Wis 13, half-orc or orc.
Kinslayer Racial Deal +1d6 precision damage against creatures of your type and subtype Knowledge (varies) 3 ranks, evil alignment
Kobold Ambusher Combat, Racial You are adept at moving fast and staying hidden. Stealth 4 ranks, kobold.
Kobold Confidence General, Racial Your cunning, confidence, or faith in the draconic power in your blood allows you to overcome your physical frailty. Charisma 13, kobold.
Kobold Flood Combat, Racial, Style You are an expert at keeping creatures on the ground. Combat Expertise, Kobold Groundling, Kobold Style, Small size or smaller.
Kobold Groundling Combat, Racial, Style Your small size grants you superiority over grounded foes. Combat Expertise, Kobold Style, Small size or smaller.
Kobold Sniper Combat, Racial You snipe quickly, making it harder for others to find the location of your attack. Stealth 1 rank, kobold.
Kobold Style Combat, Racial, Style You're able to manipulate foes that are caught off guard. Combat Expertise, Small size or smaller.
Leaf Singer Bardic, Racial Your songs recount the ways and mysteries of your people. Cha 13, bardic performance class feature, elf or half-elf.
Ledge Walker Racial You negotiate tiny ledges like a mountain goat. Dex 13, dwarf, mountaineer or stability racial trait.
Letter Fury Racial You go wild when someone tries to steal the words from your head. Goblin, rage class feature.
Life-Dominant Soul Racial You gain unusual resiliency from your mortal heritage. Dhampir.
Life's Blood Racial Your blood flows with eternal life, and its healing powers allow you use your blood to heal others. Samsaran.
Light Step Racial You pick your way nimbly through even the most dangerous and uneven terrain. Acrobatic Steps, Nimble Moves, elf.
Lingering Invisibility Racial You remain briefly translucent after losing invisibility. Duergar.
Living Fortress Racial, Teamwork Racial bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities increases by 2 when you're adjacent to an ally who has this feat Dwarf, hardy racial trait
Long-Nose Form Racial You can shift into the form of a human with an unusually long nose. Character level 3rd, tengu.
Lovable Scoundrel Skill, Racial You're charming enough that others assume your criminal inclinations are delightful quirks. Bluff 1 rank, Diplomacy 1 rank, tengu.
Low Profile Combat, Racial Yours small stature helps you avoid ranged attacks. Dex 13, Small size or smaller.
Loyal to the Death Racial, Teamwork You can become the target of an attack directed against an adjacent ally who has this feat Human (Tian)
Lucky Racial Use luck-based feat two more times a day. Black Cat or Lucky Halfling; must have a racial trait with "luck" in its name.
Lucky Halfling Racial You bring luck to those with whom you travel. Halfling.
Lucky Healer Racial Your luck allows you to draw from magical healing far more efficiently than most. Adaptive luck racial trait, halfling.
Lucky Strike Combat, Racial Your luck increases the potency of your weapon attacks. Base attack bonus +5, adaptive luck racial trait, halfling.
Mage of the Wild Racial Your mystic connection with the wilderness enhances your spellcasting. Attuned to the Wild, elf.
Magical Tail Racial You grow an extra tail that represents your growing magical powers. Kitsune.
Malicious Eye Racial Add the effect of your jinx to the effect of a hex. Evil eye witch hex, Halfling Jinx trait.
Martial Versatility Combat, Racial You further broaden your study of weapons to encompass multiple similar weapons. Fighter level 4th, human.
Master of Wonders Racial, Story When you activate a rod of wonder, roll twice and choose. Iron Will, Wonderseeker faction, gnome.
Merciless Magic Racial, Spell Your spellcasting is strongest against those in peril. Ability to cast spells, kobold.
Merciless Precision Racial You delight and excel in bringing down hobbled targets. Sneak attack class feature, kobold.
Metallic Wings Racial Your wing feathers are made of gleaming metal. Angelic Blood, Angelic Flesh, Angel Wings, aasimar, character level 11th.
Mirror Kin Racial, Teamwork You become difficult to distinguish from your allies, giving you a 20% miss chance due to concealment Bluff 8 ranks, gnome, gnome magic racial trait
Mixed Scales Racial You have two colors of scales, which mark you as special. Draconic Aspect or dragon-scaled racial trait, kobold.
Mobile Acrobat Racial Treat your base speed as 10 feet faster for Acrobatics checks that would reduce your speed. Racial bonus to Dexterity.
Monstrous Mask Racial Your fiendish traits give you a twisted and fearsome appearance that strikes fear into others' hearts. Tiefling, must be taken at 1st level.
Moonlight Stalker Combat, Racial You are adept at using shadows to conceal your attacks. Int 13, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Bluff 3 ranks, darkvision or low-light vision racial trait.
Moonlight Stalker Feint Combat, Racial You strike through the shadows so quickly that your opponent can barely react to your attacks. Int 13, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Moonlight Stalker, Bluff 6 ranks, darkvision or lowlight vision racial trait.
Moonlight Stalker Master Combat, Racial You leave your opponents swinging at shadows while you slide elusively through the darkness. Int 13, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Moonlight Stalker, Moonlight Stalker Feint, Bluff 9 ranks, darkvision or low-light vision.
Mother's Gift Racial You inherit a special boon from your hag parent. Changeling.
Multitalented Mastery Racial You are adept at numerous disciplines. Character level 5th, half-elf, multitalented racial trait.
Murmurs of Earth Racial The earth opens up her secrets to your perceptions. Echoes of Stone, character level 9th, oread.
Nanite Disruption Racial You can use your nanite surge to inflict wounds upon other mechanical beings. Nanite surge racial trait.
Natural Charmer Racial You possess some of the dominating powers of your vampire progenitor. Cha 17, dhampir.
Neither Elf nor Human Racial You have removed yourself from your heritage so thoroughly that even magic does not recognize you. Exile's Path, Seen and Unseen, character level 11th, half-elf.
Nimble Striker Combat, Racial You were born to charge your enemies and nobody does it better. Dex 13, base attack bonus +1, catfolk, sprinter racial trait.
Noble Spell Resistance Racial Your ascension is complete; you have the spell resistance approaching that of a demon. Cha 13, Wis 13, Greater Drow Nobility, character level 13th, drow.
One Mind Racial, Teamwork Avoid penalties when flat-footed, blinded, or fighting invisible creatures if you're adjacent to ally who has this feat Alertness, Sense Motive 3 ranks, human (Vudrani)
Orc Fury Style Combat, Racial, Style Use the Bullying Blow feat with the first attack of a full-attack action when weilding and "orc" weapon. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Intimidate 3 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Hewer Combat, Racial You are ferocious at hewing your enemies, especially orcs. Str 13, Cleave, Goblin Cleaver, Power Attack, dwarf.
Orc Rampage Combat, Racial, Style Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against shaken opponents, no penalty when using Bullying Blow. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Orc Fury Style, Intimidate 5 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Snarl Combat, Racial, Style While using Orc Fury Style, you gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against effects created by shaken foes. Bullying Blow, Intimidating Prowess, Orc Fury Style, Orc Rampage, Intimidate 7 ranks, weapon familiarity racial trait.
Orc Weapon Expertise Combat, Racial You can do more with the weapons orcs favor the most. Base attack bonus +1, orc.
Oread Burrower Racial The ground parts for you at the slightest touch, allowing you to dig with great speed. Stony Step, character level 9th, oread.
Oread Earth Glider Racial The earth welcomes you, showing you the secret paths through sand and soil. Oread Burrower, Stony Step, character level 13th, oread.
Pack Intimidation Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you use Intimidate to demoralize, gain a +1 circumstance bonus for every ally with this feat within 30 feet Half-orc, intimidating racial trait
Pack Rat Racial You collect all sorts of things, and frequently lose and refind things you acquired. Ratfolk.
Pass For Human Racial You're easily mistaken for a human rather than a member of your own race. Half-elf, half-orc, or halfling.
Passing Trick Combat, Racial Slipping past a foe gives you the chance to feint. Int 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Improved Feint, Mobility, size Small or smaller.
Powerful Wings Combat, Racial You have a large wingspan for a member of your race, and can use these appendages to batter your foes. Str 13, Skill Focus (Fly), base attack bonus +8.
Pursuit of Glory Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain a +1 morale bonus on one attack roll made as part of a charge if you start or end the charge adjacent to an ally Human (Ulfen)
Quah Bond Racial, Teamwork Double benefits granted by your Totem Spirit feat when an ally from the same quah with this feat is within 30 feet Totem Spirit, human (Shoanti)
Racial Heritage Racial The blood of a non-human ancestor flows in your veins. Human.
Rapid Recovery Racial When you heal damage with your nanite surge, you also remove harmful effects. Rapid Repair, Con 13, nanite surge ability.
Rapid Repair Racial You can use your nanite surge to repair damage. Wis 13, nanite surge ability.
Rat Stack Combat, Racial, Teamwork Occupy the same square with up to two other creatures that also have this feat, up to four with Tunnel Rat. Dex 13, swarming racial trait.
Razortusk Racial Your powerful jaws and steely teeth are deadly enough to give you a bite attack. Half-orc.
Realistic Likeness Racial When you are in human form, you can take the shape of a specific individual. Kitsune.
Redeemed Kobold Racial The purity you have found in the teachings of good dragonkind colors your scales and grants you confidence. Good alignment, kobold.
Relentless Cheer Racial, Teamwork +1 on all saves, increasing to +3 vs. fear, when adjacent to allies who have this feat Halfling, fearless and halfling luck racial traits
Relic Familiarity Racial, Skill +2 on Appraise to determine an item's value and on Spellcraft to determine an item's magic properties. Wyvaran.
Rending Swarm Combat, Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 on all melee damage rolls for each allied creature you share a square with that also has this feat. Dex 15, Rat Stack, swarming racial trait.
Resilient Brute Racial You absorb punishment others find deadly. Half-orc or orc.
Resolute Rager Racial Fear passes quickly while you are raging. Orc, rage class feature.
Revered Guidance Racial You gain a +4 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks made to influence creatures of a selected subtype. Aasimar, must be taken at 1st level.
Reverse-Feint Combat, Racial You can goad an opponent into attacking you in order to make your counter attack all the more powerful. Toughness, base attack bonus +1, orc.
Risky Striker Combat, Racial You can make yourself a little more vulnerable to larger creatures in order to land a devastating blow. Base attack bonus +1, halfling.
Roll With It Combat, Racial You know how to take a hit, even if you bounce and fly out of battle while shrieking at the top of your lungs. Goblin, Acrobatics 1 rank.
Ruthless Opportunist Combat, Racial, Teamwork When an ally with this feat hits a foe using an attack of opportunity, gain +1 on attacks against that foe for 1 round Human (Chelaxian)
Saddle Shrieker Combat, Racial You sometimes get carried away when encouraging your mount to fight. Goblin, Ride 1 rank.
Scaled Disciple Divine, Racial Your draconic heritage manifests as divine power. Ability to spontaneously cast divine spells, kobold.
Scion of the Lost Empire Racial, Teamwork Gain +1 competence bonus on attack roll, save, ability check, or skill check when adjacent to an ally with this feat Human (Chelaxian or Taldan)
Scorching Weapons Combat, Racial Elemental fire stirs within your body, boiling your blood and rendering you resistant to flame. Ifrit.
Scurrying Swarmer Combat, Racial You scurrying about your allies in search of the best vantage point from which to strike at your foes. Ratfolk, swarming racial trait.
Sea Hunter Combat, Racial Your blows knock swimming opponents off balance. Combat Expertise, merfolk.
Seen and Unseen Racial You are difficult to find, and have learned how to combat humans and elves. Exile's Path, character level 5th, half-elf.
Shadow Caster Racial Your command over shadow and darkness create longer-lasting spell effects. Caster level 1st, drow.
Shadow Ghost Racial You can move between the Shadow Plane and the Material Plane more often. Fetchling, shadow walk spell-like ability.
Shadow Magic Defense Racial +1 against shadow spells and spell-like abilities with the shadow descriptor. Disguise self racial spell-like ability or shadow illusion shadowdancer prestige class feature.
Shadow Shroud Racial You can create a shifting haze of darkness around yourself, granting you concealment against one attack. Combat Reflexes, darkness racial spell-like ability.
Shadow Walker Racial You can pierce the veil between the Shadow Plane and the Material Plane more often, and to greater effect. Fetchling, shadow walk spell-like ability.
Shadowy Dash Racial In dim light, you resemble little more than a shadow. Wayang.
Shared Insight Racial You deftly direct others' attentions where you wish. Wis 13, half-elf.
Shared Manipulation Racial You can subtly bolster allies' ability to misdirect and infuriate their enemies. Cha 13, half-elf.
Shared Ownership Racial, Teamwork You can draw an item in an ally's possession as a move action as long as the ally is within 30 feet and has this feat Well-Prepared, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, halfling
Shared Remembrance Racial, Teamwork Gain a cumulative +1 bonus (max +10) on Knowledge checks to identify monsters for each ally within 30 feet who has this feat Knowledge (any) 1 rank, elf
Shared Stash Racial, Teamwork You are adept at borrowing from your allies even in the middle of combat. Quick Draw, base attack bonus +1, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, swarming racial trait.
Sharp Senses Racial Your senses are especially sharp, even for your kind. Keen senses racial trait.
Sharpclaw Combat, Racial Your nails are large and strong. Ratfolk.
Sharptooth Racial You gain a bite attack. Ratfolk.
Shatterspell Combat, Racial Your mighty blows shatter your enemy's magic. Disruptive, Spellbreaker, dwarf, 10th-level fighter.
Sincere Flattery Racial, Skill +4 on Craft checks to recreate an object you have seen before, spend 1 week studying for+8. Wyvaran.
Sleep Venom Racial You can change the nature of your toxic spittle to put your enemies to sleep. Vishkanya.
Slipslinger Bombardment Combat, Racial, Style Use a sling to hurl alchemical splash weapons during an attack or full-attack action, loading as a free action. Quick Draw, Slipslinger Grenadier, Slipslinger Style, Throw Anything, Weapon Focus (sling) or weapon training (thrown) class feature, warslinger racial trait.
Slipslinger Grenadier Combat, Racial, Style Use a sling to hurl alchemical splash weapons as ammunition. Slipslinger Style, Throw Anything, Weapon Focus (sling) or weapon training (thrown) class feature, warslinger racial trait.
Slipslinger Style Combat, Racial, Style +1 bonus on sling damage, don't provoke attacks of opportunity when reloading a sling. Weapon Focus (sling) or weapon training (thrown) class feature, warslinger racial trait.
Shrouded in Mystery Racial Against other humanoid races, gain a +1 bonus on Will saves vs. mind-affecting spells and a +3 bonus on Bluff checks Bluff 1 rank; Disguise 1 rank; kitsune, nagaji, samsaran, tengu, or wayang
Sluggish Jinx Racial Your jinx's penalty on saving throws also applies to the target's initiative and attack rolls. Prerequisites
Slurk Rider Combat, Racial You are skilled at riding slurks into battle. Kobold.
Small But Deadly Racial You have learned to make the most of certain weapons, despite your physical weakness. Weapon Focus or natural weapon, Small size or smaller.
Smash Combat, Racial You overcome obstacles by breaking them. Power Attack, half-orc.
Smell Fear Racial You can catch the sour scent of fear on the wind. Keen Scent, half-orc or orc.
Snatch and Drop Combat, Racial Grab foes while you fly by them, carry them into the air, and drop them from extreme heights. Flyby Attack, Powerful Wings.
Sniper's Lantern Story You use your innate magic powers to target enemies and spot their weaknesses. Point Blank Shot, dancing lights racial spell-like ability.
Sociable Racial You have a way of helping others to get along. Cha 13, half-elf.
Spider Step Racial You tread where only arachnids dare. Character level 3rd, drow.
Spider Summoner Racial, Spell You gain the ability to summon powerful spiders. Ability to cast summon monster or summon nature's ally spells, drow.
Spirit of the River Racial Breathe air or water interchangeably, but become fatigued away from the water for too long. Aquatic subtype, Knowledge (nature) 1 rank
Spirit of the Wild Racial Your mystic connection with one type of wilderness has grown even stronger. Attuned to the Wild, Guardian of the Wild, elf.
Spit Venom Combat, Racial You have mastered the nagaji warrior technique of spitting venom into your opponent's eyes. Nagaji.
Squirming Pile Combat, Racial, Teamwork While sharing a square, gain 25% chance of negating the additional damage from a critical hit or sneak attack. Acrobatics 5 ranks, swarming racial trait.
Stabbing Shot Combat, Racial You can clear the way to continue using your bow. Rapid Shot, elf.
Steam Caster Racial You imbue your fire spells with elemental water, transforming them into powerful gouts of steam. Undine.
Steel Soul Racial You are especially resistant to magic. Dwarf, hardy racial trait.
Stoic Pose Racial You can hold yourself as still as a statue, evading detection. Svirfneblin.
Stone Faced Racial +4 bonus to lie or conceal your feelings or true motives, but not to feint in combat or deliver secret messages. Dwarf.
Stone Sense Racial You can feel movement in the very earth and stones around you. Improved Stonecunning, Perception 10 ranks.
Stone Singer Bardic, Racial Your songs are in accordance with the ways and lands of your people. Cha 13, bardic performance class feature, dwarf.
Stony Step Racial The earth recognizes its kinship with you and does not impede your movement. Oread.
Strange Yield Racial Once per day as a full-round action, you can withdraw a small magical fruit from your symbiotic vines. Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks, gathlain, racial fly speed.
Step of the Flighty Fey Racial A creature under the effect of your feather step spell-like ability gains DR/cold iron. Gathlain, feather step spell-like ability.
Stretched Wings Racial You strengthen your crippled wings. Str 13, Skill Focus (Fly), strix, wing-clipped racial trait.
Student of Sulunai Racial Grant a creature a bonus on a reroll as an immediate action. Cast divine favor as a spell-like ability 1/day. Aasimar.
Surface Survivor Racial Lose the water dependent racial trait, but sickened if not submerged in water in 24 hours. Con 15, gillman, water dependent racial trait.
Supernal Feast Racial You sup on the blood of your ancestors to fuel your fury. Con 15, aasimar.
Suppressive Fire Combat, Racial, Teamwork When you damage a target with a ranged attack, it can't make attacks of opportunity against allies who have this feat Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, keen senses racial trait
Sure and Fleet Racial You are both fast and careful. Fleet of foot racial trait, halfling.
Surface Scout Racial Use fear the sun and ignoble form each 1/day as a spell-like ability. Drow, spell-like abilities drow racial trait.
Surge of Success Racial Your success drives your further actions. Human.
Surprise Strike Combat, Racial You actually seem to do more damage when frantically trying to avoid your enemies. Cautious Fighter, Desperate Swing, base attack bonus +6, halfling.
Swift Kitsune Shapechanger Racial You can assume human or kitsune form as a swift action. Dex 13, base attack bonus +6, kitsune.
Sympathetic Rage Combat, Racial Seeing an ally rage fills you with your own fury. Half-orc or orc, nonlawful.
Tail Terror Combat, Racial You have strengthened your tail enough to make slap attacks with it. Base attack bonus +1, kobold.
Tangle Feet Combat, Racial Creatures who cross your path find themselves tripping over their own feet. Dodge, Mobility, Underfoot, goblin, Small size or smaller.
Tantrum Racial You may use the Bluff skill to feint while raging. Bluff 1 rank, rage class feature, gnome.
Taskmaster Combat, Racial You intimidate weaker allies into reckless ferocity. Demoralizing Lash, Intimidate 5 ranks, hobgoblin.
Taunt Racial You may be small, but your remarks cut others down to size. Cha 13, Small size or smaller.
Tenacious Survivor Racial Your spirit lingers long after any other's would have passed on. Con 13, Diehard, Endurance, half-orc or orc.
Tengu Raven Form Racial You can shift into the form of a giant black raven. Tengu Wings, character level 7th, tengu.
Tengu Wings Racial You can grow wings that allow you to fly. Character level 5th, tengu.
Terrifying Mask Racial You can detect decption using Intimidate. Cha 13, Monstrous Mask, tiefling.
Terrorizing Display Combat, Racial Your battle prowess frightens friend and foe alike. Dazzling Display, Demoralizing Lash, Taskmaster, Weapon Focus, Intimidate 10 ranks, hobgoblin, proficiency with selected weapon.
Thrill of the Kill Racial Killing fuels your rage. Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Tough as Iron Racial Any enhancement bonus you gain to natural armor onus increases by 2. Toughness, duergar
Toxic Recovery Racial Your system recuperates from the effects of poisons with astonishing speed. Dwarf, hardy racial trait.
Trap Wrecker Racial You can smash traps instead of disarming them. Power Attack, Disable Device 1 rank, orc.
Tree Hanger Combat, Racial You can use your tail to defend against trip attacks and to hang from nearby protrusions. Acrobatics 1 rank, vanara.
Triangulate Racial, Teamwork Automatically pinpoint invisible foes and reroll misses due to concealment when you and an ally who has this feat are within 30 feet Blind-Fight, Greater Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 15 ranks, human (Kellid)
True Breed Racial You count as neither of your subtypes for the purposes of effects related to subtype Two subtypes, elf blood or orc blood racial trait
Tunnel Rat Racial You are a master of fighting in confined spaces. Ratfolk, swarming racial trait.
Twin Thunders Combat, Racial When you fight giants, your powerful blows combine with skills learned from generations of your people to quickly even the odds. Dwarf or gnome, defensive training racial trait, Two-Weapon Fighting or flurry of blows class feature, Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons.
Twin Thunders Flurry Combat, Racial Your dual bludgeoning strikes are especially deadly when you are fighting giants. Dwarf or gnome; defensive training racial trait; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting, or flurry of blows class feature; Twin Thunders; Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons; base attack bonus +6.
Twin Thunders Master Combat, Racial With thunderous simultaneous strikes, you can batter a mighty giant into submission. Dwarf or gnome; defensive training racial trait; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting, or flurry of blows class feature; Twin Thunders; Twin Thunders Flurry; Weapon Focus with both wielded weapons; base attack bonus +9.
Umbral Scion Racial New spell-like abilities are unlocked for you as you rise to ascendency among the drow people. Cha 13, Wis 13, Drow Nobility, Greater Drow Nobility, Improved Drow Nobility, able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Umbral Shift Racial, Teamwork When in magical darkness, swap places with an ally who also has this feat as a swift action Darkness racial spell-like ability
Uncanny Defense Combat, Racial Your instinct for self-preservation gives you many advantages. Cautious Fighter, base attack bonus +3, halfling.
Under and Over Combat, Racial You can slip under a foe trying to grab you, knocking him off balance. Agile Maneuvers, Small size or smaller.
Underfoot Combat, Racial You slip under and around your larger foes. Dodge, Mobility, Small size or smaller.
Underfoot Swarm Combat, Racial Gain +2 shield bonus to AC while occupying a foe's space, +2 on all attack rolls against the foe. Dodge, swarming racial ability.
Unusual Origin Racial Your heritage is strange or difficult to trace, and people fear your otherworldly powers. Changeling, dhampir, fetchling, or gillman.
Vandal Racial Even other goblins admire your talent for mindless destruction. Goblin, sneak attack class feature.
Veiled Vileness Racial You appear outwardly human, with no obvious signs of your orcish heritage (no Disguise check required). Half-orc.
Versatile Jinxer Racial The DC of your jinx is based on Intelligence or Wisdom instead of on Charisma. Iron Will, Halfling Jinx trait.
Vishkanya Perfume Racial You can change your toxic spittle into poisonous breath. Deadly Kiss, toxic racial trait, vishkanya.
Vulpine Pounce Combat, Racial You can change shape into your kitsune form and pounce. Swift Kitsune Shapechanger, base attack bonus +10, kitsune.
Wall of Flesh Racial, Teamwork You swarm with your allies, becoming a wall of creatures. Small size or smaller.
War Singer Bardic, Racial Your songs inspire those around you to new heights of violence and savagery. Cha 13, bardic performance class feature, half-orc or orc.
Warleader's Rage Racial Your rages are so inspiring to your allies that they don't have to remain adjacent to you to stay raging. Cha 13, half-orc or orc, non-lawful.
Water Skinned Racial Your touch extinguishes small flames. Undine.
Wayang Soothsayer Racial You gain the shadow speaker racial trait or increase uses by 1, increase the insight bonus granted by 1. Wayang.
Well-Prepared Racial Somehow, you always seem to have the right tools or supplies close at hand. Halfling.
Wicked Valor Racial The fiendish blood that courses through your body causes your wounds to heal faster than usual. Con 15, Diehard, Endurance, tiefling.
Wild Speaker Racial You can use your speak with animals spell-like ability at will. Bleachling racial trait, gnome.
Wings of Air Racial The winds lift you, carrying you where you want to go. Airy Step, character level 9th, sylph.
Witty Feint Combat, Racial Your blending of conversation and martial prowess makes it difficult for opponents to slip past your guard. Bluff 1 rank, weapon training class feature, gnome.
Worst Case Jinx Racial Beneficial variable effects on a jinxed target always result in the minimum possible amount for the effect. Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Halfling Jinx trait.
Wyvaran Spellcasting Racial, Spell Select one draconic spell you can cast. You can cast this spell as a spell-like ability twice per day. Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks, wyvaran.