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Bogborn Alchemist (Grippli)

Advanced Race Guide
Some grippli alchemists are particularly attuned to the swamps and the dangerous creatures that inhabit them; these serve as their laboratories and research subjects, respectively. These bogborn alchemists have the following class features.
Grippli Discoveries

The following new discoveries can be taken by any alchemist who meets the prerequisites, but are more common among gripplis.

Chameleon (Su)

An alchemist with this discovery can shift the colors of his skin and equipment to blend in with the surrounding terrain. He gains a +4 enhancement bonus on Stealth checks. At 10th level, the bonus on Stealth checks increases to +8.

Deadly Excretions (Ex)

When using his toxic skin ability, the alchemist can choose to excrete a Constitution poison instead of a Dexterity poison. This poison works the same as the normal grippli toxic skin poison except that a failed save deals 1 point of Constitution damage. The alchemist must be at least 8th level and must have the toxic skin racial trait before selecting this discovery.

Underwater Demolition (Ex)

The alchemist gains the ability to throw bombs underwater (normally, thrown weapons cannot be used underwater), including throwing from the air into the water. If the bomb travels through water, the range increment is reduced to 5 feet.

Class Skills

A bogborn alchemist adds Swim to his list of class skills.

Amphibious Mutagen (Ex)

At 1st level, when a bogborn alchemist uses a mutagen, he may choose to have his mutagen form enhanced for aquatic movement. This gives him the amphibious special quality, his feet elongate, and the webbing between his fingers and toes expands, granting a swim speed of 15 feet. This replaces throw anything.

Discovery Options

A bogborn alchemist can select the toxic skin grippli racial trait in place of an alchemical discovery.


The following discoveries complement the bogborn alchemist archetype: chameleon; concentrate poison, sticky poison; nauseating flesh, poison conversion; bottled ooze, tanglefoot bomb, tentacle.