Feats Type Benefits Prerequisites
Al-Zabriti-Trained Horse Monster This horse knows more tricks and is more loyal to its rider than most mounts. Horse.
Ambush Squad Combat, Monster, Teamwork Take both a move action and a standard action on a surprise round when you and ally can both act Base attack bonus +1, kobold
Ancestral Enmity Combat, Monster You gain a +2 bonus on melee attack rolls against dwarves and gnomes. Giant subtype.
Aquatic Adaption Monster You can breathe water as well as air. Hold breath.
Assured Destruction Monster The amount of your daemonic pact damage increases to 3d6, and the bonus to the save DC increases to +4. Empowered Daemonic Pact, urdefhan.
Awesome Charge Combat, Monster Attempt an awesome blow combat maneuver against a charged opponent as a free action. Str 25, Awesome Blow, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack.
Awesome Throw Combat, Monster Your ranged attacks can send smaller opponents flying. Str 25, Throw Anything or rock throwing, Improved Bull Rush, size Large or larger.
Babau Rogue Talent Monster Choose one rogue talent that adds to sneak attacks. Dex 17, babau.
Bag of Bones Monster You are treated as one size smaller for the purpose of calculating penalties for squeezing. Ghoul.
Blasting Boulder Monster Infuse rocks thrown as part of an attack action with volatile fire energies. Smoking Boulder, base attack bonus +13, heat rock special attack
Blood Feast Combat, Monster Gain morale bonuses after biting living creatures Bite attack
Born of Frost Monster Your natural weapons and unarmed strikes deal 1d6 cold, those striking you with natural weapons take 1 cold. Frost giant.
Bouncing Spell-Like Ability Monster Failed spell-like ability bounces to another target Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Brain Eater Monster Eat a brain to gain +2 insight bonus on all skill checks and Will saving throws for 1 hour. Ghoul, Intelligence 17.
Breach Monster Bunyip can charge up out the water. Str 15, bunyip.
Bred Commander Monster Add your class level to your army's Morale checks in place of your Charisma modifier. Hobgoblin.
Burn it Down! Combat, Monster, Teamwork Nearby allies with this feat grant a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on damage with certain fire attacks Base attack bonus +1, goblin
Chilled Rock Monster Any items you throw with your rock throwing ability also deal 1d6 points of cold damage. Born of Frost, frost giant.
Consume Essence Combat, Monster Inflict negative levels on swallowed creatures Base attack bonus +6; swallow whole universal monster ability; evil alignment; magical beast, outsider, or undead type
Consume Undeath Monster You gain the powers of undeath when you feed upon their kind. Nabasu, Con 23
Corrupted Flesh Monster You gain the stench special ability. Con 15, 6 HD, ogre.
Critical Conduit Monster You are deadly when delivering your master's magic. Deliver touch spells ability, familiar.
Civilized Ghoulishness Monster Although undead, you can easily pass as living. Ghoul, Charisma 18.
Commander of Goblinkind Monster +5 bonus on Knowledge (local) and Charisma-based skill checks, +2 Leadership regarding other goblinoids. Cha 13, hobgoblin.
Cooperative Rend Combat, Monster, Teamwork Whenever threatening the same creature with a teamwork ally, you only need one claw to rend. Rend, troll.
Corpse Companion Monster Your animal companion's type changes to undead. Animal companion class feature, ghoul.
Dangerous Tail Combat, Monster You gain a tail swipe attack. Base attack bonus +5, Lizardfolk.
Death Roll Combat, Monster Perform a death roll when grappling a foe of your size or smaller to knock that foe prone Bite attack, reptilian subtype
Demonic Possession Monster Gain the ability to use magic jar as a spell-like ability once per day. Demon or half-demon, Cha 21, Wis 17
Derro Magister Monster SR and caster level increase with HD, gain new spell-like abilities, Heal is a class skill. Cha 20, derro
Disruptive Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability interferes with spellcasting Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Distracting Explosion Monster Foes hit by your bomb lose attacks of opportunity for 1 round. Bomb class feature, hobgoblin.
Draconic Discipline Monster Attempt second save against mind-affecting effect. Wis 17, base Will save +10, any lawful alignment, dragon type.
Earthtouched Monster +1 to CL for sorcerer spells with the earth descriptor, more spells known. Cha 15, stone giant.
Elf-Magic Defense Monster Add half your favored enemy bonus on saves made against magic from your favored enemies. Favored enemy class feature, hobgoblin.
Empower Spell-Like Ability Monster One of this creature's spell-like abilities is particularly potent and powerful. Spell-like ability at caster level 6th or higher.
Empowered Daemonic Pact Monster The blast of your daemonic pact increases to 10 feet, and you gain a +1 profane bonus to the DC of the save. Urdefhan.
Engulf Horror Combat, Monster Engulfed or smothered foes are staggered. Engulf Revulsion
Engulf Revulsion Combat, Monster Engulfed or smothered foes are shaken. Engulf or smother universal monster ability
Exsanguinate Combat, Monster Double blood drain damage once per round Blood drain universal monster ability, grab universal monster ability
Extra Item Slot Monster You are able to wear magic items more easily than other creatures of your kind. Non-humanoid body shape.
Familiar Focus Monster You are closely connected to your master's powers. Familiar.
Famine Tolerance Monster You can abide much longer periods without feeding, and enjoy increased benefits from a meal. Moroi or nosferatu.
Fearsome Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability makes damaged foes shaken Spell-like ability at CL 6th or higher
Ferocious Horde Monster, Teamwork Gain +1 morale bonus on attack rolls when you and an ally with this feat are both at or below half hit points Orc, ferocity racial trait
Fetid Breath Monster You can exhale a 30-foot cone of vile-smelling, moist air, which may nauseate foes. Con 15, Corrupted Flesh, 6 HD, ogre.
Final Embrace Combat, Monster Your coils are particularly deadly, allowing you to constrict opponents of your size or smaller. Str 13, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; base attack bonus +3.
Final Embrace Horror Combat, Monster Your constricting attack has become stronger and more lethal. Str 15, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; Final Embrace; base attack bonus +6.
Final Embrace Master Combat, Monster Few creatures can survive the crushing horror of your Final Embrace. Str 17, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; Ability Focus (constrict); Final Embrace; Final Embrace Horror; base attack bonus +9.
Flame Warrior Combat, Monster You naturally transfer the heat of your body to any metal melee weapons you wield, dealing 1d6 additional points of fire damage. Fire subtype, giant subtype.
Flyby Attack Combat, Monster This creature can make an attack before and after it moves while flying. Fly speed.
Forceful Charge Monster Initiate a bull rush as part of a charge. Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, animal companion.
Fortitude of Giants Combat, Monster Against a poison effect or an effect that inflicts the fatigued condition, roll twice and take the higher. Con 14, Great Fortitude, giant subtype.
Frightful Suggestion Monster You may make a suggestion to any one foe affected by your frightful presence each round as a free action True dragon.
Frost Warrior Combat, Monster You naturally transfer the cold of your body to any metal melee weapons you wield, dealing 1d6 additional points of cold damage. Cold subtype, giant subtype.
Giant's Crush Combat, Monster When you strike hard, you knock smaller foes prone. Str 13, Power Attack, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +6, giant subtype.
Giant's Smash Combat, Monster Ignore the first 5 points of hardness, +5 bonus on Strength checks to knock down or break open doors. Str 13, Power Attack, giant subtype.
Giant's Wallop Combat, Monster When you strike, you daze smaller foes. Str 13, Power Attack, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +6, giant subtype.
Gift of Sight Monster You can read the future by cutting open your abdomen and pulling out your entrails. Troll, patron deity Urxehl
Gluttonous Gobbler Monster Swallow a grappled opponent. Both Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Grapple or the grab ability, ogre, size Large or larger
Great Rend Combat, Monster Your rend deals an amount of additional damage equal to half your Strength modifier if you also bite. Bite attack, rend, troll.
Greater Awesome Blow Combat, Monster When you perform an awesome blow, you fling opponents back farther. Str 25, Awesome Blow, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, size Large or larger.
Gruesome Shapechanger Monster Bloody transformation sickens foes and makes area slippery Shapechanger subtype
Horrific Gorging Combat, Monster Swallow one foe to make its allies shaken size Bite attack, swallow whole universal monster ability, Large or larger
Hover Monster This creature can hover in place with ease and can kick up clouds of dust and debris. Fly speed.
Human Guise Monster You count as both human and your race for the purpose of taking character options. Change shape ability, shapechanger subtype, must be able to change shape into a human or must have a true form that appears human.
Icy Stare Monster You can deal 1d6 cold damage with a stare. Born of Frost, frost giant
Impaling Charge Monster Start a grapple as part of a charge. Gore attack, powerful charge.
Improved Awesome Throw Combat, Monster When you perform an awesome throw, you knock opponents back farther. Str 25, Awesome Throw, Greater Bull Rush, Throw Anything or rock throwing, size Large or larger.
Improved Bestial Transformation Monster You can change shape into a boar, dire bat, giant frog, grizzly bear, hyena, leopard, lion, shark, squid, or wolf. Vampire.
Improved Death-Stealing Monster Your death-stealing gaze creates more powerful undead. Nabasu, Ability Focus (death-stealing gaze)
Improved Demonic Possession Monster Your magic jar ability is extended to 24 hours. Demonic Possession or shadow demon.
Improved Forceful Charge Monster As part of a charge, bull rush a target that is up to two size categories larger. Forceful Charge, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, animal companion.
Improved Gaseous Form Monster Gain ability to assume a gaseous form, or add new abilities to your gaseous form. Vampire
Improved Infuse Weapon Monster When you infuse weapons, you may add an additional magical quality. Infuse weapon special ability, Cha 27
Improved Natural Armor Monster This creature's hide is tougher than most. Natural armor, Con 13.
Improved Natural Attack Monster Attacks made by one of this creature's natural attacks leave vicious wounds. Natural weapon, base attack bonus +4.
Improved Roar Monster Roar affects all hearing creatures with 8 or fewer Hit Dice within a 200-foot spread Con 17, bunyip, roar special attack
Improved Swarm Form Monster Change into a new swarm form. Vampire.
Infectious Weapons Monster Your weapons spread your sickness. Ability to cause disease with a natural weapon via an extraordinary or supernatural ability.
Infernal Legist Monster You can instantly conjure an infernal contract into being. Devil subtype.
Innate Arcana Monster You can expend two arcane spell slots or prepared spells to cast one of your racial spell-like abilities. Arcane spellcaster, caster level 4th, serpentfolk.
Intensified Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability has a higher damage dice cap Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Jumper Monster You are a natural leaper. Acrobatics 1 rank, creature type other than humanoid or outsider.
Latching Horror Combat, Monster A foe is shaken when you attach to it Attach universal monster ability
Lingering Spell-Like Ability Monster Instantaneous spell-like ability lasts another round Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Lithe Attacker Monster Your unmatched grace allows you to strike even from the tightest crevices. Narrow Frame, Escape Artist 5 ranks, animal or magical beast.
Longshanks Monster Land speed increases by 5 feet, ignore up to 20 feet of nonmagical difficult terrain each round you move. Giant subtype, size Large or larger.
Master of your Kind Monster When you speak to other animals of your kind, you can influence them. Familiar, speak with animals of its kind ability.
Mighty Bite Combat, Monster If you rend, your bite's crit range increases next round. Base attack bonus +6, bite attack, rend, troll.
Minotaur's Charge Monster When you hit an opponent with a charge attack, you might also initiate a bull rush as a free action. Str 13, Improved Bull Rush, powerful charge.
Multiattack Monster This creature is particularly skilled at making attacks with its natural weapons. Three or more natural attacks.
Multiweapon Defense Monster You sacrifice attacks to parry blows. Three or more arms, Dex 21
Multiweapon Fighting Monster This multi-armed creature is skilled at making attacks with multiple weapons. Dex 13, three or more hands.
Multiweapon Specialist Monster You gain bonuses on damage when you wield identical one-handed weapons. Three or more arms, Dex 21
Narrow Frame Monster Your excellent coordination allows you to maneuver better in close quarters. Escape Artist 1 rank, animal or magical beast.
Natural Jouster Monster, Combat You gain proficiency with the lance and can wield one one-handed as if you were mounted. Centaur (or any tauric creature at the GM's discretion)
Nature's Wrath Monster No longer immune to morale bonuses or effects with the emotion descriptor, -1 vs anger or rage emotion effects. Int 1, any nongood alignment, plant type.
Night Stalker Monster While in dim lighting, ignore size penalties on Stealth checks and gain +2 bonus on attack vs. flat-footed Skill Focus (Stealth), darkvision, half-ogre or ogre, size Large or larger.
Noxious Bite Monster Your bite attack deals 1 point of extra acid damage, nauseates foes. Acidic breath weapon, bite attack.
Ogre Crush Monster Your unarmed strike damage increases by one step. Str 25, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, ogre, size Large or larger.
Old as Dust Monster When you are reduced to 0 hit points, you are not destroyed. Sleeper, Warren Digger, creature has been a ghoul for at least 500 years.
Penetrating Possession Monster Your ability to possess foes can bypass magical protections. Magic jar as a known spell or spell-like ability, Cha 21
Pestilent Monster Your unarmed strikes and natural weapons cause extra harm to those infected with your disease. Ability to cause disease via a spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural means.
Pungent Stench Monster Your stench is overwhelmingly nauseating. Stench universal monster ability, Improved Stench, Great Fortitude
Raging Brute Monster Choose a rage power to use. Str 21, ogre.
Raging Regeneration Combat, Monster While raging, fire and acid damage don't make your regeneration stop, but reduce its effectiveness. Rage class ability, regeneration, troll.
Reach Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability gains a longer range Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Recalcitrant Monster Add 2 to DC to initimidate you; you resist doing things even when enchanted or compelled. Iron Will, hobgoblin
Regenerate Muscles Monster Stop your regeneration to gain a +2 enhancement bonus to your Strength. Power Attack, regeneration, troll.
Returning Throw Combat, Monster, Teamwork When an ally misses with a thrown weapon attack, you can catch the weapon and use it to attack the original target Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sleight of Hand 3 ranks, goblinoid subtype
Quick At Hand Monster You may use any item as an improvised melee or ranged weapon without penalty. Ogre.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability Monster This creature can use one of its spell-like abilities with next to no effort. Spell-like ability at CL 10th or higher.
Savage Critical Monster Add your sneak attack you hit a creature using the Vital Strike feat or confirm a critical hit. Str 19, ogre, sneak attack +2d6.
Scarring Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability causes penalties against emotion effects Spell-like ability at CL 4th or higher
Scent of Fear Monster You can track by smell and automatically pinpoint the location of opponents by scent alone. Possess the scent ability, any evil.
Seeping Darkness Monster, Teamwork Gain concealment when adjacent to an ally with this feat Drow, darkness racial spell-like ability
Serpentine Compression Monster You gain the compression universal monster ability. Serpentfolk.
Shambling Monolith Monster You can increase your size, strength, and durability as if using an animal growth spell. Shambling mound.
Shapechanging Savage Monster Feint an opponent when you shapechange. Improved Feint or canny feint vigilante talent, change shape ability, shapechanger subtype.
Sickening Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability sickens damaged foes Spell-like ability at CL 6th or higher
Silent as Stone Monster +4 to Stealth in rocky environments, use Stealth at no penalty while climbing, unleash lethal ambushes. Roper, Stealthy
Siphoning Blade Combat, Monster You can empower yourself by drawing blood through your rhoka sword. Voracious Blade, Weapon Focus (rhoka sword), base attack bonus +8, urdefhan.
Skin Suit Monster Hide in false flesh during the day Int 7, undead creature that was originally humanoid
Sleeper Monster Heal 1 hit point per 10 minutes while surrounded 5 feet of dirt or stone on all sides and take no actions. Warren Digger, ghoul.
Slow Exhalation Monster A successful bite attack also deals your breath weapon damage (no save). Breath weapon, true dragon.
Smoking Boulder Monster Cause a thrown boulder to erupt into a 10-foot-radius spread of heavy smoke on a successful hit. Base attack bonus +11, heat rock special attack.
Snapping Flank Combat, Monster, Teamwork When flanking a foe with a teamwork ally, you can make a swift bite attack against the foe. Base attack bonus +9, bite attack.
Snapping Jaws Combat, Monster You can use your bite as a natural weapon. This is a primary attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. Base attack bonus +1, gnoll.
Snatch Monster This creature can grab other creatures with ease. Size Huge or larger.
Sow Terror Monster Anytime you win an opposed Stealth check by 5 or more you might sow terror as a standard action. Stealthy
Spawnlink Monster See through spawn's eyes Int 13, create spawn universal monster ability
Spell Sponge Monster Your mystical connection with your spellcasting master attunes you to helpful magical effects. Animal companion or familiar, share spells ability.
Spirit Vision Monster You retain your senses when seeking a possession target. Magic jar as a known spell or spell-like ability, Wis 15
Sprinting Troll Monster Channel regeneration into increased speed. Fleet, regeneration, troll.
Stable Gallop Monster You run with a smooth and steady gait. Animal or magical beast.
Startling Shapechange Monster Use Dazzling Display to demoralize when you shapechange. Dazzling Display, change shape ability, shapechanger subtype.
Stone Soul Monster Your natural armor bonus increases by 1. Once per day, you can use stoneskin (on yourself only). Stone giant.
Storm Soul Monster You gain immunity to electricity. Cloud or storm giant.
Storm Warrior Monster Transfer the power of storms to any metal melee weapons you wield, dealing 1d6 electricity damage. Storm Soul, cloud or storm giant.
Sure on Ice Monster You move on ice and snow as if it were dry ground. Frost giant.
Swift Swimmer Monster Swim speed increases by 15 ft. Lizardfolk, swim speed.
Tail Maneuvers Monster Gain +2 to your CMD and on any combat maneuver checks you attempt if you don't use your tail attack. Dragon creature type, tail attack.
Tail Weapon Combat, Monster You can make a tail slap attack with your tail. Base attack bonus +1, serpentfolk
Telepathic Distraction Monster You can focus your telepathy on one creature within range to weaken its resistance to mental attacks. Cha 15, serpentfolk
Terrifying Strike Monster Your touch spreads fear. Despair special ability, mummy.
Toxic Stench Monster Your stench is poisonous. Stench universal monster ability, immunity to poison, Improved Stench, Toughness
Traumatic Spell-Like Ability Monster Spell-like ability causes nightmares Spell-like ability at CL 6th or higher
Urdefhan Bladebreaker Combat, Monster When wielding a rhoka sword, you can attempt to sunder an opponent's sword. Base attack bonus +1, proficiency with the rhoka sword, urdefhan.
Valiant Steed Monster Your courage is unnaturally strong. Animal or magical beast.
Vampiric Animal Companion Monster Transform a dire bat, dire rat, or wolf into a more powerful vampiric companion. Vampire, Charisma 18, animal companion class ability, sufficiently high level.
Vampiric Companion Monster Your animal companion or familiar's type changes to "undead." Dhampir or vampire, nongood alignment, 10 levels in a class that grants a familiar or animal companion.
Variant Prayer Scroll Monster You have learned the secret to changing the powers granted by your prayer scroll. Jiang-shi.
Venomous Spray Combat, Monster You can spit your poison into a nearby opponent's face. Serpentfolk
Vestigial Head Monster Effect that requires a Will save may target your vestigial head instead. Ogre.
Voracious Blade Combat, Monster When wielding a rhoka sword, you can deal Strength damage as your bite attack. Weapon Focus (rhoka sword), base attack bonus +4, urdefhan.
Warmonger Monster Gain Bluff and Diplomacy as class skills, +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy to convince someone to fight. Cha 13, hobgoblin.
Warren Digger Monster You gain a burrow speed of 10 feet through earth, sand, or soil. Ghoul
Will of Giants Monster You gain immunity to enchantment effects that target only humanoids, such as charm person and hold person. Wis 14, Iron Will, giant subtype.
Wingover Monster This creature can make turns with ease while flying. Fly speed.